11 Insane Facts About Human Body Are Finally Revealed

Our body is absolutely unique. Our body is also hiding an endless mystery. There is no limitation of knowledge to reveal the secret of our body. Some of the facts about our body are already discovered. The current facts were so amazing. Our body is more than just a piece of meat and bone structures. Although human body has been examined to know what the secret of an amazing body is but still, there is more unbelievable secret waiting to be revealed. Human’s physical body has special advantages unlike the other life forms on earth. This article will give you the information about how lucky we are to born as human being. So, here they are, the mystery about human body is finally revealed just for you.

1. Billions of Cell

Body Cell

For your information, our body is dying every minute. We lose around 300.000.000 of cells in every 60 seconds. This is just shocking right? Well, I believe that one of you must be thinking that if we lose that huge number of cell every minute then why our body is not easily decomposed? The answer for your question is, the numbers of newborn cells are larger than the dead ones because of the regeneration process. There are around 10 to 50 billion of cells are replaced in our body every day.

2. Indestructible Hair


Our hair is probably the best crown ever made in the universe. Hair is one of the body parts which are bloodless but it can grow longer in a period of time just like our nail. Our hair looks fragile and very easy to break. However, this small part of your body is hiding an unbelievable power beneath them. Your hair is like a superhero in your head. Hair is one of the examples of indestructible body parts. The hair damages are occurred in the slowest stage. That means your hairs can survive longer than the other body parts. Is it hard to imagine? Well, I will give you the example. The mummies in Egypt are buried for more than thousand years ago but the amazing thing is, they still have hair on their heads. Our hair will not get the effect from climate change, air density, temperature or acid and chemical substances. Although our hair is definitely strong but it’s still have weakness. Our hair is vulnerable to fire since our hairs structures are consist of carbon.

3. The Power of Gastric’s Acid


Alright, let’s go to the next insane facts about human body. To reveal the next secret, we need to go down from our chest because our journey is in human’s stomach. Just like our hair, stomach is also the strongest part of our body. There is a powerful gastric acid in our stomach. This acid is so strong that it can melt down zinc substances. The next question in mind related to the power of gastric acid is this, if the gastric acid was so strong than why our stomach is not affected? The answer for this question is, there is a layer inside our stomach which can conduct rapid self regenerate to prevent the hazardous gastric’s acid damaging our stomach. Thanks to this marvelous stomach layer, our stomach is avoided from the hazardous gastric acid.

4. Spectacular Lungs


The next amazing body facts lies beneath our chest. Our lungs are contained with small blood vessels called capillary vessels. There are around 300 millions of capillary vessels inside our lungs. These small lines of bloodstream will have around 1.500 miles if the entire capillary vessels are stretched from the edge to the edge. Is it amazing right?

5. Strong Bones


The next amazing facts about our body are lies beneath our flesh. Our bones are mostly constructed by calcium. Although our bones can be broken but actually our bones are quite strong. One block of bones in size of matches can hold the weight up to 9 tons.

6. Powerful Nails


The next amazing fact of our body is located in the edge of our fingers. The nails are constantly grow and if we lose our nails in the hands or feet, it need around six month for a nail to grow again from the edge to the tip.

7. High Durability


Maybe some of us are thinking that if someone is losing one of the internal organs, we will surely going to die soon. This is true only if we are losing our heart and liver. However, we can still survive if we are losing the other internal organs. For example, if we are already losing our lung, kidney, and spleen. We also can survive if we are already losing 75% of our heart, 80% of intestine and the other organs which located on the hip and groin. We can still alive although the function of our organs are not working normally.

8. Grows Every Night


Our body grows every night. Our body is growing for one-third inch when we are sleeping. The reason why our body is growing every night is because our cartilage is pressed by the gravity when we are sitting or stand up. However, our body height will shrunk to the previous state of height when we are woke up and walking.

9. Natural Filter


Our kidney can cleanse up the toxin inside our body. The filter capacity of our kidneys is truly amazing. Each of our kidneys is contained with a million of filter. That means, we have 2 millions of filter to filtering around 1,3 liters of blood per minutes and excreting 1,4 liter of urine per day. Without the help from this natural filter, our body will suffer from the sediment toxin in our body.

10. Beyond the Speed Boundary


Human body can’t move as fast as the other animals like cheetah. However, we can go beyond 100 miles per hour when we are sneezing. We are excreting the air from our nose and mouth when we are sneezing with the speed around 100 miles per hour.

11. Body Heat


Our Body is a giant machine of energy. When we looked at the human body using infra red technology, a heat radiation will be visible from it. This heat is helping us to staying alive. Our body can produce the heat in just 30 minutes. This heat can be used to boiling a half gallon of water.

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