11 Popular Eagle Species

Eagles are the  peak predator of the food cycle. They are equipped with fierce talons, wide feather and meat cleaver beak. All of these types originate from the member of Accipitridae family. There are around 60 kinds of eagle  types that originate from the submember of  Buteoninae and Circaetinae. This article will certainly reveal the kinds of eagles that originate from various genera with their distinctive appearance.

1. Bateleur Eagle

Bateleur Eagle

Bateleur Eagle head’s is black and it has red soft skin on its cheeks and the tip of the beak is black. They feed on sandgrouse, pigeons and small animals. Females lay single egg and incubate it for 42-43 days. A Bateleur Eagle is a silent bird; it can produce barks and many different calls sometimes. A Bateleur Eagle is a national emblem of Zimbabwe.

2. Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle is America’s national bird icon and symbol. It has a brownish plumage with a pure white head and yellow beak. For five years of lifespan a bald eagle finally reaches its maturity in sexual aspect. Their maximum lifespan is 20 years. Females are larger and much heavier than males. Bald eagles natural habitats are near the water and migrate to the coastline in order to acquire food during winter seasons. Bald eagles can fly at a speed of 35-43 mile per hour. Fish is their favorite prey.

3. The Black Chested Buzzard Eagle

The Black Chested Buzzard Eagle

The Black Chested Buzzard Eagle is thought to be a sole hunter in nature. This bird has a powerful plumage compared with other predator birds. The chest is black and the color of the feather is gray. Their preferred nesting locations are tress and cliffs. This species construct new nests and perform their mating process in flight. With its sharp eyesight; black chested buzzard eagle can guard its area extremely well. Mid-sized mammals, burrowing owls and squamates are their  preferred preys.

4. Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle

The Golden Eagle is dark brown and has patches of light brown feathers on its head and wings. Golden Eagle has big brown wings with a small gray coloration to its tail. These agile birds are spread over Japan,North America, North Africa Korea and . The nests are constructed on the cliff and trees. A female lays around 4 eggs and nurtures them. Golden Eagles can keep and securing an area up to 155 square kilometres.

5. African Fish Eagle

African Fish Eagle

The head and chest of this eagle is covered under white feathers. African Fish Eagles is monogamous bird. Females lays up to 3 eggs and incubatethem for more than 45 days. The chicks usually venture out once they develop feathers and are able to hunt their own prey. They feed on fish, crocodiles and ducks.

6. Steller’s Sea Eagle

Steller’s Sea Eagle

A Steller’s Sea Eagle weighs around 9kg. Its head and back are black. It has a strong sharp bill, and they can tear apart the flesh of their prey. These birds develop its sexual maturity at the age of 5. They construct enormous nests in the woods and lay eggs in fourth month of the year. Their eggs are hatched for more than a month. A Steller’s Sea Eagle searches for squids, cods, and carrions.

7. Martial Eagle

Martial Eagle

The Martial Eagle is huge in size and can be compared with the Golden Eagle and Veraux Eagle. Their nests are also huge in size. The females will lay 2 eggs in 45 days of incubation. The head and the chest of the martial eagle are dark. Martial Eagle marks their territory by circling in flight before taking plunging on to their prey such as rabbits, hares and squirrels.

8. The White Tailed Eagle

White Tail Eagle

The White Tailed eagle is ranked as the fourth largest bird of prey. The feather is a blending result of brown shades. The white tail is the unique aspect of this eagle. The nests are large.The same species of eagle reuse it for years to hatch and breed their chicks. Every years the female produce three eggs and it needs 38 days to hatch. The chicks kept in their parents range until the time they become independent.

9. Crested Serpent Eagle

Crested Serpent Eagle

They have white spots and streaks on their wings. The nape of neck and the crown are black, while the crest is brown and barred with white color. Legs are unfeathered and the eyes are bright yellow.

10. Bonnelli’s Eagle

Bonnelli’s Eagle

This is a type of slender eagle with short rounded wings and a long tail. The wings have a white leading edge, black terminal band and a gray patch at the carpal joint. Bonelli’s Eagle has yellow-orange eyes and the legs are long and feathered. Their diet includes a range of birds such as pigeons, crows, ducks, and gulls.

11. Crested Hawk Eagle

Crested Hawk Eagle

Crested Hawk Eagles have brown wings tipped with 5 darker bars. They feed on rabbits, fish and rodents. Crested Hawk Eagles are large raptors with varying color morph and several subspecies that occur in southern and Southeast Asia forested areas.

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