10 Fruits Which Are You Never Thought That They Are Deadly

Who doesn’t want to have a healthy body? I believe that everyone want to have it. Positive mind, regular exercise and eating healthy foods are the ways to get a healthy body. It will be complete by consuming fruits which are available in your garden, market and department store. Fruits are known to have many benefits for our health. Fruits can also be the source of natural sugar which is needed for strengthen our body. The kinds of fruits itself are depend in the location of where they are planted. However, there are also fruits contained with poison among us. Some of the poison could bring a problem for us. So, do you want to know the list of the poisonous fruits around us? Here they go, the poisonous fruits presented just for you.

1. Apple


The first poisonous fruit on the list is apple. Apple is a quite popular fruit around the world. This fruit has sweet, juicy and crunchy taste on it. However, no one seems to know that apple is dangerous for us. The fruit itself is actually harmless but we need to be extra careful for its seeds. According from the scientists, an apple seeds are contained with cyanide. Cyanide is one of the dangerous compounds for our body. Unfortunately the amount of cyanide inside an apple seeds is still remaining a mystery. You will not get hurt if you eat an apple along with the seeds, however if you start to feel dizzy and nausea, you better stop eating and go immediately to the doctor to get a proper treatment.

2. Cherries


The second poisonous fruit on the list is cherry. Cherry can be directly eaten or you can cook it first. Who thought that this tiny and beautiful fruit is also poisonous? The most dangerous thing from cherry is coming from their seeds. If the cherry’s seeds are accidentally swallowed and crushed inside your mouth, it will produce a hydrogen cyanide compound. Hydrogen cyanide inside cherry could make you feel dizzy, nausea and stomachache. A large amount of hydrogen cyanide inside our body will trigger a kidney problem. So, if you want to eat a cherry, you better dispose the seed first. If there is a poisoning symptom, drink a lot of water and go immediately to the doctor.

3. Tomato


The third poisonous fruit on the list is tomato. Tomato can be found in every corner of your market. Tomato is also used in any kind of dishes. A tomato can also be raw eaten. But, did you know that there is a dangerous content inside this red and juicy fruit? This fruit is containing with atropine and solanin or Glycooalcoloid. The amount of this poison is larger in the green or raw tomato. The effect from the poisoning is, the person will feel tired, migraine, headache and internal bleeding of digestive system. The worst case from this poison is paralyze and death. However, this poison can be neutralized by perfectly cooking it.

4. Apricot


The next poisonous fruit is apricot. The taste of apricot is freshly acidic and sweet as well. Apricot is one of the tropical fruits in the world. Related with the topic of this article, apricot is also contained with poison. The seed of apricot is the most venomous part of it. The apricot’s seed is contained with the poisons such as cyanide, glycoside cyanogens and amygdaline. The poisonous compound inside an apricot’s seeds could bring a severe headache, vomiting, insomnia, anxiety, excessive thirst, easy to tired, pain in the joint and muscles.

5. Jatropha


The next poisonous fruit on the list is Jatropha. Although this fruit is not so popular around the world but this fruit is really poisonous. Jatropha is contained with roxalbumin kursin compound which is really poisonous. The Jatropha’s tree and sap is also really dangerous beside of their fruits and seed. The sap of Jatropha will cause a skin irritation for those who are touched with it.

6. Jackfruit


The next poisonous fruit on the list is jackfruit. Jackfruit has sweet taste and the aroma is unique. Jackfruit is one of the tropical fruits in the world. However, this fruit is also contained with poison named toxin. Toxin is really dangerous especially for the people who have digestive problem. The sap from the jackfruit is also the cause of digestive system problem.

7. Mulberry


Mulberry is the next poisonous fruit on the list. Although it still located in the wild but the mulberry’s tree is really hard to be found. The fruit is tiny like grapes. However, behind the tiny appearance, mulberry is keeping a poison that can make the sufferer experiencing a severe stomachache. This fruit is a big no for the people who have gastric disease. The content inside mulberry could worsen the gastric disease. This fruit is also increasing the acid inside the hull. So, if you have a gastric problem, you need to stay away from this fruit.

8. Ackee

Ackee Fruit

Ackee is a native fruit from Jamaica. The taste of ackee is fresh and delicious. However, you better not eat this fruit directly without the right process because it can instantly kill you. This fruit is contained with hypoglycyn. The early stage of the poison is vomiting and the worst case is dead. The seeds from ackee are also poisonous. So, you need to dispose the seeds first although the fruit is already ripe.

9. Manchineel


The ninth poisonous fruit on the list is Manchineel. This plant is considered as the most poisonous plant in the world. Manchineel is also noted in the Guinness Book of Record for its deadly aspect.  The fruit of manchineel is also containing with various kind of poison. A survivor of this fruit said that this fruit is sweet at the beginning but after that, your body and throat will feel hot and you can’t swallow anything afterwards.

10. Daphne


Daphne is a name of a plant. The size of this fruit is like a grape and the color is pomegranate red. The fruit from Daphne is contained with daphnetoxin. The effect from this fruit is choked feeling and hard to breathe. So, you need to be very careful if you ever found this fruit in the wild.

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