14 Suitable Flowers For Your Bedroom

Do you have a problem with unpleasant odor in your bedroom? Or you can’t stand in your own bedroom for a long time? Well, first thing to do is to clean up and try looking for the source of the unpleasant odor itself or you need to give your bedroom an artificial perfume which can be placed or hanged in everywhere inside your bedroom, if you have an insufficient money to buy all of those things, you might want to read this article because I will give you the information about plants or flowers that can replace those artificial scent and of course, in an affordable price as well.

1. Geranium


This flower’s color is purple. If your bedroom wall is colored in white, then this is the perfect flowers to add inside your bedroom. The scent from these flowers is the mixture of chocolate, lemon, nutmeg and ginger. Try to pick one of their leaves to smell the unique scent. These flowers can repel the mosquitoes as well. If you take this flower, you can get the double advantages, not only as the natural mosquitoes repellent but also it can make your bedroom full with a good and relaxing smell.

2. Jasmine


This white and little flower is famous for its fragrant smell. Jasmine is a night blooming flowers and it produces a relaxing scent throughout the surrounding environment. Jasmine is the perfect blend for a delicious tea as well. Try to plant this flower inside your bedroom. If it’s not possible, you can plant this flower outside your bedroom but make sure that it’s near your bedroom in order to get the relaxing odor next to your bedroom.

3. Gardenia


This beautiful white flower is famous for its strong yet relaxing odor. This is the best flower to decorate your bedroom. Gardenia is used not only from the scent, it’s used for food and fabric mixture ingredients in Japan and China. The Chinese people have been long used the gardenia fruits as their traditional medicines. However, this plant needs a high level of humidity. So it needs an extra treatment for those who want to grow it indoor. However, the advantage for growing this flower is worth the effort.

4. Cinnamons


The smell of this plant is proven to increase your memory, awareness and concentration. This is one of the most favorite plants to add in the bedroom. The cinnamons can also a good blending with tea. The scent can soothe you and relieve the stress. Cinnamons can also help people with sleeping disorder to get a quality sleep.

5. Bergamot


This is the native flowers from Italy. Bergamot is usually used for drink and jam. While the plants are extracted for its essential oil used for making an aromatherapy perfumes. Just like the other kind of orange, Bergamot is usually planted outside. But if you want to put it inside your bedroom, there should be no problem.

6. Plumeria


Usually this plant can grow very high, it’s best for you to have a smaller version or usually called bonsai if you want to put it inside your bedroom. Plumeria has several kinds of species. It comes with red, yellow and white in color. For a maximum growth and potential, put the Plumeria near your window to get a sufficient sunlight. I believe that this flower would be the suitable decoration in any of your bedroom.

7. Honeysuckle


Honeysuckle produces a sweet scent that can make you relax and improve your sleep quality. Until this article, there are more than a hundred species of honeysuckle ever discovered and recorded and it’s still more to be found. Put this plant near the sunlight source close to your window.

8. Lavender


This flower is absolutely well known for its scent. Lavender is a purple colored flower and it has a distinctive scent which can make you relax. Dried or fresh, lavender still have the same scent. Just like the geranium, Lavender can repel the mosquitoes away from you. So, if you didn’t like Geranium that much, Lavender can be your option that cannot be refused.

9. Eucalyptus


This plant has a long and dark green leaves. Eucalyptus is also suitable for your bedroom decoration. If you have a koala as your pet, you might rethink to pick this plant because eucalyptus is the main diet of koala. Eucalyptus can fill your bedroom with soothing and fresh odor. Don’t forget to give them enough watering to keep them alive.

10. Rosemary


Rosemary or Rosmarinus officinalis is already known as a must have spices for food, especially for Asian and Mediterranian style. Rosemary is also used for the perfect bedroom decoration. Their green leaves can relaxing your eyes after a hard day at work. Rosemary can also repel the mosquitoes away from you. Pretty useful plant isn’t it?

11. Basil


Basil is originated from India. The strength odor produced from this plant can make you relax. Basil can also relieve coughing and influenza. Basil can grow in tropical climate area and it’s already growth for more than 3000 years ago. However, the scent of basil may varies according from where they are cultivated.

12. Chamomile


Chamomile is a splendid flower that blooms in all kind of season. It has a sweet aroma and it’s more than enough to deliver you to a brand new of sleeping quality. The flower can be used for herbal tea, and of course, it has many advantages for our health.

13. Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm or Mellisa officinalis belongs to the Lamiaceae family. The scents are blending of caryophyllene, geranial, linalyl acetate and citronellal. Instead of their relaxing odor, Lemon balm are also used for mixture of herbal beverage and ice cream. Lemon balm is already used for traditional medicine. Put this plant inside your bedroom and taste the many benefits from this plant.

14. Ylang ylang

Ylang ylang

Ylang ylang or Cananga odorata is the kind of flower with the mixture scent from custard and rubber. Usually the oil is extracted as essential oil. The usage of this flower is vary depends on the countries itself. For example, Ylang ylang flower used for a necklace along with the sampaguita flower. While in Indonesia, this flower used for decorating the newlywed couples.


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