11 Surprising Health Benefits of Tomatoes


Hello, how are you today? I hope you are always in a good mood and healthy today. Don’t spend much time in front of computer or laptop, it will be bad for you, try to do little exercise before you continue to work, and if you are tired, go get a chance to rest your body and mind for a while. If your eyes are also tired, you should take a rest, after that, don’t forget to drink or eat tomato. Wait, why the subject is suddenly changed? I don’t think so because it’s related with my current discussion. Yes, I’m going to invite you to discuss the benefits of this fresh fruit called tomato. Shall we start?

Tomato was being founded in South America for the first time. Tomato is still related with bell peppers, potato, and eggplant. Did you notice that I already mentioned tomato as a fruits? I think some of us still thought that tomato is categorized as vegetables, but my argument is based on the recent experiment coming up with a result that tomato is considered as fruits because it has flesh and consumable seeds. Tomato is famous around the world since the first time they were cultivated. Although it’s already famous but still, tomato has one weakness coming from their short durability. In order to extend their durability, Tomato will be frozen with several stages start from selection, wash, boiled, peeled frozen inside a huge chiller. Tomato used to be foods ingredients especially in Italian cuisines. Tomato can be also processed into ketchup or branded cosmetic ingredients. Like the other fruits, tomato has many healthy benefits for us. Tomato has been exploited only for food and cosmetic ingredients. Well, that is the truth, but there are many benefits of tomato instead of both of the previously mentioned. Here they are.

1. Fight Obesity

Obesity is a feared word that haunts the world. Many people will do everything to prevent obesity. A lot of medical treatment and diet has been done but sometimes, people are becoming impatient waiting for the result. Do not give up yet! If you already doing a lot of exercise but your weight didn’t go down, you should try to add tomato in your daily meals. Don’t worry, tomato is not contained with fat, instead it will help you with the combination between calories, carbohydrates, and protein which has the important roles to controlling your weight. Consuming tomato before doing exercise is recommended.

2. Your Body Builder

Although it seems relative but skinny males are least attractive. That is why lots of them are spending their time and money to build an ideal body posture. Are you one of them? If yes, you need to know that a regular exercise is not the only way to build your muscle. Damaged muscle from post exercise can be repaired into a better shape. The success of your body building program is also determined from what kind of foods did you eat. A high nutritious food is a must and tomato is one of them. Tomato is easy to get and it’s rich in protein. So I suggest that you eat a tomato before and after exercise to increase the chance of your successful body building program.

3. Prevent Cancer

Many serious cancer such as lungs and breast cancer can be effectively handled by this fruit. At least that is the conclusion from the published Journal of the National Cancer Institute. According from this journal, there are 52 from 72 experiments stated that sufficient consumption of tomato can reduce the risk of pancreas, breast and cervix cancers.

4. Free Radical Prevention

The health and medical expert believed that flavonoid and zeazanthin can prevent the free radical to enter our body. You can get both of that useful antioxidant inside a tomato at once.

5. Strong and Healthy Teeth

High amount of calcium inside a tomato can help you to strengthen your teeth and it can also help you to strengthen your bones and keeps you away from osteoporosis.

6. Healthy Eye

Now let’s head to the eyes. A person who has suffered from minus eyesight is suggested to consuming tomato in their daily basis to prevent them from increased rate of their eyes problem. What is the reason? Why tomato? The answer is, tomato is rich in vitamin A along with other nutrition such as niacin, acidic folat and thiamine which are the best combination to heal the eyes problem.

7. Stabilize your Heart

There are 235 mg of calium inside a medium sliced tomato. Calium is useful to control the heart rate to pumping blood and maintain the stability. The other benefits of tomato are keeping you away from stroke and heart attack.

8. Relieving Your Back pain

Tomato supports the healing process by transferring bioflavonoid and carotenoid, agents of anti-inflammation. Consuming tomato in your daily routine with the correct treatment is suggested to prevent and heal your back inflammation problem. If you have a serious problem in your back, usually the healing process will take longer time, be patient and keep continue the method.

9. Removing Acnes

This must be the problem of all teenagers. Acnes is a small and round thing usually located on the face. However, in serious cases, acnes can spread in our faces. Various medicines has been created and sold to prevent acnes. Most of them are contained with vitamin A and C. If you have insufficient funds in your pocket, tomato can be your best solution to fight acnes. For small acnes, you just need to rub your face with sliced tomato, or you can crush them into a face mask.

10. Oily Face Solution

An easy way to solve your oily problem is to make a juice from 2 slices of tomato mixed with 4 tablespoon of cucumber juice. Use it as a face mask. A daily usage of it will control the oil in your face and the skin pores are also become smaller.

11. Forever Young

One of the secret of world class celebrities is tomato. Yes, it’s not a silicon or dangerous Botox injection (although some of them still use it). Tomato can help your skin to absorb the oxygen optimally. And you will get a younger look because of this process.


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