10 Useful Tips For Affordable Travelling In Europe That You Can Try

Europe continent is the most popular destination for tourism. There are so many beautiful countries which are offering their signature tourism places and iconic structures. With their abundant selection of amazing places, who doesn’t want to go there? However, going abroad for spending your vacation especially in this continent is not so easy. The main reason is, travelling to Europe need more money. So, if you have low budget, travelling to this continent is not suggested. So what if we have low budget but still want to go there? Calm down, there are always possibilities to make your dream come true. Here are the affordable tips for travelling to Europe continent presented just for you.

1. Travel Research


The first affordable tips that you can try is, you can do a small research for your travelling plan. You can buy a Europe travel guidance book available at your bookstore. You can also ask your friends who ever go there before. Asking on the backpacker travel forum is also possible and never be hesitated to find more information on internet. After you had done researching, make a travelling schedule so you can book the accommodations before you go there. Early booking will save a lot of money. No need to be so ambitious since you can’t visit all of the places in one day. Short term travelling will definitely not your best choice since it will drain out your wallet. Make sure that you already trade your currency in your country before you go to Europe.

2. Right Season

right season

The second tips that you can try is, you need to prepare your travelling duration at least for two weeks. As we can see, Europe continent has four seasons so it’s better not to go there on the peak season. The summer season in Europe usually starts on June-August and this is the favorite moment for the tourist to spend their vacation in here. Going to Europe during the Christmas and New Year is also not recommended unless you want to get stuck on the road with so many kind of people there. A lot of tourists mean that you will experience a hard time to find the accommodations. I believe that you don’t want to sleep on the street right?

3. Affordable Airlines Fare

airlines fare

Airlines Fare is also one of the biggest costs when you travel to Europe. Make sure that you are already hunting for airlines ticket promo at least 1-3 months before you go there. You can try to book open jaw ticket. The meaning of open jaw ticket is, you can start and ended your journey in different countries for example, you can start your journey from Paris and you can go home from Venice. This tip is meant to reduce the airlines ticket so you don’t have to go back to Paris for your departure. Nowadays, there are many airlines that offering affordable tickets and promo so I think you can try this immediately.

4. Stay In a Hostel


The next tip that you can try is, you can stay at the hostels available in there. If you have friends or relatives in there, you can ask them for the possibility to stay there during your trip. This could save you from the addition cost of staying in hotels with unreasonable rate. You can also stay at the dorm available in there. You can check the hostel availability on internet and you can book it online from there. It’s easy to follow right.

5. Stay on the Train


Riding a train across Europe is the most effective and efficient way to fulfill your dream. To cut the cost of staying, you can ride a night train so you can arrive on the next day. The railway carriage in Europe is divided into 3 classes from to most expensive to the cheapest. If you want to visit the West Europe countries you better get the Eurail Pass. This pass will allow you to travel in all destinations of Europe Union countries. Unfortunately this pass is not available for the European passport holder.

6. Street Foods

street food

Food is also the most important aspect in travelling. Eating delicious cuisines in restaurants is definitely not the best option especially if you have low budget. Don’t worry because there are street foods available in there. You can try grilled sausages, kebab, crepes and the most popular of them all is, burger. If these street foods can’t satisfy you, you can choose the hostels which are providing breakfast or affordable dinner. For more affordable solution, you can choose the hostels which are equipped with kitchen so can bring frozen food and cook in there.

7. Drink Bottle

drink bottle

Sometimes, the weather in Europe can’t be predictable. As you will walk a lot during your trip, you need to keep your body from the danger of dehydration. You need to increase the intensity of drinking mineral water during your journey. However, the price of mineral water in Europe is pricey, therefore you need to bring drink bottle and you can fill it with tap water which are available in there. Now, you can keep your condition with a better solution right?

8. Minimize the Ticket


There are many kind of interesting attractions in Europe such as historical monuments, museums, theme parks and the other amazing natural sceneries. However, you need to dig your wallet deeper if you wish to visit them all. You can go to the places that you really want to. You can find the information to locate the tourism places that you don’t have to take out the money from your wallet. You can also asking your fellow backpackers about this information.

9. Light Luggage


The airlines are usually provided with the luggage limit. Make sure that you don’t bring excessive luggage as the airlines will charge you with additional cost. You can adjust your personal belonging based on the current season in Europe. Separate your important belongings such as wallet, personal documents, cell phone and camera in a small bag.

10. Age Limitation

age limitation

Your age can decide the travelling cost in Europe. If your age is less than 25, you will get 35% of discount for Eurail Pass. If you are a student, enjoy the 50% discount fare on the museums and the other tourism objects. As long as you are student, you can still get this benefit.


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