The Venomous Frogs

Frog is one of the amphibian creatures. They are usually stayed at the second line of food chain. Frog is hunted by the other animal such as snake, eagle, crocodile and human. But did you know there are frogs which can kill you with their venom? Wait, a venomous frog? Yes it is, venomous frogs do exists. They used their venom as their defense mechanism not to kill their prey. And yes, there are a lot of dangers out there and their venom is the best defense mechanism toward their predators. Although they are very attractive in colors, but I suggested to stay away from them, I’m not kidding, these frogs are the real deal of venomous creatures. You may watch it but you may not touch it.

1. Giant Leaf Frog

Giant Leaf Frog

This attractive frog is also called as monkey frog. They can produces venom with various effects such as gastric disease until hallucination. The Amazon tribes used their venom as burnt ointment. This frog is facing the risk of extinction caused by overexploited. The experts are developing their venom as the cure for AIDS and cancer.

2. Golden Poison Frog

Golden Poison Frog

This beautiful frog is coming from Colombian Coastal area. Keep your distance from this frog because they are venomous. Golden Poison Frog may be small and we can hold them in our hands. Trust me, it’s the last thing you can do in the world. Surprisingly, this tiny frog could kill 10-20 human or 2 African elephant in instance. There has been a report that chicken or dog could killed after passing the trace of the frog’s venom.

3. Kokoe Poison Dart Frog

Kokoe Poison Dart Frog

This frog is still related with golden poison frog which is already mentioned before. Kokoe Poison Dart Frog producing their venom through their skin called batrachotoxin. If someone exposed with this toxin, they will have an excruciating pain, seizures and paralyzed.

4. Black Legged Dart Frog

Black Legged Dart Frog

This is another venomous frog in the world. Black legged dart frog or Phyllobates bicolor has been found in the western part of Colombian jungle. This frog is smaller than golden poison frog, but they are equally venomous. This frog also has batrachotoxin which can kill anyone who touched it. A 150 microgram of toxin is more than enough to kill you. This kind of venom can bring you unbearable pain, numb, respiratory and muscles problem.

5. Splash Backed Poison Frog

Splash Backed Poison Frog

They usually lived in the rainforest of Peru and Ecuador. This frog is the most venomous species of the genus. They could kill five humans from their skins secretions. Their color skin is definitely attractive but they have one simple message, stay away from me.

6. Lovely Poison Frog

Lovely Poison Frog

This frog also known as spotted arrow frog. This small toad lives in Central America. They may not be that venomous than the other species, but still they can make your heart stop moving especially for their predator. Don’t get fooled by their name.

7. Blue Poison Dart Frog

Blue Poison Dart Frog

The venom from this frog could kill unwary predators. A blue poison dart frog can also kill you by its 2 microgram of toxin and it’s more than enough to kill you. This frog can be located in South American rainforest.

8. Red-backed Poison Frog

Red-backed Poison Frog


The next venomous frog is Red backed Poison Frog. Although their venom only categorized as “middle” effect, but still we can’t let this fact fooled us. Their neurotoxin venom coming from the ants that they consumed and they kept it inside their skin. This splendid defense mechanism is used to intimidate their predator. Their natural enemy is, ground snake which is resistant from their venom.

9. Strawberry Poison Dart Frog

Strawberry Poison Dart Frog

With their blazing red color, this tiny frog can be a serious problem for anyone who accidentally touched it. Strawberry Poison Dart Frog retrieving the venom from their prey, mites. It’s a kind of small arachnidae which is the main food of this frog. If you accidentally touched this frog, you will feel the burning sensation and swollen skin. This frog is facing the danger of extinction due to deforestation and climate change. The conservation attempt is required for protecting this frog.

10. Spotted Poison Frog

Spotted Poison Frog

This frog also known as spotted poison frog. This poisonus frog coming from Central American rainforests. This little guy is the most venomous frog which can make the victims experiencing heart failure.

11. Golfodulcean Poison Frog

Golfodulcean Poison Frog

Their skin is catchy. This frog can be your nightmare and they will bring you an unforgettable pain. It has been reported that the victim who eat this frog dealing a numb and uncomfortable feeling in their throat. The worst case caused by this frog is absolutely death. You better keep walking when you see this frog accidentally.

12. Phantasmal Poison Frog

Phantasmal Poison Frog

This little assassin has the highest toxicity beneath their body. Their body is measured less than an inch in length but they sure have a deadly pack of punch through their venom. Their venom could kill the human or other predators. They are also facing the danger of extinction due to deforestation in their own natural habitat, Colombia rainforest. Their venom are also extracted by the scientist in order to get their toxin. If you really want to touch this frog, you need to wear a safety gloves, googles, and face mask.

13. Dyeing Dart Frog

Dyeing Dart Frog

This is the third biggest frog. They used their venom as their defense mechanism and it’s visible through their colorful color and patterns. The most interesting part involving this frog is, the native tribes from Guyana used this frog as dyeing color for decoration and coated their arrows with those venoms, however, don’t try this at home, ever.

Well, the conclusion is, they are all harmless and they will not attack us unless they feel cornered or threatened. If you ever found one of this animal, make a safe distance is suggested and you may call the frog expert if necessary. If you want to kept them as one of your pet, you need an extra attention and please handle them with care. Stay safe everyone.

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