The 18 Hemoglobin Booster Foods

Blood is one of the most important components in our body. Red blood cells or hemoglobin is responsible to carrying oxygen and foods substance in entire of our body. The amount of hemoglobin is also the factors that determining our health condition. Blood availability will surely help us in every activity. Therefore, bloods rate must be keep at balance. Overcapacity of hemoglobin can lead to hypertension while lack of hemoglobin will caused you anemia. Anemia is a condition where the hemoglobin rate is down below normal and it will make you dizzy, easy to be tired, and weak. If you have an anemia, don’t use those various medicines first, instead you better find another healthy choice like the various food ingredients that will boost your hemoglobin rate. And here they are.

1. Meat


Meat is our first list of food ingredients that boost our hemoglobin rate. Meat is enriched with protein. You can found 2,8 Mg of iron inside 100 gram of beef. Therefore, a sufficient amount of meat will avoid you from the danger of anemia.

2. Yam



Although vegetables are already known as the most nutritious food ingredients, but not all of those vegetables can boost up your hemoglobin. There are red beans, chickpeas, spinach, turnip, potato, broccoli and yam as the examples of food ingredients that boost up your hemoglobin with their iron content. Yam is the highest iron which is needed to activating the hemoglobin and increase the oxygen inside your blood. Consuming yam as your daily basis will helps you to avoid anemia.

3. Fish


You can get 2,5 Mg of iron inside 100 gram of sardines. Salmon and tuna are also the main source of protein with omega 3. Sufficient amount of fish consumption are also needed for fulfilling the needs of daily protein.

4. Corn


Corn are also enriched with iron and mangan which can be your source of vitamin A and C. The combination of those vitamins can also help you to prevent anemia.

5. Almond


Some of nuts can prevent us from getting anemia, but Almond is the biggest supporter for supplying hemoglobin inside our body. Consuming an ounce of almonds everyday will give you 6% of iron. The most important thing is, almond is easier to get and the price is also cheaper rather than the other nuts and grains.

6. Egg Yolk

Egg yolk

One of the food ingredients that boost up your hemoglobin is egg yolk. The instructions are also easy to do. First, you need to boil an egg along with 60 gram of red onion leaves. Pour some water and consume it regularly at least twice a day.

7. Apple


Apple is a fresh and crunchy fruit, no doubt about it. Apple is a popular kind of fruits, no doubt about it also. But what if I told you that apple can boost up your hemoglobin? I believe that some of the reader will ask the same question.  Here is the answer. Apple contains complete vitamins and rich in iron as well. Iron is useful mineral for increasing the hemoglobin inside your blood. So, consuming an apple a day will not hurt you anyway.

8. Dates


One of the benefits of this fruit is solving the low blood pressure inside your body. Dates contain a lot of high vitamin B complex. The healthy benefits of dates have the important roles to increasing the hemoglobin inside your body. Dates are also gives you the extra energy and removing the fatigue caused by anemia

9. Avocado


Avocado contains a lot of nutrition which are needed to our body. Avocado is enriched with iron, a beneficial mineral for boosting up your hemoglobin. Avocado is the source of unsaturated fat which is harmless to our body. Consuming avocado can be your solution in fighting anemia.

10. Melon


Melon consists of 90% of water which can gives you the rejuvenation feeling inside your stomach. Melon is also high in vitamin A. Vitamin A can help the iron to increase hemoglobin inside your blood.

11. Orange



The sweet and sour taste of orange comes from its high concentration of vitamin C. One of the benefits of vitamin C can help to smothering the blood stream and the content of iron inside it will help the formation of hemoglobin.

12. Raisins


Raisins are enriched with iron. Raisins are also the examples of acidic foods and it can help to solving the acid condition inside your body.

13. Cassava Leaves

Cassava Leaves

Cassava leaves is one of the plants with complete nutrient. Therefore, cassava leaves has been used as the base of various foods. Cassava leaves contains iron, protein, phosphor, calcium, unsaturated fat, carbohydrate and Vitamin A. All of those useful nutrients can help you to avoid anemia.

14. Cereal


Consuming ¾ cup of cereal has the 18 Mg amount of iron while consuming 100 gram of instant oatmeal has the 11 Mg amount of iron. Consuming both of them has the same beneficial effect for boosting up your hemoglobin.

15. Red Rice

Red Rice

Red rice contains carbohydrates, natural fibers, and also irons to increase the hemoglobin inside your body.

16. Wheat


Wheat is containing a lot of Fe that useful to increase the production of hemoglobin inside our body. Wheat can also prevent us from the danger of low blood pressure or hypotension. Wheat are also known as the healthy choice of diet.

17. Mineral Water

Mineral Water

Mineral water is vital to our body. Water is also responsible to maintain our body fluid as well. Our body needs 8 glass of mineral water to fulfilling the body needs fluid.

18. Salty Foods


Salt or mineral is one of the natural substances that increase the production of hemoglobin. A balance salt consumption will help you to increase the blood pressure. Over consumption of salt will brings bad effect to us especially for those who have hypertension.

That is the food ingredients that boosting up your hemoglobin. A healthy pattern of diet is the same important matter to avoid the risk of getting anemia. You should avoid unhealthy foods in order to keeps you away from anemia. A daily routine of exercise are also suggested for a healthy body and smooth bloodstream.






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