Jeju Island is the most favorite tourism destination especially for South Korean. South Korea is already known as the source of K-Wave and their advanced cities. If you and your partner are not into it, you can go to Jeju Island. This island becomes popular as world’s tourism spot. You can found a beautiful city and calm beach in there and it has been the main offering for the tourist. You can take your time and on the beach and enjoy the enchanting diversity of Korean culture for your romantic vacation.

9. Bagan, Myanma

9. Bagan, Myanmar">Bagan Myanmar - Honeymoon Destination

It’s known as Burma in the past, but now it’s called Myanmar. This city is rapidly advanced since the change of its name. Myanmar has been recognized as the most desired honeymoon destination since 2012. Bagan is the place that you need to visit in Myanmar. Bagan will offering you with their calm and relax atmosphere. Bagan is located around 10 hours from Yangon, the capital city of Myanmar. This is an ancient city with various kinds of temples, shrines, pagodas and ruins. You can take an air balloon to enjoy the beautiful scenery from the sky. You can get the tranquility atmosphere with your partner here, in Bagan.

10. Boracay, Philipp

10. Boracay, Philippines">Boracay Philippines - Honeymoon Destination

Philippines is well known for the beautiful sandy beaches, clear blue water and amazing underwater environments. All of these combinations will spoil the underwater sport enthusiast such as snorkeling, and diving. Boracay is the most popular beach in Philippines. It takes an hour of flight from Manila. Take your precious moment with your partner in the seaside or you can play selected water sport along with your partner. If you already done, you can ride a horse around the island, ride a boat and the last thing that you want to do after that is a romantic dinner with your loved ones. What a romantic time to be remembered.

11. Moyo Island, Ind

11. Moyo Island, Indonesia">Moyo Island, Indonesia

You need an intimate privacy in your honeymoon? Then Moyo Island is the perfect answer for your question. Moyo Island is still located in Indonesia and it’s not far from Bali Island. Moyo Island is located in the north of Sumbawa Besar Island. The Moyo Island is widely known since Lady Diana use this island as her hideout from the paparazzi. You can enjoy your day with snorkeling or you can spend your time with your loved ones watching the sunset. So, what are you waiting for? Go to this island before you were chased by paparazzi.

12. Pokhara, Nepal12. Pokhara, Nepal">Pokhara, Nepal

Bored with various beaches and wonderful cities as your honeymoon destination? Want to have some adventurous honeymoon? If yes, Pokhara is your answer. Pokhara is located in Nepal. Discover the ancient city of Patan, the lake of Pokhra and the Buddhist heritage site in Lumbini and play with the wildlife of Chitwan. You can also watch the majestic Himalayan mountainous area in here.

13. Bhutan


Next is Bhutan. The Himalayan Mountainous area is known as a remote destination and hard to conquer. The mountain is also populated by monks who are still living in a traditional ways. Bhutan has various beautiful inns as your place to stay. The mount of Jhomohari, Phobjika valley and the Satkeng natural preserve are the places that you must visit.

14. Maldives Underwate

14. Maldives Underwater Restaurant">Maldives Underwater Restaurant

Maldives is an archipelago country which is consists of atolls on the Indian Ocean. Maldives is famous with their tropical islands along with their luxurious spa facilities. Don’t forget to visit Anantara Kihavah Villas and feel the excitement when you have a romantic dinner under the sea.

15. Sun Moon Lake, Taiwa

15. Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan

com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Sun-Moon-Lake-Taiwan.jpg">Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan

The Sun Moon Lake is the biggest lake in Taiwan. This lakeis located in Yuchi, Nantou. The Sun MoonLake is also the place for Thao tribes, the native tribes of Taiwan. Unfortunately, swimming on this lake is not allowed, however there are firework festival, music concert and laser festival are held in here.

16. Rajashtan, India16. Rajashtan, India


There is nothing more romantic than spending you time with your loved ones. If you are already visit Taj Mahal and Udaipur, don’t forget to visit Rajashtan. Feel the experience of discovering the ancient culture, park and their majestic palaces available in here and I believe that you will feel like king and queen of Rajashtan.

17. Istanbul, Turkey

17. Istanbul, Turkey

m/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Istanbul-Turkey.jpg">Istanbul, Turkey

A beautiful combination between Asia and Europe continent in this country is the perfect answer for your memorable honeymoon. The hospitality of Turkish people in here is the perfect addition for your honeymoon. Istanbul is the combination of Greece, Rome, and Persia. That is why, you can learn many cultures at once. You can visit Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, and Cistern Basilica.

18. Abu Dhabi, UEA

18. Abu Dhabi, UEAm/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Abu-Dhabi-UEA.jpg">Abu Dhabi, UEA

If you want to feel the combination of culture and relaxation, then Abu Dhabi is your best country to visit. Sign and join with the related tour prepared by the resort and they will take you to the city tour, visiting the zoo and the last thing to do is a romantic dinner and tasting the delicious dishes in Abu Dhabi.

19. Langkawi, Malaysia19. Langkawi, Malaysia


Langkawi will provide you with their tropical beach. One of the main attractions of this island is Cable Car. You can see the beautiful scenery of Langkawi from the above and you can also see the Andaman Ocean and the smaller islands around it.

20. Hong Kong, China

20. Hong Kong, China

m/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Hong-Kong-China.jpg">Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong will offer you with their beautiful city and shopping paradise. You can visit this metropolis city while tasting the signature dish of Hong Kong. Be sure to bring enough money in here because Hong Kong will offer you with the abundant choice of shopping and culinary centers.

21. Cebu, Philippine

21. Cebu, Philippine

m/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Cebu-Philippine.jpg">Cebu, Philippine

Honeymoon on the beach will never enough to discuss, this honeymoon spot is still in Philippine. What can you do in Cebu? You can observe the sharks in Oslob, sailing to Mactan Island and stayed on the resort, aren’t it romantic?

22. Sri Lanka

22. Sri Lankawp-content/uploads/2015/08/Sri-Lanka.jpg">Sri Lanka

Although Sri Lanka is less popular than the other countries but stil, this country is the most visited destination especially for honeymoon. The hospitality of Sri Lankan, hot curry, and their interesting culture are the factors why you need to visit Sri Lanka as your honeymoon destination.

23. Chiang Mai, Thailand23. Chiang Mai, Thailand

/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Chiang-Mai-Thailand.jpg">Chiang Mai, Thailand

Another entry from Thailand. Chiang Mai is also the best place for your honeymoon. Wat Phrathat Temple, Wat Cedi Luang Temple even the Chiang Mai Night Market is a must visited place in this beautiful city.

24. Malaysia Borneo

24. Malaysia Borneo

wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Malaysia-Borneo.jpg">Malaysia Borneo

Borneo is the paradise for nature lover, there is no words suited to replace the beauty of Borneo. You can see the wildlife in the dense rainforest, seeing the waterfall and lay yourself on the beach. The most interesting is, the airline fare for this destination is also cheap.

25. Luang Prabang, Laos

25. Luang Prabang, Laos

wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Luang-Prabang-Laos1.jpg">Luang Prabang, Laos

Luang Prabang is the best place for your honeymoon. Luang Prabang is located in Laos. Spend your time here to viist the Si Kuang waterfall or cruising on a ship to the traditional village of Ban Xieng Mene.



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