9 Interesting Facts About Black Cat You Might Be Missed

Cat is one of the most adorable pets in the world. Cat is also the favorite animals after dog as the man best friend. Cat is cute, adorable and they are also funny to watch. Cat is also friendly in nature and many people want to take this animal as their friend at home. Actually, there are no specific species of pet cat that is dangerous for human. Cat is also available in various colors and species. However, there is one color of cat which is thought to bring bad luck, diseases and misfortunes. This cat is also described as the favorite pet for witches in the fairy tales, myth, or urban legend. Can you already guess what the color of the cat is? Yes it is, it’s a black cat. Although they are famous as the symbol of misfortune but you need to know about the interesting facts about black cat you should know. Here they are, enjoy it everyone!

1. Irrational Fears

Irrational Fears

The existence of black colored cats is always triggering various kinds of mysteries. The mysteries are always followed especially for those who aren’t personally closed with this cat. People might be afraid if they are walking on the street along with a black cat. They are afraid if they walked along with the black cat, they will hit by vehicles crossing by. This irrational fear toward the black cat is also caused by various folklores. Witch hunting was being conducted in Europe in the middle century. Witch and black cat is thought to be the ally of demons. Nowadays, black cat lovers didn’t have any resemblance with the witchcraft. And this irrational fear should be forgotten.

2. Genetic Color

Genetic Color

Black is one of the three original color bases of cat. The other two colors are red and white. The other colors and patterns of cat is the combination from two of these three colors. The only difference can be identified by their genetic. The complicated genetic structure is carried from the previous cats. A cat with a dominant black colored genetic is always producing the same color. A cat with two dominant genetic black colored parents is always be born as black kitten. But if one of the parents has red recessive genetic, the kitten might be born with the other color. This fact is explaining why the fur of black cat looks like rusted under the sunlight.

3. Fortune Bringer

Fortune Bringer

Unlike the most other countries, a popular believes on the western part of the earth saying that black cat is the symbol of good fortune. This myth can be located in the several Asian countries and England. The people of the previous countries would be happy if they are passing on with the black cat on the streets.

4. Genetic Mutation

Genetic Mutation

While most of the black cat are recognized as the result of natural genetic mutation process. There is also a kind of cat which is the result of the selective captivity in order to develop the black cat color which is called as the “Puma”. The name of this mutated cat is Bombay cat. This is the only cat which is recognized as their development is heavily influenced by human technology. Bombay Cat has stunning physical appearance, slim and their bronze eyes are also fascinating. This cat is easy to adapt with their environment and Bombay Cat is suitable for pet and a house keeper.

5. Black Color Categories

Black Color Categories

A cat lover group named Fancier Cat Association in the United States of America is listing 22 category of black colored cat. The color description is quite standard for all of their descendants and the color itself are categorized into three major colors. The first color is pure black. This kind of cat has coal black fur from the head to toe. The nose and their paws are also colored in black and sometimes it’s brown. The second species is Sphinx. The cat with this color has their black gradation color from their nose until the end of the tail. Their nose is colored in black and their paws are also colored in black or brown. The last category of black cat is Ragamuffin. The last category can’t be identified as black. They can be anything in colors usually comes with or without white pattern.

6. Various Surnames

Various Surnames

Alright, let’s see the other interesting facts about black cat. Although many people have black cat as their pet but they are always named differently with the color. Names like Ebony, Blackie are the common names for black cat. But there are also black cats that named unlike their true colors such as Charlie, Pablo, Olive, Jasmine or Floyd. Now, you don’t have to be confuse for naming your black cat right?

7. Popular Color

Popular Color

In a recent survey result from the United States of America to know what kind of favorite colors of cat, the answer is showing an amazing fact. Black is actually the most popular color for cat followed by brown and white. This is actually not a surprising fact because people who had shared their life with their black cat actually love their pet so much.

8. Hard To Find

Hard To Find

Most of the black colored cats have white spot in their body. This is because the pure black colored cat was being exterminated during the Middle Age because they are believed as the demon ally and black colored cat is also believed to have a supernatural power or witchcraft. This is the reason why pure black colored cat is really hard to find.

9. Friendly Cat

Friendly Cat

Many people thought that black colored cat is less friendly in nature than the ordinary cats. But the truth is, black colored cat is more friendly and nicer in nature. Although their fur is black but they can be your good friend at home.

That is the fact about black colored cat that you didn’t know before. If you are one of the cat lovers, you should take this cat as your pet at home and I’m sure that this cat will bring much of joyful moment to share with you.






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