9 Banned Food And Beverages From The United States of America That You Need To Know

United States of America is a country with many states and it’s centered in Washington D.C. This country is also known as the producer of many things and it’s already spread throughout the world. However, only a few of us know that several countries have strict rules about food and beverages especially for export and import. Some of these countries are already forbid the food and beverage from the United States of America. So, here is the list of exported food and beverage from the United States of America which is prohibited by several countries. Are you ready to find them all? Here we go.

1. Farm-Raised Salmon


The first prohibited food ingredient from the United States of America is farm-raised salmon. If you want to maximize the benefit from healthy food ingredient like salmon, it’s recommended to avoid consuming farm raised salmon especially if the salmons are feeding with hazardous fish food. Wild salmon obtained their natural pink color or bright red from the natural carotenoid which is retrieved from their foods. In the other side, raising salmon which is entirely based on pellets including genetically engineered varieties, antibiotic and chemical content are already proved as dangerous for human being. The color of farm raised salmon is grayish so the farmers adding synthetic astaxanthin which is made from unapproved petrochemical content to be consumed by human being as it can bring harmful impact for our health. This U.S farm raised salmon product is prohibited in Australia and New Zealand.

2. Genetically Engineered Papaya


The current Hawaiian papaya today is genetically engineered result. This papaya is meant to be resistance with Ringspot Virus. The recent research has been shown that animal who eats this fruit is suffering from any kind of digestive disease, multi organ damages, tumor, early mortality and the other dangerous diseases. The same experiment is also conducted to human but unfortunately, the result is very slow. The result of this experiment can be seen around 10 years. This genetically engineered papaya is prohibited to enter the Europe Union countries.

3. Ractopamine-Tainted Meat


Ractopamine is a medicine which is used to be an additive feed for maintaining the weight of cattle. Ractopamine is pharmacologically a beta-adregenic agonist. This is an active ingredient as the production result of Paylean. Most of the people are already consuming this ractopamine-tainted meat since 1998 and more than 1.700 people were slowly poisoned. This meat product has been prohibited by more than 160 different countries including Europe, Russia, China and Taiwan because it can bring a serious health problem for their people if it continuously consumed.

4. Flame Retardant Drinks

Carbonated Drink

Soft drink is a popular beverage in the United States of America. There are many kind of flavor which is ready to ease your thirst. However, if you keep drinking this beverage, you will not realize that you are already poisoned by the amount of synthetic chemical content inside it. This hazardous content can also be found in brominated vegetable oil as both of these things are categorized as flame retardant. Brominated vegetable oil is already proved as the cause of breast cancer and also causing problem in reproduction system. This oil is carrying a central nervous system depressant and also common endocrine disruptor. If it swallowed, the bromine will compete with the other receptors inside your body to obtain the yodium. This condition will make your amount of yodium inside your body is disturbed and of course it will bring hazardous impact for your body. Therefore, these products are prohibited to enter Japan and Europe countries.

5. Processed Foods

processed foods

There are more than 3.000 kind of processed foods with additive, preservative, colored and the other content in the United States of America including baby foods. According from the research, it has been shown that these processed foods are containing with toxic. The British government is suggesting the related food companies to stop using artificial color on their production process. These processed foods are prohibited in Norway and Austria.

6. Arsenic-Laced Chicken

Raw Chicken

The next prohibited food product from the United States of America is the arsenic –laced chicken. Arsenic is used to make the poultry is growing fast and the flesh is freshly pinker. Although the Food and Drug Administration or FDA has been stated that these poultry product is safe to be consumed but the organic arsenic can change into inorganic arsenic which is very dangerous for human being. Therefore, according from this fact, the chickens are prohibited to be imported in European Union countries.

7. Bread with Potassium Bromate

Wheat Bread

You might didn’t realize that every time you eat any kind of bread or burger bun on a restaurant and street food hawker, it’s not a merely bread but it’s a bromide. Bromide is commonly used in flour and the usage itself is for and additive ingredients for mass production bread. Bromated flour has been enriched with calium bromide. The commercial bread factories are claimed that this ingredient can make the bread dough is more elastic. A long term consumption of calium bromated can bring a problem for our kidneys and damaging the nerve system. This U.S food product is prohibited in Canada, China, and also the Europe Union.

8. Chips and French Fries

Source: jalansanasini.com

Three years ago, these foods have been categorized as the worst food ever invented. Although the horrible fact has been informed to the people but this food is still produced and widely consumed. According from the current fact, it shows that consuming these foods for a long period of time will bring harmful reactions in your digestive system including diarrhea and kidney problem. These food products are prohibited in England and Canada.

9. Milk

Milk 2

To increase the production of milk, a medicine named recombinant bovine growth hormone has been injected into the cow’s body. This medicine has been prohibited in 30 countries because it can bring health problem for human being as their ability to triggering the growth of cancer cells. Consuming this milk on a long period of time will bring various diseases which can be life threatening. Therefore, this milk is prohibited to enter Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Europe Union.


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