During summertime season they make nests and type in several components of New Zealand. At the beginning of winter season they shift to pacific cycles region in hunting for food. Daily sooty shearwaters covers a distance as much as 900 to 1000 kilometers, takes 200 days for total journey.

Sooty shearwaters make use of global wind system for adhering to best migratory course. They consume enough meals like squids and krills from pacific cycles regions and return back to New Zealand for breeding.

10. Arctic Terndiv id="attachment_5321" style="width: 810px" class="wp-caption alignnone">animal migration - Arctic Tern

animal migration – Arctic Tern

The 113 grams considers little Arctic tern makes longest movement worldwide, annual round trip meet distance of 71000 kilometers. Throughout movement they on the road from Polar circle to Antarctic region as well as flies back yearly. During that way Arctic tern views more day light than other creatures on Earth, likewise sees two summer seasons annually.

Arctic tern will begin the migration in the month of September yearly, follows pattern throughout migration. They roughly touch the coastlines of Europe and also Africa throughout their severe migration. They will spend few months in Antarctic region, molting of plumes likewise take place during that time. At end of wintertime they return back to Arctic region.

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