11 Animals with Super Eyes

Eyes is another important members of our sense. It’s an essential sense for any living beings in this world. For animals, eyes are crucial part of their body. And they can maximizing the usage of their sense. We, the humans, although we have limited access to maximizing our vision potential, but we are lucky enough to know the animals with their super vision through this article.

1. Trilobite

Trilobite Ordovicien


This animal is the living witness of the dinosaur extinction. Trilobites are one of the most adaptive animals although som of their species are born with no eyes, but their lenses are uniqe. It was constructed from anorganic calcite crystal, a major ingredients of limestone. Their eyes are also evolved through timeless journey of their lifespan on earth. Each lens are elongated prism in shape and it’s hexagonally arranged. Their lenses numbers also vary from one to a thousand in one eye.

2. The Ogre Faced Spider

The Ogre Faced Spider


Spiders are the member of Araneae. Usually they have up to 4 pairs of eyes. Their eyes can detect light from various sources depending from where are the light comes. Now we are going to discuss about one of them. It has 3 pairs of eyes, with the two eyes in the center are bigt ger than the other eyes. It’s The Ogre-faced crawler Spider that use this unique features to adapted in their nocturnal life. Their eyes were covered in a delicate layer of cells, making this type of spider is superior in night vision.

3. Spookfish



This vertebratae is relying on its eye structure resembling a mirror to see. The Spookfish eat on plankton and shellfish. They are rarely seen in the wild. Lots of divers didn’t managed to spot this animal. We are lucky that we don’t have to go down into their natural habitat in more than 1000 metres depth. The picture of spookfish above is the example that you will agreed with my previous statement, unless you are eager to see them in a real ocean.

4. The Stalk-Eyed Fly

The Stalk-Eyed Fly


The Stalk-eyed fly are commonly discovered in Africa, America, Canada, Europe and South East Asia. The reason why they are called The stalk-eyed are comes from their antenna that emerged with their head. Their sex can be distinctively visible from the length of the antenna. The male flies have longer antenna than the females. The longer the antenna is, the more attractive the male is. The males with the longest antenna will win the females attention and have the right to mate.

5. Four Eyed Fish

Four Eyed Fish


Four eyed fish are originated in Central part of America, Mexico and South America. The body measure are about 32 centimetres in width. Their favorite preys are insects. Although the name is 4 eyed fish, but the truth is they only have 2 eyes that 50% divided by a cells. The spend most of their time in fresh water looking for food with their weird eyes. Their eyes looks like a natural scanner who are always ready to catch their prey and staying alert for the predator nearby.

6. Collosal Squid

Collosal Squid


This squid is so gigantic in size, it has a streoscopic vision to evaluate the ranges and their prey distance. The additional photopore in their eyes give them the accurate sight when hunting. So it allows them to see their prey in the no-sunlight situation. The colossal squid natural predator are sperm whale.

7. Left Tailed Gecko

Left Tailed Gecko

The leaf tailed geckos have pairs of unique eyes used for camouflage. To covered their lack of eyelids they have a layer of membrane in their eyes. The weakness of this eye membrane is easy to get dirty, so the solution is The leaf trailed gecko using their tongue to clean up the dirt. Not only that, Their eyes is much more effective during the night time because they can see better in the dark. Even cat and shar can’t do the same thing as this animal. There are no animals which are amazing compared with this lizard.

8. Dragonfly



Dragonflies are acrobatic flying creatures. They can identify the faster movement using their three small eyes. Dragonfly eyes have no problem in no sunlight situation. The dragonflies are not the only one who have the ocelli system because flies and wasp have the same system as dragonflies, but the ocelli system of dragonflies is the most advanced among all.

9. Chameleon


Chameleon is the king of camouflage in the jungle, I mean we can’t see them in green forest just in a blink of the eye. They can perfectly blend with their surrounding thanks to their miracolous skin ability. However, chameleon is not only about their skin ability. They also have the amazing pair of eyes which is uncommon. Their eyelids are entirely covered the eyeball leaving tiny and round spot for seeing various object. The most amazing thing is, each of the eyeball can go arounf 360 degree and it can move in a different state at the same time.

10. Tarsier


This nocturnal animal called Tarsier is a native to South East Asian rainforest. They are active and hunt at night using their super  big eyes. They can hunt their prey in a total blackout situation. This animal is listed as endangered species due to deforestation and they are also kept by human for pets.

11. Praying Mantis Shrimp

Praying Mantis Shrimp

The mantis shrimp is the most aggresive animal on the sea. It has the mace-like claw that can be used for self defense and destroying their prey. This animal is not related to shrimp family but they are related with genus of Stomatopoda. Their eyes were so sharp and the scientist believe that their eyes can detect the cancer in a human body. If you want take this animal home, you might want to rethink it again because they have a very aggresive nature and they even can break your aquarium on a single blow from their claw.

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