Its native to Australia and feeds on aphids, mites, and small insects. These ladybirds eat a lot in the larval stage. It has a hard wing-cover which hides the antenna and legs, and protects it from ants. These ladybirds were pests’ controller in New Zealand

14. Carpathi

14. Carpathian Blue Slug

"">Carpathian Blue Slug

The males and the females look similar. Carpathian Blue Slug is a large terrestrial slug that is found in the Carpathian Mountains of Eastern Europe. The male and the female mate in the soil and almost 30-80 eggs are laid in a clutch. They died after the egg deposition.

15. Blue-hea

15. Blue-headed Agama

p://">Blue Headed Agama

They live in colonies where there is an alpha male who rules over all the subordinate males and females. These lizards have been found in savannah to forests. The blue-headed is restricted to the males.

16. Blue Foo

16. Blue Footed Booby

p://">Blue Footed Booby

Another blue colored animal is a bird named Blue Footed Booby. Blue Footed Booby is a seabird species categorized into the family of sulidae. This species is one of the widespread wings bird. The natural habitat of Blue Footed Booby can be located in the coastal area of Central and South America. This bird can grow up to 81 cm in height and 3 pounds in weight.

17. Moor Fro

17. Moor Frog

p://">Moor Frog

Moor frog can be located in the Europe until Siberia and you can also found it in Papua New Guinea. Moor frogs are hibernating during September until June. The male frog can be recognized with their blazing blue color.

18. Eastern

18. Eastern Blue Gopper

p://">Eastern Blue Gropper

Eastern Blue Gopper or Achoerodus can be found in the Australian coastal area. The male Eastern Blue Gopper can be easily recognized by its skin color which is blue. The characteristics of this fish are, fat in body, wider fin, thick lip and the female fish has a brown skin color.

19. Blue Dam

19. Blue Damsefly

p://">Blue Damsefly

Blue Damsefly is just like the other dragonflies but it has smaller in size. Blue Damsefly can be located in the United Kingdom and the other European countries. Well, I’m sure that you will see these tiny creatures in your garden.

20. Blue Marli

20. Blue Marlin

//">Blue Marlin

This fish is the rock star on the sea. Many fishermen are dying to catch this ultra fast creature. Blue Marlin is considered as one of the biggest fish in the ocean. The female usually is heavier than the male. The female blue marlin can weighed up to 4.000 pounds. The blue colored part on their body are used for camouflage.




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