9 World’s Weirdest Marriage Traditions Which You Didn’t Believe It’s Real

Marriage is a tradition which is owned by all countries in the world. Most of the marriage traditions are still logically acceptable and commonly acknowledged by the people. Preparing a marriage is something that needs to be well prepared to get an unforgettable moment especially for the couple. However, there are marriage traditions which are unacceptable by human thought especially for those who are not directly related with the traditions. We can’t say the following marriage traditions on the list are wrong because they are already done this as their part of their life. All of these marriage traditions have good purposes although it seems so weird and unique. So, here is the list of the world’s weirdest marriage traditions presented just for you.

1. Urinating is prohibited

No urineThe first world’s weirdest marriage tradition on the list is coming Malaysia. For those who have already married, they have to keep their desire to pee or going to the toilet. They have to obey this rule at least for 3 days and 3 nights. This unique tradition is conducted by the Tidong community in Malaysia. According from their believes, for those who disobey this rule (married couple in this case) will experiencing bad luck and calamities such as loss of their family members, infertility, and the worst of it, divorce. Although it’s really hard to understand but this unique tradition is still existed until today.

2. Making Noises

Making noiseThe second unique marriage tradition on the list is making noises in the married couple’s house. This unique tradition is coming France. This city is also known as the symbol of love and the first destination of tourism countries in the world. As the newlywed is coming to their home, all of the families and guests are invited. And now the real deal of noise is happened. All of the guests will start to hitting the pan or any kind of things to make noises. This unique kind of tradition is meant to celebrate the wedding to be more crowded. This tradition is called Charivari and it was conducted since the middle age. Although this tradition is slowly substituted by the other “calm” version but still, this tradition is still preserved by some people in here.

3. Kidnapping the Bride

KidnapThe next world’s weirdest marriage tradition is quite strange. Kidnapping and doing the runaway bride is considered as unacceptable thing and taboo in many traditions. However, the attempt of kidnapping the bride is an acceptable thing in the Gypsy and Romani traditions. If the groom is successfully kidnapping the bride to be and kept her for 2 until 3 days, they are considered as officially married and the woman is belongs to the kidnapper. This tradition is also found in Indonesia where the Sasak tribes, the native villagers of Lombok Island are doing the same tradition. The man will keep the woman she like and kept her for a week in order to protecting her dignity. However, this kidnapping plan must be well prepared start from looking for a good day and both of the families are already know each other and agree with this kidnapping ritual.

4. Smashing the Plates

palateThe next world’s weirdest marriage tradition is from the Germany. The newlywed who had just doing their wedding ceremony will given the chance to smashing the plates which are already prepared by the guests. Although it seems so weird for us but there is a meaning beneath this tradition. Smashing the plates are believed can ward off the bad luck for the married couple. The sound of smashing plates is the symbol of disturbances on marriage life. The families and guests are supporting and praying for the newlywed to be free from all kind of marriage disturbances by providing the plates. Quite weird but interesting isn’t it?

5. The Bride’s Tear

tearI think most of us are agree that a marriage is a wonderful day and deserve to be memorized as one of the most beautiful moment in our life. However, this lifetime moment is always covered in tears of joy and happiness. But what if the bride is nonstop crying for an hour? Well it must be tiring especially for the bride isn’t it? Well, this is really happened in China as the minor community of Tuija has been conducting a strange ritual. The bride will cry for an hour nonstop. Ten days after the marriage, the bride will meet with her mother to crying together and then both of them are followed by their relatives to join with them.

6. Hitting the Groom’s Leg

legK-Wave is truly a viral phenomenon in the world. It has been the most popular show of culture as long as the rise of Hallyu or Korean Fever. There are so many examples from Korean Fever such as foods, music, style and of course their marriage tradition is also unique. The bride is allowed to hit the groom’s leg. The bride is using a fish named Yellow Corvina. The purpose of this tradition is meant for the groom to be stronger to take the responsibility as a husband.

7. Wedding Ring on the Toe

wedding toeWedding ring is one of the most important aspects in marriage. A wedding ring is also the symbol of commitment between the married couple. Wedding ring is commonly worn in the ring finger. A blood vessel named vena amoris. This blood vessel is directly connected with heart. While many traditions are wearing the wedding ring on their fingers, the Hindu tradition is obligating their married couple to worn the wedding ring on their feet. This tradition is called Bichiya. The wedding rings are usually made from silver and it can only be worn for those who have already married.

8. Dancing with the Bride

dancing toeThe next world’s weirdest marriage tradition is located in Poland. During their wedding celebration, the groom will wear an apron while approaching the guests. And then, the guests are starting to give amount of money inside the apron. Whoever guests that give the biggest amount of money are allowed to dance with the groom.

9. Jumping Off the Broom

broomThe last weirdest marriage tradition in the world is jumping off the broom. This tradition is conducted by the African-American community in the United States of America. This tradition is meant to repel the bad luck and welcoming the bright future.


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