10 Countries With The Best Education System

Education is one of the most important parameter in a country. A quality of a country can be seen from their education aspect. Education is one of the valuable aspects for supporting the country development. Although the funding system for education is also important to strengthen the education system but the vigorous culture which is supporting the education process is also vital. Well qualified teachers and education instructors are the other vital aspects to get the best education system. This article is showing that there is no exact correlation between higher salaries and better working performance. Through this article, I will provide you with the list of countries that have the best education system in the world. I believe that this article will be your alternative to decide the best country for you to continue your study. Check this one out!

1. Canada


The education system in Canada is included with private schools, universities, technical institution, vocational institutes, language school, summer camp and middle school. The education system in here was managed under the Constitution of Canada. That means, there are significant differences of education system on each province. Although each province has different education system but the government of Canada is implementing the same high standard on every province. Generally, the Canadian children will start their early education from 2 years of kindergarten and on the age of 4-5. All of the children start their first stage of education at the age of six. The first stage of junior high school starts at class of 11 to 12 but once again, it depends on the provinces itself. And after that, the students can continue their study to university. There is no official ranking in Canadian education institution, but you can find the high qualities education throughout the country. If you want to continue your study in here, you need to consider the type, size and the location of the related institution that suited you.

2. Switzerland


Switzerland has an education system called decentralization. Most of the decisions about the implementation of elementary and middle school are decided in the level of territories which are providing most of the education funds. This country didn’t have a federal education minister but several organizational aspects from the education system were applied throughout the country including the duration of school year and the number of schooling.

3. New Zealand

New Zealand 1

New Zealand has three stages such as, early education, middle school and high education. The students can participate in many flexible departments available in here. The education system in New Zealand is designed to identify different ability of the students and this system allowing the education providers to developing the special characters of the students. New Zealand has strong quality guarantee system which is ensuring the consistency and high quality education on every level of education system.

4. Netherland


The education in Netherland consists of elementary, middle and high levels. This level is forming path of study lead to many kinds of path. This education structure is very flexible and useful for students because they can switch their education from one to another to solve their education trouble in order to achieve their dreams. The standard of education system in Netherland has been implemented since 1815.

5. Great Britain

Great Britain

The education in Great Britain is delegated to each country in Great Britain who have separated system under the different governments. There are five stages of education on each country starts from early, primary, secondary, further, and university education. The law in Great Britain has been stated that full time education is compulsory activities for every child in Great Britain.

6. Singapore


The Education Ministry of Singapore has strong education system. The Singaporean students have high goal and they can achieve their goal very well. Singapore is acknowledged as a country with the best education in the world. Singapore has the best school, teachers and principals and their education facilities are also the best in the world. Their tradition is to maintain the active Singaporean students to ask the questions, look for the answers and willing to think on a new way. And another important method is, to help the students to build their values so they have character durability and strength. So, are you interested to continue your study in here?

7. Japan

Japan 1

The education system in Japan was being reformed after the World War II. The old system known as 6-5-3-3 has been changed into 6-3-3-4 (6 years of elementary school, 3 years of junior high school, 3 years of high school, and 4 years of university) by referring to the American system. The basic Japanese education system is known as 9 years of Gimukyoiku consist of 6 years in shougakku (elementary school) and 3 years in chuugakkou (junior high school). Japan is one of the most educated populations in the world. The Japanese Ministry of Education is supervising the curriculum, textbooks, classes and maintains the same level of education in entire of the country. And as the result, a high standard of education has been dispersed in entire Japan.

8. Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is our next country with the best education system. More than 20% of Hong Kong government budget has been allocated for their education system. That is why Hong Kong has been developing the best education system to accommodating the local and expatriate students. The education system in Hong Kong is adopting the Great Britain system, started from the age of three. Hong Kong has 8 competitive universities. They are also offering many kinds of foreign studies scholarship.

9. South Korea

South Korea

The government in South Korea is free of charge until the age of fifteen. The school funding is really centralized with the local school system which originated from their 80% of their revenue. The education system in South Korea is similar with the other Korean government operation, which is produced and funded by the head office.

10. Finland

Finland 1

Finland is a country with the best education system on the lists. The government of Finland has been reform their education system since 40 years ago. The education system in this country is consistently above the average of the international education system.




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