Human being can be generally easy to be identified as a species that have fingerprints on each individual. The same thing is also happen to koala. They also have their own fingerprint and it’s really similar with the human fingerprint. This fact becomes a disadvantage for the police officers since there are unsolvable crime cases because of the koala’s fingerprint.

3. No Drink<

3. No Drink

ment_4127" style="width: 810px" class="wp-caption alignnone">koala facts - No Drink

koala facts – No Drink

The word koala is derived from the native Australia tribe, Aborigine which means “No Drink”. Is they really didn’t need to drink at all during their lifetime? Although their main diet is only eucalyptus leaves which is also providing the water source for them but if they are ill, koala will drink water sometimes. Koala is also known to drink water when the climate is really dry in order to regain their body fluid.

4. Sleeping All th

4. Sleeping All the Time

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koala facts – Sleeping All the Time

Koala is spending most of their lifetime by sleeping on the tree. Yes, sleeping. This animal will sleep for 18-22 hours a day and the rest of their time is used for eating. Koala eats a lot eucalyptus leaves every day. They need 1 kilogram of eucalyptus leaves for their daily needs. If you can get about 125 gram of carbohydrates in a bowl of rice, then a koala need 4 bowls of it.

5. Australia’s End

5. Australia’s Endemic Animal

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koala facts – Australia’s Endemic Animal

As we already know together, koala is the Australian endemic animal. Koala can only found in this continent. The only possibility to see this animal outside Australia is when they are in the zoo or the koala has been take care by someone else.

6. Fluffy Fur

6. Fluffy Fur" class="wp-caption alignnone">koala facts - Fluffy Fur

koala facts – Fluffy Fur

The fur from koala is described as really fluffy and soft. Kids are loved to touch their fur since koala looks like a doll. This fact is correct, the fur from koala is precisely described as thick as sheep. Koala is a marsupial creature (Australian pouched animal) with the thickest fur than the other marsupials. Although their fur is known to be fluffy but the fur of koala is depend on the habitat environment itself. Some of the koala’s fur is known to be rough and not fluffy at all.

7. Endangered Species

7. Endangered Speciesclass="wp-caption alignnone">koala facts - Endangered Species

koala facts – Endangered Species

Although they are known to be a harmless looking animals but koala is also categorized as an endangered species. Between the 1908 until 1927, there are 2 millions of koalas are being hunted in the wild. This numbers are still counted excluded with their natural predators. The habitat of koalas is also reducing until 90% because of the deforestation and illegal logging. There are approximately 6.000-8.000 koalas left in the wildlife.

8. Home for Each Koala

8. Home for Each Koalaclass="wp-caption alignnone">koala facts - Home for Each Koala

koala facts – Home for Each Koala

Koala is a social creature who lives in a complex group. Every community has an alpha male and every koala have their own trees as their nesting ground. All of their nest is really different each other and that is why, if a tree is chopped down, the koala will lost their home just like us when our home is demolished to the ground.

9. Tiny Baby

9. Tiny Babyclass="wp-caption alignnone">koala facts - Tiny Baby

koala facts – Tiny Baby

The newborn koala babies is really tiny, some of them are describing the newborn koala is as small as peanut. The newborn koala is also described like a worm. The offspring don’t have ears, furless, tiny and blind. The baby koala will live for 6 months inside their mother’s pouch.

10. Attached Fingers

10. Attached Fingerss="wp-caption alignnone">koala facts - Attached Fingers

koala facts – Attached Fingers

Koalas also have 5 fingers just like human. Although their number of fingers are similar with human but the finger structures is different between the legs and hands. Their hands are consisting of two thumbs with the three separated fingers. Their legs are consisting of 1 thumb, the second and third fingers are attached each other. These attached fingers are used to treat themselves. Koalas also have claws for climbing the trees.

11. Strange Disease

11. Strange Diseases="wp-caption alignnone">koala facts - Strange Disease

koala facts – Strange Disease

Alright, let’s move to another fact from koala. Most of the female koalas have some kind of Chlamydia. Chlamydia is a contagious sexual disease can infected both males and females koala. Without a proper treatment, this disease can bring more serious health problem especially for the koalas. The number of female koalas who have this disease is about 50 to 90%. Some said that this dangerous disease is used for controlling their populations.

12. Protected Animal

12. Protected Animal"wp-caption alignnone">koala facts - Protected Animal

koala facts – Protected Animal

Koala is also categorized as one of the protected animals. Having one of these animals in your home must be fun. But you might reconsider to have these animals in your home since illegally having koala in your home will bring you to the jail in Australia. Every people who have this animals will be sentenced to the court under the Australian law.

13. Territorial Animal

13. Territorial Animal"wp-caption alignnone">koala facts - Territorial Animal

koala facts – Territorial Animal

Koala is a cute and watching this animal on the wildlife is surely fun but you need to be extremely careful when you met an alpha male koala since they are known as a territorial animal. The male koala will marking their territory by scratching their chest on the trees.

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