Let your kids take part in making their birthday cake by considering this under the sea themed birthday cake. This cute fondant for kids may make you having a little more preparation for the cakes. Make your kids involve in the making too. Ask them to measure the ingredients while you make the dough. Let them lick the beaters and don’t forget to praise them. After all the baking preparations are done, start kneading and rolling quite large fondant with desired color. Before putting it on the cake, stack two different size cakes and spread chocolate ganache on top of the cake to enrich the chocolate flavor. Cover the cakes with the colored fondant and put them aside.

Just like making their everyday figurines, guide them to make some sea animals to be put on your cake. It is better if you can come up with the blueprint of your designated cake. Ask them to give color to the fondant and start making the move!

Make some sea creatures decorations using the colored fondant with your kids first. Create some cockle sea shells by flattening up some fondant and giving some grits using a knife on it. Pinch the narrow end and fold to make them look like the real cockle shells.

Without giving further explanation, try to ask your kids to make some sea serpents. Make some fun, rolling the fondant using your palms to create skinny snakes together with your kids. Arrange them, so that the five snakes are glued to the small flatten up ball. Go even more creative by pulling gently the coil of the snakes to make tendril-like sea worms.

Make some starfish by putting five arms and using fondant embosser, trace the line in the middle of each arm. To make your little one’s mini ocean looks more real, try to add some seaweed by embossing the (put together) three snakes shaped fondant too.

Last of all, arrange all the sea creatures on the stacked up cakes using a paint brush and some water. Add some edible ocean themed decoration you can buy at the nearby store. Or, you can make edible sand by chopper some brown sugar and wafers to be spread on the adorable cake.

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