10 Simple Tips To Save More Money That You Can Do At Home

I believe that everyone must be dreaming to have a successful life especially in the financial aspect. However, although the goal is clear but some of us are made it to achieve their goal. So what is the best way to help us reaching our dream to be a financially success person? Hard work and saving enough money are the suitable way to fulfill your dream. Money saving is a positive habit that must be done since we are young, especially if you have already plans for the future that need a lot of money. Beside, thanks to this positive habit, you will get enough money that can be used for any matters with the kind of emergency things. However, saving money is proven to be not so easy. There are many kind of temptations to block your dream such as discount offer, the latest devices, your favorite music concert and the other factors. In this chance, I will give you the information in how we can manage our expenses so we can save more money. Are you ready? Here they are.

1. Make a Monthly Expenses Plan

planThe first easy tip to save more money is to make a monthly expenses plan. You can write in detail how much your expense in a month such as primary expenses like daily needs, college tuition, transportation and so on. You can also write until the smallest and emergency expense. Make sure that you already calculating all of the money that you need to expense for secondary needs such as toiletries, seasonings, sanitary tools and the other needs. Make sure to have a maximum budget for every kind of expense category. You better didn’t try to over limit your own budget. If you can spend less than your own budget, now that’s what I call good news for you.

2. Pre-paid Phone Card and Internet

phone card

If you want to save more money and pressing your expense, you can do the second tip on the list. Avoid using postpaid card on your phone. This tip will surely useful to prevent the huge bill of excessive cell phone usage and it will cost you a lot of money. You can also apply this tip for your internet bill. Our information technology is now advanced so you are no longer need to texting or make a phone call to your relatives since you can do it also with the application that available on the internet.

3. Online Shopping


Online shopping can also save your money. Make sure that you are already selecting the trusted online shop and they have delivery service. Although it seems not so simple but online shopping can save your time, money and you can’t be tempted to buy anything that you might not needed the most. The most important thing is, make sure that you are already read the term and condition from the designated online shop. Make sure you give more attention to the detail about the online shop and you should be fine.

4. Shopping List

shopping list

If you want to go shopping and need to expense more money at one time, try to always make a shopping list and don’t forget to bring it when you are shopping. It will be better if your shopping list is added with maximum budget. This shopping list can help you to buy everything that you are already listed at home. This tiny piece of paper will also make you shopping more efficiently and save more time.

5. Entertain Yourself

home cinema

Who doesn’t like to watch movies on the 4D cinema? And who couldn’t resist joining into a blasting party all night? Well, that is only a small example of entertainment that you can get. Entertainment is also important for our life. However, you need to be careful since it will take a lot of your money. You can try to find another way to get some fun and of course in an affordable ways. For example, you choose to buy DVD and watch it at home rather than going to cinema. You can also arrange a party in your house as the plan B for your unforgettable party. One thing that you need to remember, although saving money is important but don’t push yourself so hard. Entertaining yourself with luxury is still possible as long as it’s not over limiting your monthly budget.

6. Cooking


This activity will really help you a lot. Cooking your own dish will save you a lot and it’s also healthier rather than buying junk foods or fancy cuisines in luxurious restaurants. You don’t have to be a world class chef (unless if you really want to) to do this activity. You can cook simple and practical dishes. You can develop your cooking skills as the time goes on. One thing to remember, don’t cook instant food too often for your own healthiness.

7. Say No to Debt


This tip is really needed to be well implemented especially if you really want to save your money for the future. Don’t be so tempted to take a loan that you can’t afford to pay off in the future. If there is no other way beside to take the debts, you have to record your debts. You can spare your monthly expenses to pay it as soon as possible. No debt is mean that you have a healthy financial life.

8. Long Term Food Stock

food stock

Avoid buying food stock separately because it will make a major gap on the price. You can buy your monthly food stock according from your daily expense. You can get it in the grocery stores nearby with the available lowest price.

9. Public Transportation

Shanghai Maglev Train

It’s undeniable fact that if we have vehicles like car or motorcycle, we need to spend more money for gas and maintenance. If it’s possible try to avoid using your own vehicles and you can go by public transportation outside your own daily routines.

10. Discipline


This is the most important tip of all. It doesn’t matter if you have an excellence plan on daily budget but it will not effective if you can’t control yourself with discipline. You can motivate yourself and keep up with your plan. You will feel tormented at the beginning but it will slowly disappearing and this pattern will be inseparable part within yourself.

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