10 Countries With The World’s Best Public Transportation That Make You Want To Move Here

Developed countries are closed with many kinds of problems and the most visible problem is the traffic jam. In my opinion, traffic jam is a multi dimension issue which needs time and the right strategy to solve the problem. Traffic jam is caused by vehicles flow disorder, the traffic light isn’t working properly, traffic accident and that is a few example of the cause of traffic jam. The numbers of private cars in the developed countries are increasing each year and the road volume isn’t available to accommodate all of the vehicles at once. Being stuck on a traffic jam can be frustrating especially for those who in a rush. The current government is still doing their best to find the right method of transportation to solve this problem. However, most of those countries are made it to find the right method while the other countries are still constructing their plan. In this article, I will provide you with the information about the countries with the best transportation, happy reading everyone.

1. New York

New York

The underground subway system in New York City is considered as one of the biggest achievement ever made by the American government. This issue is proved when the subway service can immediately revived after the subway tunnels were being flooded after the rainstorm in July 2012.

2. Berlin


The next country with the best transportation is Berlin. The public transportation in this city is always punctual, clean and it’s available everywhere. You can find many kind of public transportations such as tram, subway train or buses. They are available in every corner of the city. You don’t have to be curious to know when is the next transportation is arrived since you will be informed in how long you must wait for the next transportation is come. Isn’t it perfect time to say goodbye to traffic jam?

3. Zurich


The next country with the best transportation is located in Switzerland precisely in Zurich. Zurich is actually not a big country so it’s not a big issue for the Switzerland government to build the best public transportation. The public train Zurich is really clean and neat. These trains is also known for their punctuality, so you are no longer to be afraid for getting late to your office right?

4. Frankfurt


Alright, after enjoying the train in Zurich, let’s go to the next destination. Frankfurt is the business center in Germany. This city is the gold mine for Germany. In order to keep the business running smoothly, a rapid and dependable transportation system is needed. The advantages of the transportation system in Frankfurt are always punctual, clean and you don’t get a charge after you moving on from the subway to bus vice versa.

5. London


England is the next country with the best transportation. If we are talking about England, it would be impossible if we don’t talk about London. London has an area for 600 miles per square and the amazing thing is, you can reach all of it by taking a bus or the subway train. London Underground is the name of the subway system in London. This subway system is also known as the oldest subway system in the world because it’s already operating since 1863. If you done with these subway train, you can take a bus or tram which can be accessed in 39 bus stops around the city of London. Double Decker buses can also operating on the street and this big vehicle is also the icon of London. The bus ticket is also cheaper than the cab or train in here.

6. Paris


Have you done with the Double Decker? Wait, our journey isn’t over yet, let’s go to Paris. Paris is not only famous for its Eiffel Tower but also their mass transportation system as well. This city has many stations everywhere and it’s also supported with the well connected network system. The architecture of the stations is also fascinating. In addition, most of the passengers are the French women. Well, what do you think?

7. Tokyo


The next country with the best mass transportation system is Tokyo. Although the public transportation in Japan is really crowded but the network is absolutely wide, everything is clean, neat and punctual. If there is a delay even it’s for a minute, the management will sent their apology to each passengers.

8. Munich


Munich is another city in Germany known for the best mass transportation in the world. Their signature mass transportation is named with Munich U-Bahn (Munich subway train). This transportation system is known as the most comprehensive and punctual public transportation. U-Bahn is also integrated with S-Bahn (common train), buses and trams. You don’t have to worry if you are unfamiliar with the route in Germany since U-Bahn is already providing the MW App Companion to see the map, train schedule and alternative route that you can choose and there is also information of possibility traffic jam or delayed train departure. This application service is available for android and iPhone. The most convenient thing is you can also free to choose the category of subway ticket start from daily, weekly or monthly. All of these categories only need to be validated once.

9. Singapore


Just like in Tokyo, the public transportation system in Singapore is also the best in the world. The mass rapid transportation in Singapore is also cheaper, cleaner, more punctual and less crowded. You can take the train, subway or buses in this country and they are available in every corner of the street.

10. Seoul


The next country with best mass transportation system is South Korea precisely in Seoul. Seoul has the longest transportation system in the world with their 508 kilometers and across the 25 districts of this city. The train will arrive in every two minutes during the weekdays and rush hours. The subway train also providing the special space for elderly, pregnant woman and the disable persons. There are also merchants available in the subway stations. They put their goods on a big luggage. You can also enjoy the unlimited access of Wi-Fi inside the train just like the other public places in all South Korea.


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