13 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Wear High Heels All the Time

To looks beauty and more attractive is the dream of every person in the world especially for woman. So, it’s not so surprising when they like to collect every thing to make their visual appearance more elegant and enchanted. There are many kind of things to make woman prettier and more attractive, for example is high heels. High heels are one of the most used shoes by women. What is the reason? Most of women with short body use it to gain more height and these shoes can give them an elegant appearance. Elegant appearance means the confidence will also increase. However, wearing these shoes for a period of time could bring a disaster, especially for our health. So, here are the lists of danger in wearing high less for a long period of time.

1. Varicose

varicoseYour limb feet will in the upward position when you are wearing high heels. This will also make the calf and back heels muscles are increased in tension. If the tension is occurred continuously, the blood vessels will pinch. Pinched blood vessels will lead to varicose in your legs.

2. Osteoarthritis

osteoThe second danger of wearing high heels on the list is, it can bring you osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is a pain inside the joints. The pain in the joints is commonly started from the knee’s joint, thigh, hips and backbone. Therefore, you shouldn’t wear high heels every day.

3. Shrink Body Muscles

body musclesImbalance body is also produced by the usage of high heels shoes in a certain time so it will trigger a problem especially in your muscles. The muscles will shrink. This process will also shorten your feet muscles. Wearing high heels for a long time could make your muscles in trouble because it’s forced you to tiptoe walking every time you wore it.

4. The Cause of Tumor

TumorBasically, you need to adjust the shape of high heels with your feet. The shape of high heels is also influenced your health. The periodic usage of high heels with certain of height will make your nerve system is thickening especially in the third and fourth toes. Periodic pain in your finger toes could trigger the tumor. So, you need to choose wisely especially when the height of your high heels to avoid the risk of getting various health problem.

5. Curved Body

Curved BodyCurved in here is doesn’t mean attractive. The periodic usage of high heels will change your body posture. The change in your hips and backbone become unparallel. This is the reason why your body looks so curvy. Wearing high heels is also influence the way you walk especially when you take off the shoes.

6. Higher Risk of Sprain

Higher Risk of Sprain

The next danger of wearing high heels on the list is sprain. If you often to wear high heels in any kind of your activities, you better give a limitation because not all the high heels in your home are offering the same comfortable feeling in your daily activities. The pressure in your toe can make your feet is unable to move as usual. If this condition is continue especially during the extra activities, it will bring you the sprain in the feet.

7. The Pregnancy Disturbance

pregnantThe next danger aspect from wearing high heels is, pregnant women shouldn’t wear the high heels for a long time. Wearing high heels for a long time will lead to the pain in your backbone. If you keep wearing the high heels, it will lead a back pain due to the increased amount of relaxine hormone inside the womb. This condition could be worse when you wear high heels during your pregnancy. The increased body weight during the pregnancy can lead to the change of the way you walk. So, if you are pregnant and want to go out, choose a lightweight shoes to help you separate the body weight.

8. Crooked Fingers

crooked fingerThe next dangerous fact of wearing high heels on the list is, it can change joint structure inside the thumb. This condition can make your joint is bigger than it should be. The uncomfortable high heels can also leaning your finger toe. The position of finger toe is pinched when you wearing high heels. In a long period of time, your toe will also crook as the time goes on.

9. Knees Problem

kneesWearing high heels can also adding the pressure in the area behind your knees. According from a health research, the pressure in the knee joint is increase for 26% when a woman is wearing a high heel. So, it would not be recommended to wearing high heels most of the time.

10. Real Pressure

pressureHigh heels can make your feet looks more elegant and long. However, as the height of high heels is increased, the pressure on your feet is heavier. The pressure on your feet is increased for 22% when you wear a 2,5 cm high heels. This number of pressure will increase up to 76% when you add the height of your heels for 7,5 cm.

11. Urogenital Problem

urogenitalAccording from the scientist result, wearing high heels for a long time is also lead to the disturbance inside the urogenital problem. The women who wear high heels is suffered from urinating. I believe that you don’t want this to be happen to you right?

12. Thumb Inflammation

thumb inflamationPeriodic usage of high heels can also increase the risk of getting thumb inflammation. Not only that, it will also affecting the damage of your feet. The highest high heels can also make your feet drop in the front of your shoes. The pressure from your body is centered to your fingers. If your shoes model is closed, of course it will be more painful as your fingers are exposed with shoes’ wall all the time.

13. Muscle Injury

muscle injuryThe next danger aspect from wearing high heels is, it can disrupt your muscle. The muscles in your can also injured more often as well as the risk of getting sprain. The bloodstream inside your leg is also disrupted because it’s pinched due to the usage of high heels. Therefore, you should wear the shoes occasionally and not to wear it often.

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