20 Food Combination You Should Avoid

Our body needs much important nutrition which contained inside our daily foods and drinks. Consuming healthy food and drinks are recommended to our body. In fact, there are several foods and drinks which cannot to be consume together due to its hazardous chemical compound which can bring negative effects to our body. For example are fruits. Fruits generally contained acidic compounds it can be fermented inside our stomach. I will provide you with the list of foods which cannot to be consumed together through this article. Stay healthy and happy reading everyone!

1. Soya bean with Spinach

Soya bean with Spinach

Many people used to cook spinach with soya bean. For your information, soya bean is not suitable to be consumed together with spinach. Spinach contains oxalate acid which reacted calcium inside spinach forming insoluble sediment called oxalate calcium. The oxalate calcium will form insoluble sediment inside your stomach if you consumed them together.

2. Soya bean with Green Onion

Soya bean with Green Onion

Soya bean contain a lot of nutrition such as calcium and protein, while green onion contains a lot of oxalate acid. When they are consumed together, the oxalate acid will destroy the calcium. The consumption of this combination can affect the calcium absorption process inside our body. If this happen for a period of time, it will also forming insoluble sediment inside your stomach.

3. Soya milk with Egg

Soya milk with Egg

Egg is one of the protein sources. Unlike the usual milk, soya milk can reduce the protease enzyme activity which is used by our body to help the metabolism process. Our body will not get the best protein from egg if they are consumed together with soya milk.

4. Yoghurt and Ham

Yoghurt and Ham

Yoghurt can lead to cancer if you consume it together with ham or meat. Several amount of nitrate usually added to prevent the meat decomposition and botolinus to extend their lifespan meat product. Both of that food combination will turn into nitrosamine and carsinogenic when the organic nitrate acid met with artificial nitrate inside our body.

5. Watermelon and Meat

Watermelon and Meat

A mutton meat is considered as “hot” while watermelon is “cold” in the term of food. When they are consumed together, the nutritious effect from the meat will drastically reduce. It will be hazardous especially for person with asthenia spleen disease as it can disturb your gastric and spleen as well.

6. Meat with Vinegar

Meat with Vinegar

As we already know together, that meat is “hot” and vinegar considered as “warm” The overactive circulation and energy will be released if they are consumed together. Eating meat with vinegar can harm your heart.

7. Beef with Chestnut

Beef with Chestnut

Chestnut contains a high amount of vitamin C which can react with the microorganism inside beef so it will reduce the good benefit from chestnut. The combination of both food and drink is bad for our digestion system.

8. Crab with Tea


Consuming crab and tea together can lead to digestion problem. The gastric fluid will be diluted by tea. Tea contain tannic acid as much as a persimmons. This is not only disturbing the assimilation process but also reduce the gastric ability to sterilize the food inside our stomach.

9. Shrimp and vitamin C


Shrimp basically contains Arsenic Pentoxide and if it’s combined with vitamin C supplement, a chemical reaction process inside your stomach has been turned into Arsenic Trioxide which is really dangerous. The combination of these foods will bring a really serious problem lead to death.

10. Persimmons with Yam


A potato contains a hydrochloric acid which can make the sediment of persimmons inside our body. The sediment is hard to be diluted so it will disturb the food digestion process inside your body.

11. Carrot with Turnip

Carrot and Turnip

Turnip contains a vitamin C and it will destroy the amount of carrot’s nutrition. Eating both of these vegetables separately is recommended in order to avoid the digestion problem inside your stomach and getting the best nutrition.

12. Seafood with Fruits


Several fruits such as persimmons and grape is not recommended to be eaten along with seafood. It will make a stomach flatulence, nausea, diarrhea and stomachache. Several fruits such as I already mentioned before contain tannin and it will form an insoluble compound inside our body. Fruit consuming after 4 hours after eating seafood is recommended to avoid the bad effect.

13. Milk with Fruits

Milk and Fruits

Fruits like apple, dragon fruit, strawberry, coconut and melon are not suitable if it’s combined with milk. Fruits contain a lot of acidic compound which can bind the high amount of protein inside milk. So, the combination of fruits and milk will hardly digest inside our stomach.

14. Milk with Vegetables

veg milk

The chemical compounds within vegetables can harm our calcium metabolism from milk. So, the combination of these foods are must be separated in a period of time, or it’s better to not eat it all.

15. Milk with Chocolate

Cho milk

Milk and chocolate is not recommended to be consumed together although it tastes good. Milk is rich with calcium and protein while chocolate is high in oxalate acid. If they are consumed together, calcium from milk and oxalate from chocolate can form oxalate calcium which is not only insoluble but also lead to diarrhea.

16. Mangoosteen with Soft drink


The combination of these ingredients will disturb your digestion system since mangoosteen is highly acidic while soft drink contained a high amount of artificial sweetener. Please avoid to consumed those fruit and drink at the same time.

17. Milk with Pomelo

pommelo milk

Acidic compound inside a pomelo and protein inside milk will bring stomach flatulence. It will also overly trigger the stomach disturbance lead to diarrhea.

18. Persimmons with Sweet Potato

Persimmon sweet pot

Consuming persimmons and sweet potato at the same time will bring you many negative effects. Sugar fermentation process from sweet potatoes inside your stomach will increase the gastric acid. In another side, it will also bring you a peptic ulcer disease.

Honey will bring a lot of benefits to your body but if they are consumed together with several foods, it will also bring you a problem as well. This is the list of food/fruit which is not suitable to be consumed together with honey.

19. Pear with Honey

Pear hon

The combination of these ingredients will disturb the five parts of our vital organs. So, drinking honey after eating a pear is highly not recommended.

20. Soya milk with Honey

so milk

This combination will bring you a hearing disturbance and damaging your eyesight.







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