20 Kinds of Tropical Rainforest Animals (With Pictures)

Tropical rainforests lie in the equatorial zone, between the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn. Tropical rainforests are characterized by wet and humid climatic conditions, along with dense forest cover. These forests can be located in Australia, Asia,  South America, Africa, Caribbean islands, Central America, and on several of the Pacific, Indian Ocean. Rainforests are considered to be one of the oldest and the most complex ecosystems on earth, which explains the presence of numerous species of animals found here.

1.     Orangutan


Orangutan abundantly lives in the Southeast Asian tropical rainforest. Orangutan means “man of the forest” in Malay. Orangutan is the largest species of the great monkeys. They are live in trees and spend most of their times there. They have powerful arms strong bulky body, reddish-brown in color, and strong legs. Their diet includes flowers, ripe fruits, leaves, vines, and orchids.

2.    Golden Lion Tamarin

Golden Lion Tamarin

They are arboreal, live in communities, and the rainforests of Brazil in South America is their natural habitat. Golden Lion Tamarins are primates of the size of a squirrel, with a golden silky mane like lion’s. They have very strong legs with sharp claws that enable them to looking for insects from tree barks. It feeds on insects, fruits and small birds.

3.    Jaguar


Jaguars are species of wild cats found in Central and South America. They prey on capybaras, turtles, birds, and reptiles. They prefer living in habitats that have water sources and they are good swimmers. They are nocturnal animals with strong physical features, like short limbs and an extremely strong jaw with long and sharp canine teeth.

4.   Capybara


This largest rodents can be found in swamps and marshes, and close to rivers and lakes in Central and South America. They mainly feed on aquatic plants, tree barks and fruits. They can be found in large groups and they are excellent swimmers. Jaguars, anacondas and harpy eagles prey upon capybaras.

5.    Toco Toucan

Toco Toucan

They cannot fly very well and they are found hopping most of the time. Toco Toucans are the largest among their species and mainly found in the Amazon River basin. Their striking feature is their long, curved bill and their bright color. They feed on bird eggs, frogs and fruits. They are social birds, in cavities built in tree barks.

6.   Anaconda


Anaconda is a type of constrictor snake. It’s the largest snake in the world and commonly found in Amazon River. Anaconda is a good climber and can live without food for almost a year after feeding on a big prey. Their favorite diet consists of rodents, pigs, deers, and birds. There’s a report said that anaconda can eat an alligator also.

7.    Poison Dart Frog

Poison Dart Frog

They are bright colored frogs found in South and Central American tropical rainforests. They feed on small insects like spiders, ants, and flies. They have a poisonous skin and the poison is used on the tips of darts and arrows for hunting.

8.   Monarch Butterfly

Monarch Butterfly

Monarch butterflies mainly found in North America. They look beautiful and have bright-colored, scaly wings. Monarch butterflies are a species of poisonus butterflies that feed on the milkweed plant. Their predators fall sick if they eat them due to the poison and hence. Avoid preying on them.

9.   Malayan Sun Bear

Malayan Sun Bear

They are skillful climbers, aided by long sickle-shaped claws on all four feet. Named for the golden crescent, or “U” shaped golden patch on their chest. This bears are omnivores. Their diet also includes fruits, insects, small mammals, and birds. Their natural habitat is in southern part of China and Southeast Asia.

10. Crested Guan

Crested Guan

Crested Guan is the northern member of the genus Penelope. Their presence are often indicated by its loud honking and yelping cries or crashing sounds. Several other species of guans appear very similar and are separated by range and vocalizations. This species can be quite approachable and even tame in protected areas, but throughout much of its range, Crested Guan is heavily hunted.

11. Okapi


This animal is like the cross breeding between zebra and antelope. Okapi is still closely related with giraffe. They spend most of their time to eat on the Central African rainforest. Their main diets are consisting of grass, fruits and roots. They can get various leaves and fruits with their long tongue.

12. Boto


The Amazon River Dolphin or Boto is one of the five species of dolphins which is live on the river. Boto lives on the Amazon River and Orinoco alcoves, South America. They can be located swimming along the mangrove trees. This species is also called as the pink dolphin.

13. Glass Frog

Glass Frog

If you looked at this species, you will think that this frog is a see through creature. Glass Frog can be located in every Central and South America rainforest. There are more than 150 species of this magnificent frog.

14. Cassowary


This giant bird can be located in the New Guinea and Australia rainforest. This colorful flightless bird is the third biggest bird in the world after the emu and ostrich. The male cassowary is brighter in color than the female.

15. Marmoset


This unique primate can be located in the South American rainforest. Marmoset is probably the cutest primates of all time. There are 22 species of Marmoset existed in the world. The amazing fact from this creature is , they always gave birth of twins.

16. Mata-Mata


This strange looking turtle can be recognized by its triangular flat head. Mata-mata can be located in the Amazon rainforest. Mata-mata hunting their prey with their remarkable camouflage, by emerging their body resembling a piece of dead tree to avoid the predators.

17. Siamang


Siamang is a black primate and this is the native animal of South East Asian continent. They are the biggest species in the world. Siamang can be recognized by their loud voice. Their voice is used as the sign of their territorial between the rival groups.

18. Gorilla


Gorilla is the biggest primate in the world. The main diet of this grand primate is consisting of vegetables and sometimes they hunt for insect for fulfilling their need of protein. Gorilla can be located in the African rainforest. Gorilla is the second species after chimps which is closely related in the DNA aspect with human.

19. Rhinoceros


This mammal is big and they are known as the high tempered animal. They can weigh more than 1.000 kg. Although rhinoceros is big in their physical appearance but they are herbivore animal. Their skin is thick and they have hearing and smelling senses. Most of the rhino can live until 40 years.

20. Elephant


This grand mammal from the family Elephantidae and the order of Proboscidea. There are two species of elephant which are The African and Asian elephant. Elephant can be located in savanna, jungle, dessert and also in the rainforest. This giant creature is a herbivore mammal.


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