Take your kids to the beach, give them a basket and plastic shovel or maybe something to dig. You can tell them that you have a valuable hidden treasure beneath the sand. Let the kids use their imagination. Ask them what they would like to do that day, and if it works try to fit it into the shoot.

3. Pl

3. Playing With Kites


Playing Kites


An open field, kites, and a camera are needed for this shoot. This photo might not completely candid but it’s worth to catch their joy into a picture. Make sure the weather is suitable for this shoot.

4. Play

4. Playing With Rain

="http://invorma.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Playing-With-Rain.jpg">Playing With Rain

Got a heavy rain? Don’t worry, kids are love to play with water, use the rain as your benefit and prepare your raincoat and get messy out there. You can use black and white mode for the dramatic result of your shoot as seen on the picture.

5. Autumn

5. Autumn Season

http://invorma.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Autumn-Season.jpg">Autumn Season

Got no ideas for your autumn season picture? Take your kids to the nearby park and let them play with falling leaves. Make sure the kids wearing different color of sweater otherwise you will not get a good shoot.

6. Playin

6. Playing with Foods

http://invorma.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Playing-with-Foods.jpg">Playing with Foods

Kids are special. They were born with unique abilities. Although they are busy playing with their foods, they actually learn something. Don’t worry, it’s normal. While they are busy playing with their foods, catch this moment immediately with your camera.

7. Playgr

7. Playground Photoshoot

http://invorma.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Playground-Photoshoot.jpg">Playground Photoshoot


Kids are very flexible and full of energy. They can running and jumping all day long. Take them to the playground, let them play and you can catch their poses from there.

8. Toys S

8. Toys Story

width: 959px" class="wp-caption alignnone">Toddlers Playing Toys


Kids and toys are inseparatable. Look on how adorable these boys. Take those moment immediately with your camera and be prepared with the astonishing result from your shoot.

9. Kids W

9. Kids With Pets

width: 962px" class="wp-caption alignnone">Kids with Pets


Pets will be an extra advantage to make a perfect photo involving your kids. Just take them to the nearby park and let them playing around and be ready for catching the moment from it.

10. Snowy

10. Snowy Shoot

width: 1034px" class="wp-caption alignnone">Kids with Snow


For some people, winter is not their favorite month, but kids are in contrary. They loved to watch their home covered in white blanket of snow. Winter means the perfect time for them to play outside and build a snowman, making a snow-fairy and snowball fight.

11. Sports<

11. Sports

dth: 958px" class="wp-caption alignnone">Kids Playing Sports


Sport, it’s one of the favorite activity not only for us but also for kids. They can learn in how to cooperate with others. The strategy to win and dealing with the unwanted result. Catch this precious moment with your camera.

12. Playing

12. Playing Outside

dth: 949px" class="wp-caption alignnone">Sunsets


This photo was taken on the field and the sunset gives the extra dramatic result for your shoot.

13. Sleepin

13. Sleeping Time

dth: 961px" class="wp-caption alignnone">Sleeping Child


What could be more adorable than a sleeping baby? Take their photo while they are sleeping and don’t forget to turn off your light camera and shutter. I’m sure they don’t to get disturbed while they are asleep.

14. Haircut

14. Haircut

dth: 954px" class="wp-caption alignnone">Haircut


Most of the kids are afraid to go to the barbershop. They are not used with scissors and razor. Catch their thrilling moment with your camera and show it to them after their hair are cutted as their reward.

15. Sleepin

15. Sleeping in a stack of Books

tp://invorma.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Sleeping-in-a-stack-of-Books.jpg">Sleeping in a stack of Books

If your kids like to see many kinds of books, they will spend most of their playing time by watching and touching those books. They will keep busy with their new discoveries until they are tired and sleeping on a stack of books. Wait, don’t wake them up yet, slowly grab your camera and capture the moment silently. If you are lucky enough, you can add many kind of properties such as blackboard, chair and you can also draw the blackboard with various kind of creative drawings as seen on the example. Of course, you have to do it silently.

16. Kids in t

16. Kids in the Hammock

://invorma.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Kids-in-the-Hammock.jpg">Kids in the Hammock

Kids are mostly like to play. They will every where they could. They will never stop until they get tired and sleep. Sleeping kids are the most calming scenery. You can also capture this precious moment with your camera.  If you have a hammock at home, you can also do a little bit tricks to get your desired photo. Move your kid slowly into the hammock and there you are, catch the photo of your kid while she/he was sleeping.

17. Reading a

17. Reading a Book

//invorma.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Reading-a-Book.jpg">Reading a Book

Read a book of fairy tales before going to sleep is recommended for kids. But usually the kid’s curiosity will not be waiting until the night comes to see the magical story of the fairy tales. They will try to open those books, seeing the drawings and try to read the story. If you ever watch them do this, you can secretly capture the moment as seen on the picture above.

18. Prone Sleepi

18. Prone Sleeping

invorma.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Prone-Sleeping.jpg">Prone Sleeping

Another candid camera tips that you can do at home is prone sleeping pose. When you ever happen to see your baby is prone sleeping, you can slowly take their photo. This pose is absolutely gorgeous for your baby. Now, you already know how to get the best angle for your candid picture right?

19. Baby with Sh

19. Baby with Shawl

invorma.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Baby-with-Shawl.jpg">Baby with Shawl

The next tips and trick for your candid camera pose is to make your baby as elegant as a professional model. The instruction is easy, let your baby laying down on a bed and then put a delicate shawl on them. This pose will give the effect as a world class model wearing their shawl. Now you know about the alternative pose for your candid camera theme right?

20. With their L

20. With their Lovely Dolls

invorma.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/With-their-Lovely-Dolls.jpg">With their Lovely Dolls

Baby’s face is cute. There is no more disagree argument for that. Therefore, getting a portrait of cute baby is not hard to do right? Put many dolls around your baby to get an eye-catching result. You can add the dolls as many as you like. To get more colorful result, you can put colorful dolls around your baby.

21. With their Mot

21. With their Mother

vorma.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/With-their-Mother.jpg">With their Mother

Well, the emotional bound between kids and their mother is definitely strong. So, while you keep wondering and admiring their bound, why don’t you capture this precious moment with your camera? Take their photo while they are hugging each other like the picture above.

22. On Your Hand pal

22. On Your Hand palm

rma.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/On-Your-Hand-palm.jpg">On Your Hand palm

Baby is a visible angel especially for their parents. Your hands might be small to hold the body. If so, ask your husband/wife to carry the baby with you. Your baby will happy and you can also capture this precious moment and put the result in your wall.

23. Army Look


23. Army Look

rma.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Army-Look.jpg">Army Look

As a child, being an army officer is one of my dreams. A soldier is every boy’s dream they could ever imagine. But if you are already decide your future occupation, your kids still have a lot of time to decide isn’t it? When your kid is wearing uniform, and play outside, don’t forget to capture this moment with your camera.

24. Bubble Play

24. Bubble Playm/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Bubble-Play.jpg">Bubble Play

This candid camera tips is suitable for outdoor. Kids are love to play with bubbles and you can set the accurate lighting to create a stunning candid camera where the bubbles become the visual connector in your photo.

25. With their Brother25. With their Brother

m/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/With-their-Brother.jpg">With their Brother

Sometimes, wait, it’s not sometimes but always siblings will quarrel with each other for a very simple matter such as quarrelling for toys, food or might be quarrelling to get your attention. Although they quarreling most all the time but in the truth, they are also loving each other. Capture this rare moment when they are getting along and you can show the picture when they quarrelling again next time.




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