Top 10 Spicy Food Countdown

Food, we need it, we love it, and we are craving for it, food is one of the most important aspects in our life, the taste of foods are already developed in centuries by people in order to find the most delicious yet elegant food, not only from its visual look, but the taste itself are important too, sweet, sour and spicy are the variety examples of food all over the world, on this chance, we will give you the most spiciest food on earth, think you can handle it all?

10. Neua Pad Prik

Spicy Food Thai Neua Pad Prik

Our first spicy food comes from Thailand, it’s called Neua Pad Prik or called Thai Pepper Steak, it is a perfect blend of fried beef, herbs and of course, chilli peppers. It is very easy to make, just stir it with garlic hot chilli peppers, bamboo shoots, green onions, mint and basil leaves, soy, fish, oyster sauce and the last ingredients are palm sugar. Hmm just a little bit spicy right?

9. Sichuan Hot Pot

Spicy Sichuan Hot Pot

Next, we are going to China, there is a spicy signature dish that can make you drink a lot of a mineral water, that is Sichuan Hot Pot. While in another countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Brunei Darrusalam gives you ordinary stew consist of sliced beef, meatball, fish cakes, and various vegetables, this Sichuan hot pot styles will take you to a whole new level of spicy food, the secret is the combination usage of Sichuan spicy paste with 20 dried chillies, yes, don’t be surprised, it’s only 20 dried chillies, it is still acceptable isn’t it?

8. Tom Yam Goong

Spicy Tom Yam Goong

Another signature dish from Thailand, this food is the most popular spicy dish among Thai people and the fame is continued to spread out to the world. This dish is a combination between seafood and spicy broth consist of ginger and lemongrass, this dish is very suitable to eat in rainy season or cold weather.

7. Shrimp Creole

Spicy Shrimp Creole

Now let’s go to United Stated of America, we are free to try one of the most popular spicy food there, it is called shrimp creole, it is a spicy combination between shrimp, Worchestershire sauce pepper and chilli powder, feel the wrath of Uncle Sam in your mouth and stomach, are you ready?

 6. Bibimpap with Kimchi

Spicy Bibimbab

We are going back to Asia continent to try one of their popular dish, bibimbap with kimchi, it is originated from South Korea, Bibimbap means mixed rice with meat and vegetables, what makes it is spicy is come from its side dish, kimchi is a fermented white mustard with chilli and vinegar, although it’s spicy, but this side dish have many benefits especially for our digestion system, kimchi is considered as the most healthy food on earth.

5. Jerk Chicken

Jamaican Spicy Jerk Chicken

Talking about Jamaica, we cannot forget about their reggae idol, yes, Bob Marley is an iconic Jamaican musician, but wait, Jamaica is not only about Bob Marley, introducing another iconic dish called jerk chicken. It’s a combination of grilled chicken with a special type of chilli called habanero or Scotch bonnet. This dish is suitable with a glass of rum cocktail to wash your thirst.

 4. Suicide Chicken Wings

Spicy Suicide Chicken Wing

Alright, this is not the name of a pop punk band, it is really frustrating dish for your tongue that make you wants to commited suicide, ever wonder how come this chicken wings so iconic? Here we go, originated from Uncle Sam territory, it is a blending ingredient between chicken wings and red-hot chilli pepper; it is sound familiar isn’t it?

3. Wot

Spicy Wot

Wot or Stew in English is a national dish from Ethiophia, it is a combination between skinned chickens, chilli and pepper, it is best served in a large number of families. Appropriate with Ethiophians, spirit of togetherness.

2. Vindaloo

Chicken Vindaloo

Now, we are going to try one of the most precious Indian treasures, it is called Vindaloo, a mixture between marinaded meat with various kind of spices such as cumin, ginger,coriander, cumin, and don’t forget the star, dried chillies,  all of those ingredients will make your tongue dancing like never before, now you know that India is  not only about Shah Rukh Kahn, Kareena Kapoor and Shaheer Sheikh right?

1. Sambel Ulek

Spicy Sambal Ulek

Now, we already arrived at the throne of the spiciest food on earth, please, make a way for the spiciest food on earth, ladies and Gentlemen, give your standing ovation for Sambel Ulek! A perfect variety combination of chilli, habanero, chayenne and madam jeannete pepper make it a formidable and undisputed opponent dish in the level of spiciness. Congratulation once again for Sambel Ulek!

Well, that is our today top 10 spicy food countdown, this review is based on online voting by netizen, I’m sure there are more spicy food to come and replacing the current throne, are you ready to see the next champion of spicy food?

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