17 Kinds Of The World’s Spiciest Chilies That Can Burn Your Tongue

Chili is categorized as the family of Capsicum. The fruit can also categorize as vegetables or seasoning depends in how they used. Chili is the most popular seasoning ingredients especially in Southeast Asia. There are lots of chili variations in the world. Think you can handle this sizzling hot article? Well, let’s find out together. Before we go to the top spiciest chili, we better read the benefit and the usage of chili especially for our health.

The benefits of chili are, it can fasten your wound healing process. Chili also can be your high fever medicine. The amount of antioxidant inside a chili can be your infertility solution and it can lower down your cholesterol and natural antibiotic. Chili  can be your headache solution as well and it can removing your migraine too. Well that is the little information about the benefit of chili, so without further ado, let’s go to the main course shall we?

1. Bell Pepper

Bell pepperBell peppers are usually available in colors like red, green, yellow and orange. Bell pepper is categorized as sweet peppers and it’s not so spicy. There are super rare bell pepper colored in white and purple depends on where they are planted and variety. Green bell pepper taste slightly bitter than the other bell pepper.

2. Pimento

pimentoPimento or cherry chili is a big red chili with a heart-shaped. It has 7-10 cm in length and 5-7 cm in width. Pimento is sweet, juicy and they have stronger flavor rather than red bell pepper. Some of the pimento varieties are quite spicy.  Pimento derived from Portuguese pimentao which means “bell pepper”.

3. Anaheim Pepper

Anaheim PepperAnaheim is the name of a state country. This name is given because there are a farmer called Emilio Ortega who bring this chili seed into Anaheim in the early 1900. Another name of this chili is California Chile or Magdalena. This variety of chili which grow in New Mexico has the higher level of spiciness.

4. Jalapeno

JalapenoThe shape is like an eggplant, but this is not an eggplant. The name of this chili is jalapeno. Jalapeno is spicy and it will bring you a burning sensation inside your mouth.  Jalapeno is originated from Mexico. They are widely cultivated in there. There are 160 square km used only to cultivate this plant. The jalapeno plantation can be located in the Papalaoapan riverside in northern Veracruz.

5. Serrano Pepper

Serrano PepperThis chili is also coming from Mexico specifically at the mountainous terrain. It has a biting taste and it’s spicier than jalapeno. Serrano pepper usually raw eaten.

6. Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne PepperThis red chili can be your real example of spicy through its color. Cayenne pepper or Guinea pepper or bird pepper (whatever it’s called) is definitely a spicy chili. It’s usually used for seasoning ingredients or for medical purposes. The name of this chili coming from a city called Cayenne located in French Guiana. This chili is the best seasoning to add the whole new level of spiciness in your dish. This chili can be used as a whole or grinded product.

7. Thai Pepper

Thai PepperThis chili can be easily found in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Indonesia. This little chili usually eaten with fried foods.

8. Habanero Pepper

habaneroHabanero Pepper is probably the spiciest from its genus. Habanero pepper color is green when it’s unripe and turned into blazing red in color when it’s already ripe. Sometimes ripe habanero pepper colored in white, brown and even pink. This chili is measured about 2-6 cm in length. This chili is commonly found in Yucatan and around coastal area. The original name of this chili coming from a city in Cuban and La Habana city. This chili is commonly sold in there.

9. Red Savina Pepper

red savinaThis chili is the special variety from Habanero pepper which is specially cultivated to get a bigger, heavier and of course spicier. The first cultivator named Frank Garcia in Walnut, California is the developer of this Red Savina. The cultivation method is remaining a secret and unpublished for public until today. This chili is holding the Guinness World of Record as the world spiciest chili.

10. Caroline Reaper

Caroline ReaperThis chili is abnormal. It’s cultivated to get a super variety of chili. The strange thing is, this chili taste is good also.

11. Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Blend

Trinidad Scorpion Moruga BlendAlthough it has the spiciest taste, but unfortunately this chili is no longer considered as the spiciest chili and Trinidad scorpion moruga blend chili must give his place for Caroline Reaper chili.

12. 7 Pot Brain Strain

7 Pot Brain StrainThis chili marks with their wavy skin surface resembling a human brain. This variety of chili not only looks like our brain but also it can give you a scorching heat feeling inside your mouth. 7 Pot brain chili has remarkable taste of spicy.

13. 7 Pot of Primo

7 Pot of PrimoThis chili has unique appearance with their “long tail”. Some of the pepper farmer trying to imitate this chili appearance on their own chili plantation. This chili is so intimidating with their level of spiciness.

14. 7 Pod Douglah

7 Pod DouglahThis variety of chili has been known as the spiciest chili in the world. You can be misjudge the taste of this chili.

15. Trinidad Scorpion Butch Chili

Trinidad Scorpion Butch ChiliThis tongue burning chili is categorized by the Guinness World of Record as the spiciest chili ever. Although it’s already recorded, this chili is no longer considered as the spiciest chili because a lot of other variety of chili has been coming and replace this chili. What a tragic fate for this little spicy thing.

16. Naga Viper

Naga ViperThis chili is rarely cultivated in England. The combinations of Naga Viper chili are coming from yearly different varieties and cross cultivation and Naga Viper chili is the result of it.

17. Bhut Jolokia

Bhut JolokiaThis variety of chili is confirmed by the Guinness World of Record as the world’s spiciest chili replacing the former champion, Red Savina. Bhut Jolokia originated from Assam in the eastern Indian Ocean. Bhut Jolokia also grows in Nagaland and Manipur. There has been a little doubt about the origin of this chili species. Is it categorized into capsicum frutescens or capsicum chinense, but according to the DNA test  result is, Bhut Jolokia is a hybrid result between both of those chili.


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