10 Most Gorgeous Places in Germany You Need To Visit

The numbers of tourists heading to Germany are increased each year. In the 2009, The Deutsche Zentrale fur Tourismus or the Tourism Center of Germany has been recorded that there are 54,8 millions of foreign tourists hotels and home stays located between the North Ocean and Alpine Mountain. Therefore, the tourism sector in Germany can keep up their high standard although this country is also getting the impact of economic crisis. The tourism sector in Germany even can develop their market share in the global competition. Cities like Munchen, Koln, Berlin and Frankfurt are the most visited places in Germany. These cities are also the favorite places for the businessmen. With their market share for 11% from all of the international business travel in the world, Germany is the leading country in this market segment.   United States of America, Asia and Europe are the major foreign tourists who visiting Germany. The favorite states for them are Bavaria, Nordhein-Westfalen, Baden-Wurttemberg and Berlin. Alright, here are the lists of interesting places to visit in Germany presented just for you. Check this one out!

1. Bradenburg Gate

Bradenburg Gate

Bradenburg Gate is the main symbol of Berlin’s gate. Bradenburg Gate is also the symbol of unification between West Germany and East Germany. Bradenburg Gate was built in the 18th century as the entry gate of Bradenburg an Der Havel city also known as Bradenburg. This gate is located in the western part of Berlin. This gate has the longest historical record since the first time it was built, especially in the political history of this country.

2. Holstentor


Holstentor is derived from Germany word which means “Holsten Gate”. Holstentor is a huge gate made from red bricks. Holstentor is designed with Gothic architecture. Holstentor is located in the city of Lubeck, Germany. Holstentor is not a merely gate. Holstentor is also a fortress. Holstentor was built in 1464 was functioned as the town gate with two round towers. Nowadays, this fortress is functioned as a museum to preserve the city history. Holstentor was stated as the World Heritages Culture by UNESCO since 1987.

3. Oktoberfest


Are you one of those beer lovers? If the answer is yes, you have to go to Munchen on October. Your desire of drinking beer will be satisfied since they will hold a beer party for two weeks straight! This beer party is usually held for sixteen days in the area named Theresienwiese. Oktoberfest is marked by the opening of beer barrel by the Mayor of Munchen. During the festival, the beers are served differently than the average beer. The beers in here are stronger, darker and served with a big glass. This annual event is held on a big tent with wooden tables and chairs like an old tavern. Only local beer products are permitted to participate in this event. According to the history, Oktoberfest was started from the wedding party of Prince Ludwig and then he becomes the King in 12 October 1810.

4. Frauenkirche


Our next destination Germany is Frauenkirche. This Church was existed since the 11th century. Unfortunately, this Church was completely destroyed in the World War II. The remains of this Church is remain untouched and it’s become the monument of Anti War. After the unification of West Germany and East Germany, the Germany people demand that this Church needs to be rebuilt. And this Church was rebuilt in 1994 and it’s done in 2005. After 13 years of renovation, Frauenkirche is opened in 30 October 2005 until 31 October 2005.

5. Rugen Cliffs

Rugen Cliffs

Our next destination in Germany is Rugen Cliifs. This place is usually called Rugia Island. Rugen Cliff is located between the Pomeranian and Baltic Ocean. This area is famous as the tourism destinations because of their white sandy beach and the different natural landscape. You can also find the astonishing architecture of the resorts in here. The most popular tourism object is Jasmund National Park with their limestone cliff named Victoria-Sicht or Victoria’s View and Konigsstuhl or King’s Chair.

6. Neuschwanstein


Neuschwanstein is derived from Germany words which mean New Swanstone Castle. This castle was built in the early 19th century on a highland above the sea surfaces. The location of this castle is precisely at the slope of Alpine Mountain and directly border with Austria. Standing majestically with it Neo Romanesque, Neuschwanstein is perfectly blended with the surrounding trees. It need a little bit struggle and patience to get into this castle. You need to register yourself to get the entry ticket. After that, you will get ticket once you arrived at this castle. And then you have to walk to the castle gate. Remember the “patience” thing that I already mentioned before? You will need a lot of it since on the way to the castle, the only things that you will see are trees, trees and trees until the top of the castle. However, your exhaustion will be replaced by the amazing scenery of the surrounding environment.

7. Heidelberg Old City

Heidelberg Old City

Our next destination is Heidenberg Old City. This place is located in Baden-Wurttemberg which is famous for its castle, dam, old town and old university. Heidelberg is one of the cities which is safe from the World War II. The other iconic buildings in here are several old churches, university, and also public libraries. All of those buildings were preserved nicely.

8. Cologne Cathedral


Cologne Cathedral is a Catholic Rome Church located in the heart of Koln. This building has a Gothic architecture. Cologne Cathedral was built in 1248. The design of Cologne Cathedral is similar with Amiens Cathedral in the aspects of the style, and the land width proportion. You can see he altar of this church and it’s still existed since 1322.

9. Lindau


Lindau is an area in the edge of Constance Lake which is famous for its tourism objects such as the Lighthouse and the statue of Bavarian Lion. You can also take a boat trip in the Constance Lake.

10. Rhine

Rhine River

Alright, we are already arrived at the end of our journey here in Germany. Rhine is the perfect place to visit in Germany. Enjoy the romantic moment with your loved ones by taking a boat trip in Rhine River.

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