It seems like a hedgehog’s body is covered by spiky spines. Yet, some of their body parts are not covered by those prickly quills. In fact, it is so soft and so far from stiffness. That body parts include face, throat, chest, belly, and legs. In short, the spiky quills only cover their back. Thus, if you think these little spiky hedgies are not strokable, then you are wrong. Along with their shyness, they do enjoy getting some affections. While their spines lie down, you will find that they are pleasantly strokable. Don’t you think their sharp spines combined with the soft fur in some part of their body make them having an appearance of a tough guy haircut? Well, I think so!


3. Once Upon Hedgehog Folklore

3. Once Upon Hedgehog Folkloreption alignnone">hedgehog facts - Once Upon Hedgehog Folklore - images:

hedgehog facts – Once Upon Hedgehog Folklore – images:

There are several myths regarding hedgehog’s inevitable popularity. For their trademark is the spiky spines all over their back, during the Medieval time, it was a certain believe that Hedgehogs carry food using it. The same myth also wandered around Chinese folklore. In fact, hedgehogs generally use their quills to protect themselves from predators or anything that seems to be a danger. They rarely use it while they are strolling around the garden. Their spines are generally flattened and are powerless to make their foods impaled.

4.Hedgehogs in Literature Pieces

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hedgehog facts – edgehogs in Literature Pieces – images:

Hedgehog cuteness might have been adored since long ago. They are even found in some popular author masterpieces of all time. One of the Brother Grimm’s story, the Hans of the Hedgehog casted this adorable little creature as the main cast. This story is about a boy who was born as a half-human and half-hedgehog. He was born that way because of the ill-advised bestowed to his parent after they ignore the importance of being grateful and carelessly said that it was okay to have a child that look like a hedgehog.

Another appearance of our favorite internet animal is within the Lewis Caroll’s most popular piece, Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland. Its ability to transform itself into an orb of hard-to-eat spines had inspired Caroll to cast it in our all-time favorite adventure story. Not to forget to mention the most popular story that stars our beloved garden helper, Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle. In fact, some stories above have made Hedgehog gets enamored by lots of people.

5.Hedgehogs and Ancient Delicacies

5.Hedgehogs and Ancient Delicaciesignnone">hedgehog facts - edgehogs and Ancient Delicacies - images:

hedgehog facts – edgehogs and Ancient Delicacies – images:

How palatable do you think a hedgehog could be? Well, for me, they are too cute to appear in our menu. Still, once, in some cultures around the globe, hedgehog had ever been one of the delicious and popular dishes. The Ancient Egypt had recorded some recipes that used hedgehog meat as the main ingredient. Among the gypsies, hedgehogs are often be roasted and shared with the rest of the Romanies’ members.

This phenomenon of using hedgehog’s flesh as a food source is (sometimes) related to such believe; that it has such medicinal purposes. There are rumors that it can cure rheumatism, arthritis, tuberculosis, and impotence. Its blood is even considered a magic cure for ringworm and cracked the skin.

Related to the culinary business, McDonalds had (probably) shown its caring side to our beloved spiky little creature by launching a new design of McFlurry containers that are claimed to be hedgehog friendly. Back in 2006, it was certain rumors that there were many hedgehogs found death after licking the last remaining of the yummy ice cream.

Quite a surprise that in 1981, a London potato chip maker, had launched the “hedgehog flavored crisps”. Yet, a good news for all hedgehog in that year that they did not actually flavor their product using hedgehog.

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