20 Animals That Smell Bad

Pungent smell, somehow it’s very disturbing for human, but this is a unique mechanism of self defense by the animals. It can be used for marking the territory and ward off the predators. The foul odor from the animals can be produced from their skin, hair or urine. Here are the animals that using those foul odor to protect themselves.Hold your nose everyone.

1. Stink Bug

Stink Bug

This insect is commonly found in China, Japan, and United States. The stink bugs can produce a foul odor from their abdomen when they are feel threatened or cornered. This self defense mechanism helps them to avoid from their predator such as lizard. They are known as dangerous pests  for agriculture. They are serious trouble insect for vegetables and fruits.

2. Tasmanian Devil

Tasmanian Devil

This picture will make you wondering, what is this animal? This is a Tasmanian Devil. They can only be discovered in Tasmania Island in Australia. They are dog-shaped and coated in black fur and they are also have the loudest sound, and it’s terrifying. That’s why they are famous for Tasmanian Devils. This devil is also producing foul odor when they are threatened or when they are facing the bigger predator.

3. Earwig


These stinky insect can be found in the Australia, Asia, Africa and America. Earwig is a nocturnal insect and they are excellent in hiding under the rocks with their dark color. They produce yellow stinky liquid when threatened by their predator such as toads, beetles and lizard

4. Lesser Anteater

Lesser Anteater

Their eye vision is quite poor, but have a strong sense of smell and hearing. Like other stinky animals, the lesser anteater releases the unpleasant odor to defend against their natural predators. The lesser anteaters produce the unpleasant odor from the glands under their tail.The lesser anteaters are nocturnal, spending most of their daytime resting on a tree. In addition to behavior of releasing unpleasant odor, the lesser anteaters also have powerful arms to defend against the predators.The lesser anteater is a very stinky animal. In fact, it is 5-7 times stinker than skunk.

5. Bombardier Beetle

Bombardier Beetle

The special chambers inside the abdomen of bombardier beetles contain two chemicals called hydrogen peroxide and hydroquinone.The bombardier beetle can spray the chemical in a number of times on the predators with great accuracy and speed when cornered.When threatened, they spray a foul smelling, hot, noxious chemical.By spraying the noxious chemical bombardier beetles can easily kill small insects.The addition of enzymes heats up the chemical mix to near 100 degree Celsius.The potent chemicals with enzymes and spray it on the intruder.

6. Wolverine


Although it has the same name as the famous comic character, but this animal is not Gabriel Logan’s pet, if you know what I mean. They looks like a bear but in a small size but they are the biggest type of weasel. Contradictive to the others animals who used their pungent odor as their defense mechanism, wolverine used their smell coming from their behind. Wolverine used their foul odor to mark their territorial area. They can be located in Siberia, Alaska and Northern Canada. They are also known as a “skunk bear” because of their habitual odor.

7. Skunk


They are famous as the smelliest animal. They even created as a cartoon character. This animal is closely related with the striped polecat. They can produced foul odor from their behind. Yes, it’s a skunk everyone. They can squirt their foul spray produced by two glands. Skunks are eating both animal and plant consist of small rodent, snakes, eggs, nuts, berries and fungi. They are also found as a scavenger.The honeybee is their favorite diet also. With their black and white fur, this animal can be easily recognised in the wild. For the first attempt of their self defense mechanism, they will growl to their predators to scared them away, if not, they will produce the horrible smell from their behind. Their smelly fluid is not dangerous, but the worst thing about it is they can last for a long period of time. You didn’t want to get these fluid didn’t you?

8. Stink Bird

Stink Bird

This unique bird is called Hoatzin. Their mainly feed on leaves. Hoatzin can be found at the Orinoco and Amazon Basin. They have a special digestion system which can turned the leaves into foul odor inside their stomach. Their smell like a fertilizer.

9. Musk Ox

Musk Ox

The ox is one of the two largest member of Caprinae. Both of the sexes have long and curved horns. A musk ox can run up to 37 mph. Their lifespan is up to 20 years. These smelly animal populating the Arctic continent and they produced their smelly material from their urine. They rubbed their smelly urine throughout their body and therefore they are so smelly. It is only produced by the males and it is used to mark their territory during mating season. When it comes for mating season, the male ox can be very aggresive, that is why, marked territory is important for them.


10. Striped Polecat

Striped Polecat

Image: www.zoochat.com

Now that is a real skunk. This skunk can be described as a striped mammals and they are known as agressive in nature. For the first attempt of their self defense mechanism, they will growl to their predators to scared them away, if not, they will produce the horrible smell from their behind. As their relative family, the striped polecat’s odor is terrible enough to ward off their predators away for meters. They can be discovered throughout the continent of Africa.

11. Wood Hoopoe

Wood Hoopoe

The wood hoopoes produce the smelly fluid from specialized glands in their body.Their beautiful feather comes in purple, blue and green. Despite their attractive feather, the wood hoopoes known for spraying smelly fluid.It is a great defensive weapon for such a medium-sized bird.Wood hoopoe is a medium-sized, long-billed bird native to sub-Saharan Africa.  It smells as worst as rotten eggs. The main purpose behind this behavior is to protect their nest from predators.

12. Pangolin


The next smelliest animal is Pangolin. Pangolin is a nocturnal animal. It has big and strong claws to dig a pile of dirt to looking for their favorite prey. The main diet of pangolin consisting of ants and termites. Pangolin’s tongue is considered as the longest tongue in the animal kingdom. This animal is also known as the smelliest animals. Pangolin produce foul odor 7 times smellier than skunk.

13. King Rat Snake

King Rat Snake

The next smelliest animal is King Rat Snake. This serpent is also called stink snake for one reason. King Rat Snake produce foul odor when they are threatened. The foul odor is produced inside their glands and it will be deflated to give the maximum foul odor.

14. Turkey Vulture

Turkey Vulture

This scavenger is unlike the other smelliest animals on the list. If all of the animals are producing their foul odor, turkey vulture can’t do the same thing. They will vomiting the recently rotten meat and caused disturbing odor. Turkey vulture is known to spread their vomit around the nest.

15. Honey Badgers

Honey Badgers

The next smelliest animal is Honey Badgers. This animal is known as the daredevil omnivore. Their diets are consisting of various kinds of plants and small creatures. Honey Badgers are also hunt for poisonous snake as they are invulnerable from the poison. Honey Badgers is produce foul odor similar with rotten roses.

16. Millipede


This bug is famous for their numerous legs. Millipede has ozopores in every edge of their body. Ozopores is tiny holes which can produce a super smelly odor. Not only that, this smelly odor will give the predators a burning sensation too.

17. Mink


This animal is absolutely cute. Mink is still related with beavers and weasel. Mink produced a smelly odor every time they felt threatened and when facing the predator. Although their smell is not as strong as skunk but still, it’s effective to hold back the predators.

18. Opossum


Opossum is the next smelliest animal on the list. If they are threatened, they will lay down, open up their mouth for hours while producing foul odor. This strange defense mechanism is absolutely effective to ward off the predators.

19. Sea Hare

Sea Hare

Next is Sea Hare. Although they have a cute name but their smell is absolutely not cute. Sea Hare is categorized as a poisonous mollusk. Sea Hare will squirt a sticky ink colored in purple. According from the research result in 2012, the sticky ink from Sea Hare can covering the smelling sense of lobster so they can’t smell their prey.

20. Whip Scorpion

Whip Scorpion

This creature sized only 3 inch. Whip Scorpion has a slim tail resembling a whiptail. Whip tail scorpion is not a venomous creature but they will squirt acidic liquid toward their predators. Although is not strong as the other animals on the list but it’s effectively ward off the predators.

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