20 Tips For Quit Smoking

We already know that smoking is hazardous to our health. A passive smoker shared the same dangerous matter with an active smoker. There are thousands of hazardous chemical components inside a single cigarette. The government has been publishing the advertisement about the danger of smoking in order to reduce the number of active smoker and raise the awareness of passive smoker. The smoke produced from the cigarette is also dangerous. If you are an active smoker and you want to quit, this article will certainly help you to quit from this hazardous habit.

1. Set up Your Plan


For an active smoker, quit smoking is nearly impossible even it’s only a day. First thing to do is set up your plan. Make sure that you really want to quit. Make a strict schedule but not that strict, Imean, you will experience when you are really want to smoke.

2. Ask your Family or Relatives for Help


Say what you want to quit smoking to your family or relatives. I’m sure that they will fully supporting you. You can ask them to not smoking in front of you

3. Set up Your Target


For an active smoker, quit smoking is prove to be a difficult task. The solution is, set up your time target. At least, try to quit smoking in two weeks or a month. Make sure that you are not stress during that time, otherwise it would be wasted if you decide to smoke again. Try to reduce smoking in a step by step.

4. Start From the Easiest Way


If you are feeling stress, you can smoke, but if you don’t, it’s better to forget about it for a while. You can smoke in a reduced portion, for example if you can spend a pack of cigarette; there are only five cigarettes a day. So, smoking in a reduced portion will help you to quit from smoking step by step.

5. Keep Busy


Throw yourself in a tight schedule and activities. Find intense activities such as swimming, cycling, and playing soccer. With this tight schedule, you will slowly forget to smoke.

6. Drink more Water


A mineral water can cleanse up your lungs. It can refined the toxin of a cigarette and release it through your urine. A mineral water and a cigarette is not suitable, so it’s the best method to quit smoking.

7. Avoid Smoking Area

smoking area

Places like public library, bookstore and hospital will provides you with a non smoking area. It’s the best places for you to slowly quit smoking, If you are going out with your friends, you can take them to non smoking areas.

8. Change your Cigarette

change your cigarette

A cigarette and a cup of coffee is the best thing an active smoker ever had. Usually they smoke after eat too. You can change your cigarette with chocolate, gum, or other foods. I’m not going to say it’s easy, but nothing is impossible.

9. Stay Positive

stay positive

If you want to quit smoking, don’t try to think it was a sacrifice. You need to consider that you’re deserved to live and it’s the new chapter of your life. Leave every bad experience behind you.

10. No More Smoking after Dinner

after dinner

As I already mention on the previous article, an active smoker tend to smoke after eat. The solution is, slowly change your smoking habit with walking or swimming and cycling. Although it seems hard, but I believe you can quit from this.

11. Have Enough Sleep

enough sleep

ThIs is the only time when an active smoker won’t have to smoke. Try to get enough sleep every day.  Try go to bed early. You will be guaranteed with a lot of advantages of going bed early every morning.

12. Acupuncture


This is an ancient traditional health method for reducing the tendency of smoking.   Acupuncture is proven to be a better media to enhance your fertility and your memory.

13. Reward Yourself


Reward yourself with anything that you like, this is a reward for you because you managed to suppres your will of smoking. One good aspect about this is, you can use your saving at home and buy anything that you like.

14. Reduce your Bad habit

bad habits

Alcohol, coffee and late sleep probably the main cause of cancer as well along with their friends. If it’s impossible to be done. Try to reduce the cigarette with other beverage. Such as milk, tea and so on.

15. Mind Your Diet


Consider your choice of diet and follow the nutrition from the nutritionist. In change of reduced smoking you might gain your weight .

16. E-cigarette


People has been introduced with an e-cigarrette that there are e-cigarrette to reduce the usage of smoke. The e-cigarette is as dangerous as a normal cigarette. You don’t need to burn up the tip, just push the button and your e-cigarette is ready to use.

17. Don’t fall from the Same Matters


There is a term “one cigarette one day”. I tell you, this is not relevant with your mission, because the rest cigarettes will follow. And then, you will not succeed in your goal, which is quit smoking.

18. Self Suggestion

self suggestion

This is the other version of hypnotherapy, you can talk in front of your mirror and said simple spell like “ I want to quit, I want to quit” or “I’m not going to smoke, I’m not going to smoke”. This will help you to keep in mind that you wouldn’t touch the cigarette again.

19. Stay Away from the Fellow Smokers


We couldn’t avoid that the majority of us especially for males are smokers. If you decide to quit, you need to keep your distance from the other smokers. If not, it will be wasted if you keep your distance close to them which can trigger your desire to smoke again.

20. Never Give Up

never give up

People who want to quit smoking are more likely failed in the first attempt. Well, you are not alone, because every people have the same problem,. They are failed in the first attempt. So, don’t quit now, your journey is not over, you can still managed to quit from smoking on the second attempt or the third attempt.

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