10 Common Mistakes Of Diet That You Usually Do

Who doesn’t want to have an ideal body? I think everybody wants to have it at least on their dream. There are many ways to loose our excessive weight and diet is one of the safest ways to achieve our dream. Diet is already proved as the healthiest way to get in shape but unfortunately some of couldn’t make it to get the desired result. What is the problem? Isn’t the same diet method? If the method is the same then why some of us couldn’t get the same result? Well, there must be something wrong with our way of diet. So, here are the common mistakes of diet presented just for all of you.

1. Not Enough Exercise

Not Enough Exercise

Getting tired of your diet? Well, there must be problems in how you doing the diet itself. There are two common mistakes during the diet itself. The first mistake I, you might be managed to loose some weight but in fact, the missing part from your body is not the fat but your muscles. Therefore, you might looks slimmer but it’s unappealing. The second mistake is, your diet might have slowing the body metabolism. The right diet is didn’t mean to reduce your meal by a very little portion. As the result, your body will suffered since it didn’t get a balanced supply energy inside your body and slowing your body metabolism.

2. Focusing on Numbers

Focusing on Numbers

The second common mistake in diet is, we are too focusing on scale. If the exercise is correct then you will lose as much as you train more. For example, if you are already losing 5 pound of fat, you will gain 5 pound of muscles at the same time. Although the scale is not moving but you will look better. The correct way is how you look from the outside and it doesn’t relate with losing weight program. As long as you look better, then you should be fine.

3. Cardio Exercise

Cardio Exercise

Cardio is one of the most important exercises to lose some weight. When you decide to have exercises to loose your weight, is it always be the cardio exercise? The key to get and preserve an ideal body is increasing the body metabolism. In the other words, you will burn not only the calorie inside your body during the exercise but also the day after exercising. Doing the interval exercise and metabolism endurance training are better than the cardio itself.

4. Skipping the Breakfast

Skipping the Breakfast

The fourth common mistake in diet is skipping the breakfast. Breakfast is the best way to start your day. When you woke up in the morning, you are already fasting for more than 8 hours. That mean, your body will suffer from the lack of nutrition. If you can’t supply your body with the energy needed for your daily activities that will be a bad news for your muscle because your muscle is the important component for supporting your body metabolism. According from the recent study is showing that a balance breakfast is the best way to supply your body with the energy. A balance breakfast will also help you to avoid the overeating during the lunch time. You can get the first supply of nutrition for your body from a healthy breakfast.

5. Diet Pill

Diet Pill

Consuming diet pill is the alternative way to loose some weight. Do you know that those pills are not so effective to lose your weight? Most of us are probably believe on what we saw on the diet pills advertisement. Well, it’s up to you to choose the best solution for your weight. A natural process of diet is still the best way to loose your weight.

6. Eat Too Little

Eat Too Little

It need three times of meal for an ideal and getting sufficient supply of energy for our body. Two times of snack is also needed every day. Most of the common mistake that always happen during the diet is eating too little when breakfast and lunch. As the result, you will eat more than it should be when the dinner comes. A balance portion on each meal is really important to maintain your body.

7. Endless Business

Endless Business

Your business at the office is usually make you skipping your meal lunch and dinner time. This condition is continued when your work partners are asking you out for dinner. As the result, you can’t hold your desire to eat more and more.

8. Emotional Eating

Emotional Eating

Food can give any kind of influences for someone’s mood. For example, a sad woman can eat a bar of chocolate alone. There is also a man who enjoys eating a large portion of food just to relieve his stress. Therefore,  you need to throw away this emotional eating if you wish to have an ideal body.

9. Inconsistency


Now, for the next common mistake in diet on the list is inconsistency. You have a good diet plan and for example, you want to loose weight as soon as possible so you will be ready for the summer. But in the reality, your weight seems to be in static pattern although it’s nearly summertime. What is the problem? Alright, this might answer your question. You are so enthusiast at the beginning of your diet program but your spirit is slowly faded away as the time goes on especially when you didn’t get the immediate result. As the following action, you become reluctant to continue the program and eat everything that you want in order to forget your failure. The most important thing to remember is, any kind of diet method is useless when you can’t get out from your habit of inconsistency.

10. Lack of Sleep

Lack of Sleep

Lack of sleep is the next common mistake which is always ignored and it’s one of the causes of your diet failure. The kartisol hormone inside your body will increase as long as you continue to staying up so late.  A high amount of kartisol will make it hard to dissolve the fat inside your body and it will help them to stack inside your body.

That is the 10 common mistakes of diet which we are always doing. If you have already doing your diet program, make sure that you didn’t do 1 of the 10 common mistakes above.

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