9 Foods Hack for Longer Lifespan

According from the Birmingham University Medical School research, our body immune system will reduce its ability through the time. There are many factors why our lifespan is shorter each year. Stress, air pollution, and unhealthy foods can be your body immune system biggest enemies. Therefore, the scientists are working hard to find the ultimate secret of longer lifespan, and as the result, many medicines has been released to public as the answer for those who are seeking the remedies to life longer. However, the artificial substances inside those medicines are actually dangerous for our body. So, the daily doses of those medicines will slowly reduce your lifespan instead of extend it. But you don’t need to give up now because there are always solutions available for us. At least, to maintaining our remaining lifespan. You will find out the secret of longer lifespan throughout your surroundings. Through your daily foods. So, here they are the foods ingredients which can make your lifespan longer. Check this one out.

1. Green Tea

Green Teas

One cup of warm green tea will gives your body a sufficient supply of beneficial bacteria inside your digestion system. These beneficial bacteria will help you to removes the harmful bacteria inside your digestion system. According from the Center for Health Nutrition in the University of California, more than 70% of our body immune system is coming from the digestion system. So, from now on, adding a cup of green tea is suggested for your health. For maximum health result, you need to drink about 3-4 cup of green tea.

2. Chili


This one is the most popular spices among it’s kind. Chili contains a high amount beta carotene. The amount of beta carotene inside a chili will be turned into good vitamin A to prevent the infection and inflammation. Although it has spicy taste caused from the amount of capsaicin. But still, chili can be your secret in order to get a longer life span.

3. Ginger


This one is usually used for soothing your sore throat. Ginger is our next food ingredients for longer lifespan. Why ginger? Alright, this is the answer. The amount of gingerol is the most effective protection from the risk of cancer attack. Drinking a cup of ginger everyday will help you to reduce the risk of stroke attack by preventing the fat sedimentation inside your arteries. Ginger can also help you to reduce the cholesterol rate and prevent the risk of getting heart attack.

4. Yam


Yam is our next food ingredients for longer lifespan. Maybe some of you are wondering why I put one of this vegetable on the list. Well, the reason is, yam contains glutathione which is useful for maintaining your body immune system. Yam can also help you in your diet program to destroy the harmful fat inside your body. The amount of glutathione inside yam can be used for prevent many diseases such as Alzheimer, Parkinson, heart attack and stroke. So, now you are already know that yam is not only delicious but also useful especially for our health. Consuming yam or adding it in your daily basis is suggested for a better life.

5. Mushroom


Although some of the mushrooms are poisonous and need special treatment, but still both of mushrooms species like shitake and reiki contain ergothioneine. What is ergothioneine? Ergothioneine is a beneficial component to protect our body cells from abnormal growth. Red Wine is contain high amount antioxidant. Cooking mushrooms with red wine is suggested as it will boost their ability to protect our body immune system.

6. Tomato


Who doesn’t know this fresh fruit? Tomato has fresh acidic in taste. The amount of lycopene inside a tomato can help your body immune system to prevent the risk of getting degenerative diseases. What is a degenerative disease? This is a disease caused by damaged cell into our body organs. The process of damage can be fastening by our bad habit, unhealthy foods and our life style. The number of degenerative diseases sufferer are growing each year. The symptoms of this disease is easily thirsty, the intensity of urinating process is increased. The degenerative disease sufferer is also easily hungry because the body can’t use the glucose to make it as the energy source. Now I believe that you are already know what is degenerative disease is. And the conclusion is, consuming tomato as your daily basis will avoid you from the danger of getting degenerative disease from its high amount of lycopene. For your information, canned tomatoes are 5 times higher in lycopene rather than the raw tomatoes.

7. Pomegranate


Pomegranate contains ellagitannin. What is ellagitannin? This is the name of organic substances for giving natural color in fruits. Pomegranates are the effective solution for cancer prevention. A recent study from UCLA also finds the liquid inside this fruit. This liquid is useful component for pressing the growth of prostate cancer cells. So, although it’s a little bit sour, pomegranate is absolutely useful  fruits for fighting cancer.

8. Wheat


Wheat contains high amount of calcium. Wheat is also enriched with natural fibers which is the best solution for your digestion problem. Wheat is also useful as your addition of your diet program. One of the secret to have longest lifespan is wheat. Wheat is blessed with low cholesterol and the source of calcium so it will prevent you from the risk of getting osteoporosis. The best method of cooking wheat is to cook them in a small heat or you can brew it with boiled water. So, from now on, you better turn from your usual staple foods with wheat. I know it’s a little bit hard especially for some people who used to eat rice as their staple foods. But if you want to have a longer lifespan, this is your solution.

9. Cranberries


This fruit will help you to prevent the infection inside your urethra, prevent the cancer and protect you from various kinds of harmful bacteria. Cranberries are categorized as sweet fruits for our body but the raw cranberries are sour in taste. Try to combine this fruit with wheat muffin. For maximum benefit from this fruit, you can drink it as healthy juices so it will not to sour in taste.


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