10 Simple Tips To Detect A Lie From Your Partner

Lie, it’s considered as the seven deadly sins in the world. Lie is an act when you said something that is really different from the fact. Sometimes or perhaps every time, we lie to cover up something that your friend, relatives or might be partner don’t want to know. Being deceived is really hurt and I believe that no one wants to be deceived by anyone in their live. The psychological experts said that human body has the instinct to detect a lie. But unfortunately, our sanity is blocking this natural instinct. In another word, it’s really hard for common people to detect a lie. Detecting a lie is not an easy job to do, even the lie detector can’t really help us. However, there are simple signs that you can observe if someone is truly honest or not. So, here are the simple tips to recognize a lie from someone. Well I’m not going to lie because I really want to share with all of you my fellow readers. Check this out!

1. Look At the Eyes Look At the Eyes

The first sign to detect a lie from someone is coming from the eye. Don’t forget to look at their eyes when you are talking to them. If their eyes are looking on the left above, it means that they are trying to memorize the experience related with your question. If the eyes are looking on the right above, it means that they are trying to a little bit fabricate the story because they are not ready with the answer. Eyes looking on the bottom left it means that they are taking the facts of their past. And then, if the eyes are looking on the bottom right, it’s related with someone’s feeling not a fabricated story.

2. The Face Expressions

The Face Expressions

The second tip to detect a lie from someone is, look at their face expression. If their cheeks are blushing, the nose holes are widen and biting the lips during the conversation, you got to be careful since your partner might be lying to you. Rapid blink of eyes and deep breath during the conversation are also the natural indicator to detect a lie from someone. If all of these body signs are appearing, your partner might be lying to you.

3. Body Language

Body Language

The next easy tip on the list is, you can detect a lie from your partner from their body language. However, you can do this only when your partner are not “busy”. At first, looks at the hands. If your partner is squeezing their hands or rubbing their face while talking to you, it means that your partner is quite anxious or trying to cover up the truth. You can also look at their legs. If their legs are always moving, your partner might be so tense and want to end up the current topic that you are talking with them.

4. Fake Smile

Fake Smile

The next simple tip is, look at the way your partner smile during your conversation. Look at their lips and eyes movement especially when they are smiling. An honest smile is involving all of the face muscles but if they are showing a grin smile, that means your partner are faking their smile just to please you. Well, you must be quite aware to see the smile of your partner isn’t it?

5. The Way They Talk

The Way They Talk

Looking at the way your partner talk is the next simple tip to detect a lie. The psychological expert are suggested to see and feel in how is the breathing pattern of your partner during the conversation, is it slow or fast enough. If your partners speak too slow or fast, they are usually saying a dishonest words to you.

6. Too Much Body Contact

Too Much Body Contact

When your partners are lying, they are most likely followed by unusual change of behaviors such as the tone of speaking, posture, and quick hand movements. These simple things are always happen to cover up the story that you are listening to. When your partner is lying, they will also like to touching the parts of your body such as face, lips and neck.

7. Turned the Face Away

Turned the Face Away

A hard to answered question that you gave to your partner will make them turn their face away from you. It’s a natural sign that means your partner didn’t want to answer your question or they might didn’t know the best solution for you. But, if they are turn their face away when you give a simple question, then you need to be aware since the answer that they are giving to you is a dishonest answer. I believe that you don’t want this to be happened right?

8. Defensive Stance

Defensive Stance

The next easy tip to detect a lie from your partner is, looked at the way their response to your question. When you asking questions to them, a person who lied will feel cornered and threatened. A simple question will make them feel irritated. Your question will make them to be more defensive by mad at you and accusing you as a possessive and easy to be suspicious person.

9. Divert the Conversation

Divert the Conversation

The next simple tip to detect a lie from your partner is, looked at the way they react when you are talking with them. When they are trying to politely diverting the topic, it can be concluded that there are two possibilities. The first conclusion is, your partner is not interested with the story or they might be lying. They will change this behavior when you switch the topic. They will inhaling a long breath as the sign that they are no longer need to lie anymore to you.

10. Look At the Story

Look At the Story

The last sign on the list is, look closely at the story. A person who lied tend to use words like “but”, “except”, and “instead”. These words are the result of a complicated process of thinking. A person who lied is also tending to repeat their words. Your partner will often to use the words “I” and “mine”. In a story that told from a liar, you will find a little word of personal pronoun.

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