Beautiful Horse Breeds

Among all animals, horse is one of the loftiest species to ever born. Horses are “splendors” among them. They, somehow, resemble strength, dignity, and beauty. You may say that all horses are reasonably pretty, but these following beautiful horse breeds are simply beyond magic.

1.       Akhal-Teke


Akhal-Teke – Photo via

The Akhal-Teke or Akhaltekinskaya is usually addressed as the most beautiful horse breed in the world. Originally came from Turkey, this breed is famously known for its sheer and shiny coat. The Akhal-teke’s distinctive coats (usually in a bay, black, chestnut, gray, and palomino) cover their lean and high posture. Even though, they are available in colors, the most famous color that makes them be called as the most beautiful horse is the pale metallic buckskin color.  Besides their beauty, the Akhal-Tekes also have a great endurance and stamina that makes them great racers.


2.       Gypsy Horse

Gypsy Horse

Gypsy Horse – Photo via

Instead of referring this breed as Romanies, this beautiful breed is now remarkably noticed by its long flowing mane and tail. Not forget to mention its desirable enormous amount of legs feathering. This breed is, somehow, about an abundant amount of hair! There is usually hair that curls up along their lips and jaws too. Quite different from other breeds, this breed has relatively shorter back compared to its overall body. Related to its origin as a horse ride for gypsy travelers, this breed is famous for its even and willing personalities.


3.       Andalusian Horse

Andalusian Horse

Andalusian Horse – Photo via www.

Known as the Purebred Spanish Horse, this particular horse is noted for its beauty, elegance, and grace. Qualities that every princess wants her prince to have on his ride! For it has a muscular body and robustly well-formed joint and legs, Andalusian Horses are famous for its strength, speed, and stamina. These formerly war horses are keen, excel on learning, and loyal too. This breed has some distinctive physical characteristics that depend on its bloodlines; like its head that may look similarly like Barb or Arabian breeds. In fact, this breed has quite a major responsibility on creating a stock of horse breeds around the globe.


4.       Haflinger Horse

Haflinger Horse

Haflinger Horse – Photo via

The Haflinger or Avalignese is a diminutive yet elegantly well-muscled breed. This breed uniquely and uniformly has thick chestnut brown color with rich and luscious mane and tail. Another distinct feature is the face marking that sometimes looks like a fire-like patches or star-like patches. The Haflinger horses are, mostly, pleasantly tranquil yet determined. Despite its small-built body, the Haflinger horses are legendary admired for its strength as “the tractor of the Alps”.


5.       Marwari Horse

Marwari Horse

Marwari Horse – Photo via

The Marwari or known as Malani, is a lean upright horse that is prominently noticed by its inwardly pointed ears. It has a graceful head with expressive eyes showing both bravery and loyalty. Its legs are elegantly strong with (usually) accentuated with white hair near its hooves. Comes in all colors, this breed is celebrated as one of many breeds that have an air of pride. In India, where this breed originally comes from, The Marwari Horses’ achievements are often recorded in many literature pieces.


6.       Friesian Horse

Friesian Horse

Friesian Horse – Photo via

You are probably wondering what kind of horse that appeared in the remarkable movie, The Mask of Zorro years ago? That horse is actually a Friesian breed; such a graceful and nimble breed among strong and popular horse breeds. Friesland, in Netherland, is the area in which this breed’s name taken from. This large horse is a solidly muscled breed that has a thick mane, tail, and legs hair. This particular breed is popular for its sheer black coat. Yet, the recessive chestnut gene is actually found among this breed although it is in a very scarce scale compared to its birth rate.


7.       Arabian Horse

Arabian Horse

Arabian Horse – Photo via

This Middle East origin breed is famous for its beautiful look. This oldest purebred horse breed has wide-set eyes, broad forehead, large nostrils, and curved ears. Once, this breed was rode for traveling across the dessert and used as a war horse too. Quite similar with the Andalusian Horse, the Arabian Horse has been believed to be the foundation of all modern breeds. This horse is noted for its versatility in many different riding styles, despite the wildness people usually refer them to.


8.       Clydesdale Horse

Clydesdale Horse

Clydesdale Horse – Photo via

The Clydesdale horse is noted for its big feet. This breed can be in bay, brown, roan, black, or gray. All of that coat color goes flashy and are accentuated by white markings, either in its legs or forehead. This horse is used both for hobbies and pleasure riding.


9.       Dalmatian Horse

Dalmatian Horse

Dalmatian Horse – Photo via

This breed is usually referred to the Appaloosa breed for the characterized spots it has. Similar to leopard-spotted coat, the Dalmatian horse spots are a genetic mutation that covers its base color. For the mutation kind of issue, the Dalmatian and some other Appaloosa horse are often linked to having problems related to night blindness among horses. Still, this breed is one of the most friendly breeds since it has quite a versatile relationship with the human being.

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