7 World Legendary Swords You Need To See All of Them

Sword is a common weapon used for the ancient wars or fighting. Sword was being invented in the Chopper Period. The first sword is made from chopper and it was found in Harappa sites, Pakistan. In the Middle Age, sword was made from the combination of steel and iron. The swords in the Middle Age was being mass produced and being used for wars. The soldiers are trained in sword mastery and ready to combat. Swords are the main weapons used for wars before the modern warfare and artilleries are being used for advanced wars. During the history of ancient wars, swords were also being used for the generals, kings, and the emperors. Each one of them has their signature swords which are made by the famous blacksmith at that time. I will invite you to a journey to find the legendary swords which are being used for the famous leaders and kings. So, are you ready to go back at the past?

1. Sword of Damascus

Sword of Damascus


Our first legendary sword is Sword of Damascus. This sword was being used by the Muslim Army in Crusade War. The European Army was being shocked by the sharpness of this sword. The Sword of Damascus can cut the crusader’s armor and shield easily. The special characteristic of this sword is the water mark on the surfaces. According to the research result from the University of Dresden shows that the usage of carbon nanotubes is the secret technology to make this sword.  The blacksmith is already using this technique when they are making this sword. Unfortunately, this technique was vanished in the 18th century.

2. Joyeuse


Joyeuse is the second legendary sword on the list. This sword is belonging to Charlemagne. Charlemagne was born around 742 and he is one of the greatest leaders in history. Charlemagne is known as the leader of Franks in 768. In the year of 800, Charlemagne was appointed as the Rome Emperor. During the Holy Empires of Rome he was known as Charles I and he is the first Holy Emperor of Rome. It’s really hard to identify this sword because the parts of it were made in different centuries. But the production date of this sword can be known from the sword’s handle. Nowadays, there are two swords were being associated with Joyeuse, one is being kept in Schatzkammer Weltliche in Vienna and another sword is being kept in Louvre, France.

3. Honjo Masamune

Honjo Masamune

Masamune is the popular Japanese sword master and he is also considered as one of the best metallurgists in the world. There is no exact date about when and where he was born but according to history, he was starting to work in 1288-1328. Honjo Masamune is the most popular Masamune’s sword because this sword represents the glory period of Shogun during the period of Edo, Japan. This sword is being transmitted from one Shogun to another for generations. This sword becomes the national treasure in Japan at 1939 but still, this sword is belonging to Tokugawa family. The last owner of this sword is Tokugawa Iemasa. In December 1945, he gives this legendary sword and other 14 swords to the police station in Mejiro, Japan. Unfortunately, in January 1946, a Mejiro police give this sword to an American soldier Sgt. Bimore Coldy. And then this sword existence becomes a mystery. Honjo Masamune is one of the most important Japanese artifacts in the end of World War II.

4. Tizona


Tizona is our next legendary sword which is used by El Cid to fight with Moor. Although El Cid has more than one sword but the most popular swords are Colada and Tizona. Tizona is the most valuable sword in Spain since it was made in Cordoba although the edge of this swordwas made from Damascus’s steel. El Cid is a man who was born around 1040 in Vivar, a small town located in the north of Burgos, the capital city of Castile. Castile Kingdom is one of the middle age kingdoms located in the Iberian Peninsula. During his lifetime,El Cid is the most famous military leader and excellent diplomat ever lived. He was appointed as the Grand General of Alvonso VI armies and he becomes the Spanish hero. El Cid is the most valuable asset during the war against Moor. El Cid is a clever military strategist and the strongest sword fighter. If you want to see this legendary sword, you can see it in Museo de Burgos in Spain.

5. Sword of Wallace

Sword of Wallace

Sword of Wallace is our next legendary word on the list. This sword is belong to William Wallace. This sword has 132 cm in length and 2,7 kg in weight. This sword is used by William Wallace in the Battle of Stirling Bridge in 1297 and the Battle of Falkirkb in 1298. William Wallace is known as the knight of Scotland. He also known as the leader of Scottish Army to fight with England during the War of Scotland Independence which is occurred in the end of 13th-14th century.   He was caught by King Edward I from England in 1305 and William Walace is executed because treason acts.

6. Shamshir


Our next legendary sword is Shamshir e zommorod negar which means “a sword studded with emerald”. Shamsir is a legendary sword from Persia. This sword is belong to King Salomo. According to the legend, this sword is really sharp and it can kill demons and for those who carry this sword will hold the magic charm on themselves.

7. Seven Branches Sword

Seven Branches Sword

Our next legendary sword is Seven Branches Sword. During the Baekje dynasty, there is an ancient kingdom located in the northwest of Korea. During the glory period of Baekje dynasty in the 4th century, Baekje ruled several colonies in China and most of the Korean west peninsula. The Seven Branches Sword is believed to be invented and it was given to the Emperor as a gift in 372 after the Emperor Geunchogo paying his tribute to Eastern Jin. This sword is measured in 74,9 cm in length with six branches of sword. Unlike the other previous legendary sword, Seven Braches Sword is not used for war but as ceremonial purpose. The Seven Branches Sword is being kept in Isonokami Shrines in Nara Prefecture in Japan.

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