13 Natural Ingredients to Remove the Hangover Effect that You Need to Try

Nowadays, it would be strange if we go to a party and didn’t find this beverage. It’s an alcohol. They are available in many sizes, taste and variants. However, all of them are shared the same content. Alcohol is a diuretic beverage which means it can eliminate the liquid inside our body.  Consuming too much alcoholic beverage will trigger us to pee more often and it will drain the liquid inside our body. Losing too much water inside our body will bring dehydration and lead to many kinds of terrible hangover. Unfortunately, there is no cure for this terrible hangover, but there are several ways to relieve the symptoms so you can still doing your daily activities as usual. So, here are the natural ingredients to remove the hangover presented just for you. Happy reading!

1. Honey


The first cure for hangover is honey. Honey is contained with natural compound which is capable to dissolve the toxin inside our body. The fructose substance which is contained inside honey can work actively to destroy the alcohol toxin which is consumed by people and turned it into acetaldehyde substance. By doubling the honey consumption, the body metabolism will be optimized so the toxin can be processed into carbon dioxide and it can easily secreted by our body. Honey can be combined with bread. Both of these foods are contained with natrium and calium which is useful to destroy the toxin from alcoholic beverage.

2. Orange Juice

Orange JuiceFruit juice is good to maintain our healthiness. Drinking fruit juice like orange juice is also useful to get rid the hangover effect.   Orange juice is the source of antioxidant so it’s useful to remove the effect of hangover. Orange juice is also contained with fructose and vitamin C which can recover your body condition from the effect of consuming alcohol.

3. Milk

MilkThe third natural ingredient to remove hangover effect on the list is milk. Milk is capable to slowing the alcohol absorption inside our body. If you want to maintain the stabilization of your body after drinking alcohol, you better drink a glass of milk. A glass of milk can help you to block the effect of hangover and also blocking the alcohol affecting your neuron cells.

4. Carrot, Ginger, Bit and Lemon


The next cure for hangover on the list is the combination between carrot, ginger, bit and lemon. You can mix all of these ingredients into a glass of healthy juice. You can get the vitamin and antioxidant inside it. This juice can help you to destroy the toxin inside your body. You can drink this juice after consuming alcohol every morning to keep your body stay healthy.

5. Ginseng


Consuming too much alcohol is also reducing our body balance. To minimize the reduced body balance, you can consume this herbal ingredient called ginseng. Ginseng is also rich in antioxidant and it’s able to recover your body stamina. However, ginseng is quite expensive so you can use the instant ginseng as the alternative solution. Consuming ginseng is useful to recover your nerve system after drinking alcohol.

6. Zinc and Vitamin B


The enzyme inside your heart can turn the alcohol into acetaldehyde, this substance can bring a red color in your face, terrible headache, and nausea which are the effect from hangover. The enzymes inside our heart need a certain amount of zinc and vitamin B especially for B1. Therefore, alcoholic person have a higher risk for getting heart damage. So, if you want to be avoided from the risk of heart damages, you better consume vitamin B1 and zinc especially after you drink alcohol.

7. Ginger

Ginger Powder

The next cure for hangover on the list is ginger. Ginger is known as the natural solution for nausea and vomiting. Ginger is also known in reducing the bad effect of free radical inside our body and stimulating the rapid detoxification process. So, you better consume ginger for relieving your hangover effect. You boil sliced ginger with a glass of water, add a spoon of sugar and drink it while it still warm.

8. Green Tea

green tea

The next natural ingredient to fight the hangover effect is green tea. Green tea is the best source of antioxidant and it has the anti bacteria property along with the anti inflammation. Green tea can also increasing the body immune system and it can also help you to detoxified the poison inside alcoholic beverage.

9. Cucumber


Drinking too much alcohol will also redden your eyes. Having red eyes in the morning is definitely not a good choice to start your daily activities. To remove the red eyes, you can try this classic medication with cucumber. You can lie down on your bed and put sliced cucumber above your eyes. The red color in your eyes will be relieved because cucumber has the ability to cooling down and rejuvenating your eyes.

10. Blackcurrant and Cranberry


Both of these fruits are the abundant source of vitamin C and the other useful nutrition. This useful content is the best remedy for stress relieving caused by consuming too much alcohol. Blackcurrant has the ability to clean and purifying the blood. Cranberry is useful to strengthen your kidney and it also contained with the anti bacteria properties. If you want to recover your condition after hangover, you can drink these fruits as a healthy juice.

11. Coffee


Alcohol can also swell your blood vessels. Accumulated swollen blood vessels will bring a serious head throbbing. The amount of caffeine inside a cup of coffee can be your solution. However, coffee also has the diuretic property so you better give a limitation of its consumption. A cup of coffee is enough to get rid the hangover effect in your body.

12. Lavender Oil


Lavender oil is the next cure for hangover on the list. Lavender is one of the natural medications for any kind of your disease including the hangover effect. Add around 6 to 8 drops of lavender oil into your bath tub mix it with warm water. You can use this relaxing oil to take a bath.

13. Vegetable Juice

veg juice

Detoxification is one of the ways to clean up the remaining poison from alcohol. Drinking spinach and celery juice will also help you to clean up the mess inside your body.

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