Tips for Curing Gumboil

Gumboil or swollen gum is one of the uncomfortable diseases which can lower down our appetite. If this matter continues, of course it will make a serious health problem.  Before we going to the gumboil cure, I need to give you information about the cause of gumboil first.

A. Gumboil caused by pregnancy


One thing in common is, a pregnant woman is more likely to have a gumboil. This caused from the raised hormone inside the body which can make it easier to get a gumboil.

B. Gumboil caused by infection

Gumboil caused by infection

Virus and bacteria can swell up your gum. The growth of both organisms can lead to a gumboil.

C. Gumboil caused by Gingivitis

Gumboil caused by Gingivitis

Gingivitis can swell up your gum and also itchy feeling. The symptoms from this disease is light but, it can loosen up your teeth in a worst case.

There are many medicines invented to cure this disease, however, the result isn’t that effective. Why don’t we go back to nature? God has already provided us with anything in the nature. These tips will give you so much benefit especially for those who have a gumboil. As we already know that gumboil caused by several types. There are broken teeth, bleeding gum, plaque.So, in this article, you will find out the natural medicine for dealing with gumboil. It’s easy to make, easy to find and the most favorite thing is, it’s cheap. Who doesn’t like it?

1. Salt


We already know this; salt is the essential seasoning in term of cooking. But most of us didn’t know that salt can relieve your gumboil. The instruction is easy, you just need to mix one teaspoon of salt with warm water and stir it. And then gargle it for three times a day.

2. Clove Oil

Clove Oil

This clove extracted oil has numerous benefits for us. One of them is to cure your gumboil. You just need to rub the oil to the infected area two times a day until your gumboil is gone.

3. Lime


Take two or three lime, squeeze it and take the juice. Mix it up with warm water and then you can gargle with it. For maximum benefit, use these mix in the morning after you woke up and before you go to sleep.

4. Honey


Honey is already used for centuries as medicines. It’s the hottest commodity in the past. To cure your gumboil, take a little amount of honey in your finger and put it around the infected area for three times a day. Quite easy, right?

5. Red Onion

Red Onion

Grind several amount of red onion and rub it around your gum and let the unique components work for you. Red onion can cure your gumboil as long as you grind it right.

6. Drink More Water

Drink More Water

Sufficient mineral water also can relieve your gumboil and reduce the risk of this disease. Mineral water can reduce bacteria inside your mouth and it can be the best substitute for decreased saliva.

7. Reduce Your Stress

Reduce Your Stress

According to a recent examination, it’s proved that the healthiness of tooth and gum are also affected by the high number of stress. Therefore, you should takea rest and doing something refreshing at least for yourself.

8. Gum Massage

Gum Massage

You can also doing a gentle massage for your gum to reducing the pain. But, we need to be sure that our fingers are clean and sterile from all bacteria.

9. Modifiy Your Diet

Modifiy Your Diet

If you are undergoing a diet, the solution for this is to fulfill the needs of vitamin C in order to maintain your health although you are on a diet.

10. Baking Soda

Baking Soda

You can make your own gargling liquid by mixing water with the hydrogen peroxide or baking soda. Gargle it at least 2 times a day. This liquid can prevent the bacteria to spread further inside your mouth.

11. Betel


Take about 15 leaves along with the root, and then mix it with 20 grams of salt and turmeric. Boiled it in 500 cc of water and then you can refine this liquid and you can drink it also.

12. Choose your ideal food

Choose your ideal food

Usually, gumboil is caused by wrong choice of foods. Hard to chew foods like meat can lead to gumboil. Meat can stuck between your teeth and it can swell up your teeth. Brush your teeth regularly, or else, you can use a dental floss to remove the meat.

13. Spinach


Burn the spinach and grind it until completely destroyed. Use this herb as an ointment and rub it in the infected area.

14. Tamarind


Tamarind is a tangy and fresh fruit. It also can cure your gumboil. Fry the tamarind for a couples of minutes and grind it it until destroyed. Brush your teeth with that.

15. Guava leaves

Guava leaves

The leaves from guava also can relieve your gumboil. The instruction is very simple, chew some of the leaves and then you can gargle it. And then throw away the leaves, don’t drink it because the leaves is contaminated with the gumboil bacteria.

16. Coconut Water

Coconut Water

This miracle water comes from coconut trees. Not only relieving dehydration, but also can cure your gumboil. Just drink the fresh coconut water at least two times a day.

17. Eat a lot of Fruits with Vitamin C

Eat a lot of Fruits with Vitamin C

You can eat orange, tomato and other fruits to fulfill the needs of vitamin C. Fruits is the best source of vitamin C that you need to fasten the healing process.

18. Yogurt


This acidic drink can also be a good way to cure your gumboil. Yogurt can balance the acidic bacteria inside your mouth and body. Yogurt can be mixed with various kinds of fruit to fasten the treatment. Yogurt is easy to get in everywhere. People who eat this drink are more likely resistant to mouth disease. The lactatic acid can guard your gum from various harmless bacteria lead to a gumboil.

D. How to avoid Gumboil

  • Make sure that you brush your teeth before you got to sleep.
  • Visit the dental at least once in a 6 month to clean up the plaque.
  • Fruit consumption is recommended to prevent the gumboil.

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