14 Kinds of Most Popular Indian Foods

Namaste! Have you ever tried Indian cuisines? Indian cuisines are famous from their abundantly taste of spices and exotic deliciousness. The characteristics of this cuisine are the abundant usage of spices and vegetables and it has strong in spiciness and gravy. Indian cuisines have been one of the favorite cuisines of Europeans, Asians and Americans as well. Indian cuisines have been influenced by Central Asia and England. Indian cuisines have been known as the popular food in their neighboring countries such as Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan. I will provide you with the selections of Indian cuisines as your reference of culinary journey before you really go there. Enjoy!

1. Biryani


Biryani is made from basmati rice, it’s a special variety of spice and it can be distinguished by their physical appearance. Basmati rice is bigger and longer than the ordinary rice. Biryani is cooked with combinations of various spices such as pepper and turmeric. Also, special gravy has been added for this dish. Biryani is served with various selections of meat such as mutton, chicken and it can be added with vegetarians menu. Biryani is usually served in a large portion and it’s suitable to eat with your family or in the Indian style wedding feast.

2. Murg Makhani


Murg Markhani or butter chicken is the second dish from the list. It has been the most popular Indian cuisines around the world. Murg Markhani is a chicken based dish combined with various spices such as garlic, pepper, coriander, cumin, butter and cinnamons. All of those ingredients are cooked with boneless chicken until it’s ready to be served. You can add chili powder for spicier result.

3. Sambar and Idli

Sambar and Idli

Sambar is an Indian cuisines made from fermented black beans and rice. Idli is very spicy boiled vegetables. According from World Health Organization or WHO, Sambar and Idli is considered as the high nutritious food combination. The low amount of fat from this dish is the reason why Sambar and Idli is popular as tasty Indian food.

4. Palak Paneer

Palak Paneer

Spinach, cheese and various kinds of spices are the main ingredients of Palak Paneer. Palak Paneer has a texture of porridge so this dish can be the alternative for those who didn’t like spicy vegetables. Palak Paneer is suitable with yoghurt. The combination between Palak Paneer and a glass of yoghurt are known as the solution for your digestion problem. Palak Paneer is regarded as the star of Indian vegetarian foods.

5. Chole


The next Indian delicacy is peanut curry called Chole. Chole is a simple and easy to make. The ingredients of Chole consist of several spices, beans, tomato and garlic. Chole is best served when hot to get the strong taste from the spices inside it. The addition of sliced mutton or chicken is suggested for the best experience of Chole’s taste.

6. Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori Chicken

Another famous Indian cuisines is Tandoori Murgh or Tandoori chicken. The combination of spices, yoghurt, and big sliced of chicken is the reason why this cuisines is famous. Tandoori chicken is easy to cooked and it’s also available to get in every Indian restaurants. Tandoori chicken is usually served with bread or biryani.

7. Kaali Daal

Kaali Daal

Kaali Daal also called as Ma Ki Daal. This food is is popular especially in the North India. Kaali Daal’s main ingredient is black lentil and it’s cooked with garlic, spices, chili and cream based sauce that will indulge your tongue.Kaali Daal usually need a long time of cooking process in order to get the desired result, a tender Kaali Daal.

8. Rogan Josh

The main ingredients of Rogan Josh are mutton or chicken. Rogan Josh usually cooked with bay leaves, yoghurt, pepper, coriander and of various spices. A bright colored and spicy result is the characteristic of Rogan Josh. For those who love spicy foods, you should try Rogan Josh, an addition of Kashmir chili is the reason why you should never missed this Indian popular cuisine.

9. Chaat


Chaat is one of the most popular Indian snacks especially in the North India. Chaat is made from mashed potato with the combination of spices such as sugar, pepper, salt, garlic and turmeric. You can find this snack in every corner of the street. Chaat is usually sold by the hawker.

10. Naan


Naan is a traditional Indian bread. Naan is made from yeast and it’s cooked with traditional clay oven. Naan can be combined with almost every kind of Indian foods. You can eat naan with tandoori chicken, palak paneer, or you can eat it without any other combinations. You can cook this bread by adding butter.

11. Momo


At the first time, it’s looks like a gyoza or dumplings. Momo is an Indian signature dimsum. You can found it in India, Nepal, Sikkim, Darjeeling, Bhutan and Afghanistan. According to the history, Momo is originated from Nepal. Momo usually eaten with spicy red chutney curry and it’s the best for evening snacks. You can fill momo with various kinds of ingredients like chicken, cheese, mashed potato, mutton or vegetables. Momo can be served in two ways of cooking, it can be steamed or fried along with meat sauce or Indian tomato sauce.

12. Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun

If we are already know about the various kinds of Indian main courses, now what if we give our tongue a little bit rest with this Indian signature dessert? It’s Gulab jamun, a sweet and sticky balls made from sugar and milk. Gulab Jamun is the favorite snacks especially for children. Gulab Jamun usually served in many celebrations in India such as Deephavali.

13. Rajma


Another Indian vegetarian food is Rajma. Rajma is a curry made from a cooked red beans in a thick sauce. According to the history, red bean is carried by the Mexican and Guatemalan. Red beans is popularly used as the cooking ingredients of Indian foods since the first time they were introduced. Rajma usually served hot especially in a cold weather.

14. Pani Puri

Pani Puri

Pani Puri is a popular street food in India especially in Delhi, Calcutta, Mumbai, Lahore and Karachi. Pani puri is fluffy fried bread. Pani puri can be filled with sour cream, red onion, potato and chickpea. The taste of pani puri is spicy.

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