20 Healthy Benefits of Melon

Hami Melon

Melon belongs to Cucurbitaceae family. It has round shape with pale green skin and flesh. Melon contains a high amount of water similar with watermelon. Melon is very suitable to eat in scorching heat of sun. Melon is the best fruit to removing your lack of body fluid known as dehydration. The benefits of melon are abundant especially for our health. The healthy compound inside a melon is recently discovered for curing cancer and heart attack. That is one of the phenomenal examples of melon’s healthy benefits. Are you one of the melon’s fans? If yes, well congratulations! Behind the fresh and tasty melon lies a numerous healthy benefits inside it. Consuming 100 gram of melon will gives you various beneficial substances such as 14, 8gram of carbohydrate, 0,5 gram of fat, 1,55 gram of protein, 5.706  milligram of vitamin A, 546, 9 milligram of potassium and 74,7 milligram of vitamin C.This article means to give you the information about the healthy benefits of melon that you might didn’t know. Check this out!

1. Anti Aging

Anti Aging

Collagen is needed for our body to maintain our skin and speed the healing process. Collagen is a substance to prevent the effect of premature aging process. You can found this useful substance inside a sliced melon. Consuming this fruit will surely keeps you away from premature aging and makes you looks younger.

2. Diet Solution

Diet Solution

Melon is consisting of 90% of water. This high amount of water can give you a rejuvenation feeling and prevents you from getting sore throat. Melon are also low in calorie, fat and cholesterol so it’s suitable to be consumed if you are on diet.

3. Anti Cancer

Anti Cancer 1Just like the other fresh fruits. Melon can also prevents you from getting cancer from its carotenoid content. Carotenoid is a natural pigment inside fruits and vegetables. The high content of carotenoid inside this fruit can protect you from cancers like lungs and breast cancer.

4. Prevent Heart Attack

 Prevent Heart Attack

The adenosine content inside a melon is not only preventing you from getting cancer but also prevent the blood sediment lead to heart attack and stroke. Adenosine can help you to smothering the blood cells so it will minimize the risk of getting stroke or heart attack.

5. Healthy Eye

Healthy Eye

Melon is enriched with beta-carotene which is useful to increase the vision and keeping the healthiness of your eyes. Beta-carotene will be turned into vitamin A and it will be used by our body to repairing the eye function especially in a low light situation.

6. Prevent Impotent

Prevent Impotent

According from the several researches in England, melon contains amino acid called citrulline which can produce arginine. Arginine is useful for smoothering the blood stream heading to the sexual organ. Arginine works as stimulator which can smothering the blood vessels so you can avoided from the erection dysfunction known as impotent.

7. Lycopen Source

Lycopen Source

Lycopen is a useful substance. Lycopen can be found in tomato but, the amount of lycopen can be found in this fruit. Melon is enriched with lycopen. Lycopen is an active compound which can help us to kill the dangerous cells of cancer. Lycopen is not only can lower down the risk of getting cancer but also lower down the risk of heart attack. So, if you want to have a healthy heart and protected from cancer, consuming this fruit is suggested.

8. Prevent Diabetes

Prevent Diabetes

Diabetes is occurred from over consuming fat and sweet foods. Diabetes is a genetic disease. Although diabetes is widely known as genetic disease, but it doesn’t mean you are not vulnerable from this disease. The sugar and water content inside this fruit can help you to balancing the hazardous content of foods that you eat. Melon is also high in calories which can make you full and free from hunger.

9. Smoothing Your Digestion System

Smoothing Your Digestion System

Melon is not only about abundant amount of vitamins but also rich in water and fibers. Water and fibers is the reason why this fruit is the number one choice of dessert. Melon can also help you to smoother your digestion system. So, for those who have digestion problem such as diarrhea and constipation, this is good news for you. You can eat this fruit or you can also make it as a fresh homemade juice.

10. Inner Beauty

Inner Beauty

This fruit can also help you especially for the females to get an inner beauty. A daily basis of melon consumption can brighten your face naturally by its high content of water. Melon can also cleanse up the skin residual inside you. You can eat this fruit directly or you can make it as fresh homemade juice, smoothie and other various kind of processed melon. A proper treatment of this fruit is not only adding the nutrition but also it will make melon is tastier.

11. Maintain Your Health

Maintain Your Health

Consuming a wide variety of food is surely fun and delicious but it’s also dangerous at the same time. The amount of calium inside a melon is very high so it will help you to lower down the blood pressure and reducing the high natrium foods bad impact. Consuming melon on daily basis will surely helps you to maintain the health of your heart.

12. Fighting Free Radical

Fighting Free Radical


Melons are also enriched with flavonoid antioxidants such as beta-carotene, lutein, zea-xanthin and cryptoxhantin. These antioxidants have the ability to protecting the cells and other body structures from free radical. This ability will help you to protect your vital organs from various cancers such as breast, prostate, intestine, lungs and pancreas. So, consuming melon on daily basis will keep you away from those dangerous cancers.

13. Stomachache Reliever

Stomachache Reliever

Stomachache usually caused by the foods that we are consumed. Melons can be your stomachache solution from its high water contents up to 90%. Melon is useful to relieve your stomachache and gastric problem. So, if you are having these problems, consuming melon is suggested.

14. Keeping Your Kidney

Keeping Your Kidney

The diuretic content inside melons will make you easily felt to pee. It will help the work of your kidney to releasing the water residual inside your body. If you are already have a kidney problem, try to mix melon with lime juice and you can drink it every morning  before you take a breakfast to get a healthy kidney.

15. Source of Collagen

Source of Collagen

Melon is not only giving us healthy benefits but also for our skin. According from the recent research, melon is also abundant with the amount of collagen. Collagen is a substance which can help you to speed up the skin regeneration and dead cells peeling process. Consuming melon on your daily basis will make your skin is always tight and fresh.

16. Reduce Nausea

Reduce Nausea

Melon can help pregnant woman more comfortable during the first trimester. The body of pregnant woman will slowly change because the development process of natural hormones to maintain the fetus. Therefore, pregnant woman will feel nauseous every day, usually in the morning. Pregnant women are suggested to eat small slices of melon to reduce the morning sickness. Melon can bring the rejuvenation effect so it’s comfortable for the stomach. Melon can help pregnant women to prevent the nausea and vomit.

17. Prevent Dehydration

Prevent Dehydration

Melon is the abundant source of water and the taste is really fresh. Pregnant woman need sufficient amount of water to support the process of metabolism change inside your body. Most of pregnant women are dehydrated during the first trimester due to lack of body fluid. The healthy water content inside melon can substitute the mineral water to prevent dehydration.

18. Prevent Constipation

Prevent Constipation

Constipation is one of the disturbances in pregnancy and usually it will happen on the first trimester. The pregnant woman will felt constipation because the digestion system process is slower than usual. The natural fiber inside melon can help the pregnant women to prevent constipation. The fiber from melon also helps the absorption process so the healthy nutrition will be perfectly absorbed inside the body of pregnant women.

19. Normalizing the Blood Pressure

Normalizing the Blood Pressure

Melon contains a high number of calium. Calium can help you to maintain the blood pressure system. Melon is also containing with natural substance which can help you to prevent the damage of your blood pressure system.

20. Healthy Bone and Teeth

Healthy Bone and Teeth

Inside 100 gram of melon contain 15 mg of calcium. Calcium is important to support the process of bones formation and teeth. Consuming melon on your daily basis will help you to get stronger bones and brighter teeth.

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