10 Natural Air Freshener Ingredients to Remove the Foul Odor At Your Home

You might have problem with the foul odor in your house. This foul odor can disturb everyone who smells it. There are artificial air fresheners available in your markets nearby. However, the foul odor seems to be so hard to remove. It needs more than just one spray to remove the foul odor. Multiple sprays mean that the artificial air fresheners are quickly run out. Therefore, buying artificial air fresheners are definitely not the best solution for this problem. So what is the best solution for remove the pungent odor at your house? Well, having artificial air freshener is actually okay but in this article, I will give you the information in how we can make a natural air freshener at home. I believe that the tips inside this article will help you to get rid of the foul odor at your home. The tips are easy to make, the ingredients are easy to get and of course, it’s cheaper than the canned air freshener. Do you want to find out the tips? Alright, I will gladly to help you. Check this out.

1. Pet Sand

Pet Sand

If you have a cat at home and then you must be very familiar with this sand. This sand is usually used for accommodating the cat’s pup. The pet sand is the most effective odor absorber. The pet sand is made from the mineral ingredients which can absorb the foul odor and also killed the pests. You can add a bucket of sand in the corner of your room to get rid of the foul odor. You can also put them everywhere you want especially in the foul odor rooms.

2. Coffee


The next natural air freshener is coffee. Coffee is considered as one of the natural air freshener.  Coffee will give you an immediate result of removing the bad odor t your home. The instruction is easy, you just need to put a bowl of coffee at your room, kitchen or anywhere you want to. The coffee will surely absorb the disturbing odor in your house.

3. Palm Tree

Palm Tree

Alright let’s move a little bit in front of your house. You might never think that this tree can be your solution to get rid off the foul odor at your house right? Palm tree can also be used as a decorative plant. This tree is also recognized as the most effective plant to purify the air. Palm trees are also can absorb the formaldehyde, a hazardous content inside paint, glue and furniture. Palm trees are also easy to take care of. Now, you know about the ability of this tree right? So what are you waiting for?

4. Vinegar


The next natural foul odor absorber is vinegar. A bottle of vinegar can help you to kill the dangerous bacteria and purified the air naturally. The instruction is easy, just add white vinegar into water and spray it in the infected areas of foul odor in your house.

5. Fruits and Flowers

Fruit and Flowers

Well, this is the ultimate combination for removing the foul odor at your home. There are a lot of variations of fruits and flowers which can be trying by you. Confused with so many variations? Alright, I will help you out. You can mix ten drops of lavender oil, fifteen drops of orange oil and five drops of tea tree oil. Mix all of this combination into a half cup of water. Stir it thoroughly and spray them into your room. This combination will remove the entire disturbing odor at your home or anywhere in your room.

6. Spices


Spices are usually used for strengthen the flavor of dishes. However, spices can do more than that. Spices can also be used for removing the foul odor at your home. For example, you can take a certain amount of cinnamon and add it with water. Put it anywhere to remove the foul odor forever at your home. It’s really easy right?

7. Orange Skin

Orange Skin

Do you like to eat orange? Well, this fruit is absolutely has a lot of benefit for our health. Don’t throw away the skin after you finish eating this fruit. The reason is, the orange’s skin can also used to remove the foul odor at your house. The fresh aroma from orange can hold up for a long time. Orange’s skin can also repel the mosquitoes away from you. Isn’t it wonderful?

8. Lavender


The next natural air freshener is lavender. This purple flower is really effective to remove the foul odor at your room. The smell of lavender is not only wonderful but also it will give you a relaxing sensation. Lavender can also being used as the mosquito’s repellent plant. You will get double advantages if you put this plant anywhere at your room. So how is it? Got interested to try?

9. Lemon


Okay, the next natural air freshener is lemon. This bright yellow fruit is also effective to remove the foul odor at your home. The instruction is easy, you need to cut the lemon into a half. The signature smell of citrus will come out once you cut this fruit. The smells of lemon can also give you rejuvenate and energizing feeling. Well, if you want to get more benefit of lemon, you can put them on a bowl and place it anywhere at your house. Another way to use this fruit to remove the foul odor at your home is, you can squeeze the lemon to get the juice. Pour the lemon juice inside a bottle spray, add some water and spray it in the infected area. If you have an air conditioner, you can spray it in front of your air conditioner to spread the fragrance liquid.

10. Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Essential oil is extracted oil from the flowers or plants. This oil can be easily found in the cosmetic shops. Essential oil is usually used to be addition of making perfumes. The essential oils must be dropped in the strategic corner at your house or you can put them in front of the air conditioner. There are many kinds of essential oils available such as lavender oil, sandalwood, or the calming smell of eucalyptus.

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