Top 21 Popular Korean Foods You Should Try

Nowadays, South Korea is the new reference of global culture. The impact of Korean wave or K-Wave is so viral and it goes through many countries. Talking about South Korea, we absolutely think about a beautiful country, amazing boybands and girlbands and their traditional culture are also incredible. Some of the Korean cuisines have been introduced to the world. Names like bibimbap, jjapchae and kimchi are already popular among the globe. In this article, I will give you more option of Korean delicacies especially for the street food which are also famous. There are various cities to find the Korean famous street food. Myeondong and Insandong are the popular cities to find it. Well, let’s check this one out!

1. Kultarae


Kkultarae is one of the Insandong’s sweet snacks. It looks like a white cocoons made from delicate yarns. Kkultarae is made from hardened honey and mixed with wheat flour and filled with grind nut and uniquely made with hands. Kkultarae itself means “honey roll” .

2. Hotteok


Hotteok is a South Korean popular rice cake. If ordinary rice cake is steamed, then Hotteok is a fried version of it. This sticky rice is flat in shape filled with minced peanut mixed with cinnamon powder and sugar. This unique street food is served best when the winter comes.

3. Gukwa Ppang


Gukwa Ppang is made from dough and cooked in a chrysant flower mold. This cake are small, pretty and it has sweet taste.

4. Hodugwaja


The cooking process of hodugwaja is similar with gukwa ppang. The differences come from the cake mold; it’s shaped like walnut and filled with red bean paste and a walnut inside it. This snack is popular as a gift or souvenirs.

5. Twigim


Fried snacks are not only popular in Indonesia but also famous in South Korea. These fried snack selection called Twigim. Twigim is a fried snack usually made from shrimp, squid and various vegetables such as eggplant, carrot or yam dipped in dough. Twigim usually served with peanut or tteokpokki sauce.

6. Dakkochi


If you are a die hard fans of grilled chicken, then you have to try this Myeondong signature snack. The shape is similar with chicken satay or yakitori. Dakkochi is a pieces of chicken meat and grilled like chicken satay or yakitori. Dakkochi served with spicy and sweet sauce.

7. Kkochi-eomuk


This snack is also best served at winter. Kkochi-emouk is a fish ball snack, it can be boiled or served with turnip and seaweed gravy. Kkochi-emouk is best to be served with soy sauce and chili sauce.

8. Gyeran Ppang


This is a savory cake with egg on the center. Gyeran Ppang is always served hot. The merchant of Gyeran Ppang is easily discovered in every corner of the street, market, school or bus station.

9. Bbopki


Bbopki is a Korean traditional candy made from melted caramel and baking soda. Bbopki can be found in most of the city.

10. Dried Squid and Octopus


This snack is usually served into paper glass and cooked with butter. The merchant are also selling squid and octopus chips.

11. Gimbab


Gimbap is a Korean food consists of rice wrapped in seaweed. A Gimbap ingredient consists of salted rice and sesame oil. Gimbap can be filled with fish, egg, crab, ribs, kimchi, cheese, and tuna. Gimbap is a popular as the delicacies at picnic, hiking and outdoor activities. Gimbap has been chosen by the foreign tourists as the Korean favorite food.

12. Hweori Gamja


Hweori Gamja is a Korean unique street food. Basically, Hweori Gamja is a potato chip with a long spiral shape. This snack is made from a whole potato and cutted in spiral like a tornado. You can hweori gamja with various available seasoning, such as cheese, spicy, barbeque and sweet corn.

13. Jipangy Ice cream


As you can see in the picture, this is not an ordinary ice cream, It doesn’t filled in cones but inside a yellow colored bread in shape like perforated stick. Jipangyi ice cream is popular in Insadong.

14. Sundae


Do you think it’s the name of ice cream? Well I’m sorry your answer is incorrect. Sundae in Korea is made from filled pig or cow intestines. This snack are usually boiled or steamed like a sausages. Sundae is very famous snack in entire Korea.

15. Ddukbokkie


The smell of this snack is usually smelled at night. Ddukbokkie is a mixture of a fish cake and boiled egg served with sweet and spicy sauce. A chewy and tender rice cake is usually served to reduce the  spiciness taste of Ddukbokkie.

16. Dakjuk


Dakjuk is made from boiled chicken with garlic and onion and it’s added with rice until it’s fully cooked. It’s similar with a chicken porridge in visual but it has thicker porridge and rich in chicken taste.

17. Yangnyeom Tongdak


Southern American fried chicken is already known as the popular variation of fried chicken. But Yangnyeom Tongdak will offering you another sensation of fried chicken. This is a fried chicken mixed with sweet and spicy sauce. The mixed taste of crispy and tender chicken will indulge your tongue.

18. Japchae


Japchae is mixed vermicelli with various vegetables and beef. Ingredients like beef and sliced vegetables. Each of these ingredients stirred separately to keep the taste and flavor. The seasonings are onion, soy sauce and sugar stirred with sesame oil and beef. All of the ingredients are mixed in boiled vermicelli  and stirred with sesame oil, sliced chili and sesame seeds.

19. Bibimbap


“Bibim” in Korean means “mixed” and “bap” means “rice”. All of bibimbap ingredients are already prepared before added to a warm rice. Stir fried meat and egg are added on it. Bibimbap is usually served with spicy sauce made from gochujang (Korean chili paste).

20. Bulgogi


Bulgogi is probably the most popular of Korean cuisines. This food is made from sliced beef dipped in a sauce (mixture of pear juice, soy sauce, and garlic). And then, a juicy sliced beef is ready to eat.

21. Kimchi


This is absolutely the most acknowledge Korean cuisines. Kimchi is a kind of fermented vegetables seasoned with spicy taste. White mustard and turnip are the main vegetables of this food. After the vegetables are sliced, they are mixed with various kind of seasoning consist of kriil, fish sauce, garlic, ginger and red chili powder.


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