10 Bizzare Tastes of Ice Cream You Might Didn’t Want To Try

Ice cream, this snack is definitely the most favorite food in the world. Ice cream is not only the favorite snack for kids but also for everyone who love to eat them. Ice cream is available with so many flavors. Chocolate, strawberry and vanilla is the most favorite taste of ice cream. However, there is more ice cream flavor which is unique and strange. Most of the ice cream’s tastes are insanely strange and you might not imagine that the strange taste of ice creams is really existed and they are also available in the market. The strange taste of ice cream is the result ice cream maker’s invention result. So, are you curious enough to know the strange taste of ice cream below? Here they are.

1. Curry Ice Cream

Curry Ice Cream

The first strange taste of ice cream on the list is the curry ice cream. As we know together, curry is a kind of delicious dish and it’s also one of the most favorite dishes especially in the Asian countries. This time this delicious dish is served on a bowl of ice cream! The taste of curry is thick and delicious. This ice cream is considered as one of the most unique ice cream in the world. The ingredients of this unique ice cream are consisting of milk, coconut, egg yolk, sugar, lemon, and of course a curry paste. So, what is your choice? Do you want to eat it? Or do you want to make it at your home?

2. Wasabi Ice Cream

Wasabi Ice Cream

Wasabi is a name of Japanese chili paste and it’s usually served along with sushi. Wasabi is globally known as the spiciest chili paste in the world. What if the famous chili paste called wasabi turned into an ice cream? Yes it is, there is a wasabi ice cream in Tokyo, Japan. According from the people who ever try this ice cream, the taste is not so spicy anymore and it’s also not too sweet. So what do you think? Are you interested to try?

3. Octopus Ice Cream

Octopus Ice Cream

The next bizzare taste of ice cream is still located in Japan. This country is also famous for it’s unlimited creativity and innovation of food tastes start from the most delicious to the most bizarre taste of them.  Now I will show you another bizarre taste of ice cream in here. The main ingredient of this ice cream is the octopus. The octopus ice cream or also known as Taco Aisu is really contained with sliced octopus inside it. So, do you want to eat a different way of octopus?

4. Bacon Ice Cream

Bacon Ice Cream

Alright, the next bizarre taste of ice cream in the world is the bacon ice cream. Bacon is a name of dried slice of meats. The main ingredient of bacon is usually come from beef or pork. Bacon is a common food for breakfast. This sliced meat is usually served along with the sunny side egg and fried sausages. An American chef named David Lebovitz is trying to make another variation of bacon. And there he is, a bacon ice cream is the result. The cooking process of bacon ice cream is also unique, you need sliced bacon mixed with cinnamon, vanilla and a little bit of rum. I think this ice cream can be your breakfast alternative.

5. Bacon and Jalapeno Ice Cream

Bacon and Jalapeno Ice Cream

The next bizarre taste on the list is bacon and jalapeno ice cream. Wait, can you imagine the sweetness taste of ice cream is combined with spicy taste from chili? The main ingredient of this unique ice cream is similar with wasabi ice cream from Japan. The spicy taste of Jalapeno is combined with another unique bacon ice cream. Jalapeno is considered as the spiciest chili in Mexico. So you might have already imagined the taste of this ice cream right?

6. Garlic Ice Cream

Garlic Ice Cream

Garlic is the main ingredient for cooking in almost many countries in the world. Garlic is a common thing that we can found in the kitchen. Garlic is usually stirred or shredded to strengthen the flavor of our dishes. However, there is a bizarre ice cream that using garlic as the main ingredient. Garlic ice cream is a combination result of garlic and honey. This unique ice cream has strong flavor from garlic and the sweetness taste from honey.

7. Spaghetti and Cheese Ice Cream

Spaghetti and Cheese Ice Cream

The next bizarre ice cream can be located in Venezuela. This ice cream is probably the most unique of all. However, it might be unappealing for some people. This ice cream is made from sliced spaghetti and cheese. This ice cream is served with vanilla. If you want to try this ice cream, you are suggested to mix the spaghetti and cheese by yourself.

8. Cheese Burger Ice Cream

Cheese Burger Ice Cream

The next bizarre taste of ice cream is the cheese burger ice cream. Burger has been the most popular food in many kind of fast food restaurant. But what if you try to eat another variation of burger? Still in Venezuela, there is a bizarre ice cream that using burger as the main ingredient. The ice cream is served along with the combination of burger patty, cheese, onion ring, and the other secret ingredients.

9. Mother’s Milk Ice Cream

Mother’s Milk Ice Cream

Milk is a common ingredient for making a delicious ice cream. However, unlike the other milk inside an ice cream, this one is different. The milk that used for this ice cream is coming from the mother’s milk. The amount of mother’s milk inside this ice cream is up to 75%. This bizarre ice cream is mixed with lemon and vanilla. The biggest question is, where do the ice cream makers get the main ingredient? The milk is obtained from the donation of people who are curious with the taste of their own milk.

10. Horse Ice Cream

Horse Ice Cream

As the previous bizarre ice cream from Japan which is providing the sliced octopus inside the ice cream, there is more bizarre taste of ice cream. This ice cream is contained with horse meat! Eating horse meat is considered as a bizarre food. If you have the same opinion about eating horse meat is bizarre thing, so what about eating a cup of ice cream with sliced horse meat sounds like?


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