The Various Kinds Of Donut

Everyone loves doughnuts, but the days when a mix-and-match box of glazed, old-fashioned, and chocolate would suffice are long gone. Around the country, indie doughnut-makers have pushed the classic treat into new terrain, smothering yeasty rounds with Sichuan peppercorn-laced icing, piping in foie gras, and loading on the bacon.

1. Unicorn Donut

Unicorn Donut

There’s no hole, but these treats are plenty magical and sweet. Using a cookie cutter to cut doughnut dough before frying yields fun treats in any number of shapes. Naturally, unicorn are a fantastic shape choice. Rainbow themed decoration optional.

2. Red Velvet Donut

Red Velvet Donut

A classic layer cake translates well in doughnut form. Cocoa and plenty of red food coloring contribute to the success of this treat…but of course, a healthy dollop of cream cheese icing piped in the doughnut’s holey midsection doesn’t hurt.

3. Cheesypuff Donut

Cheesypuff Donut

Miniature donuts with unique dips is one of the features that makes Doughnuttery stand out from all donut makers of New York! The cheesy poof is an interesting combination of powdered sugar coated donuts with cheddar, corn, and jalapeño that is definitely worth a try!

4. Grilled Cheese Donut

Grilled Cheese Donut

Forget one, the Tom + Chee chain has a whole range of eccentric donuts ranging from the grilled cheese (cheddar on glazed donut) to The King (banana, peanut butter, mascarpone and mozerella on donut) to Barbara Blue (blueberry compote, ham, and brie on a donut)!

5. Double Chocolate

Double Chocolate

A chocolate cake dough cooked to perfection and topped with a chocolate frosting brings to you a chocolaty goodness you just can’t resist. This glistening treat is a dream snack for every donut fanatic.

6. Glazed Donut

Glazed Donut

A classic will always remain just that-classic! The classic glazed donuts will always reign on top when it comes to donuts. No matter what time of the day or what month of the year, a simple glazed yeast dough donut always works best.

5. Jelly Filled Donut

Jelly Filled Donut

Be it strawberry, raspberry, or blueberry, these donuts are every berry lover’s dream come true. A donut filled with a rich lemony filling will never fail to disappoint a great of the tangy citrus flavor.

6. Potato Donut

Potato Donut

It used to be that mashed potatoes were added to the mix to “stretch” doughnut dough during times of shortage. But a happy effect is that it also lends a delicious moisture and tender texture to the fried rounds. An interesting recipe to try, and in good company with other unusual cakes.

7. Donut Burger

Donut Burger

In case the bacon topped doughnut wasn’t extreme enough for you…try a doughnut burger. The idea is simple: make burgers. Assemble your toppings. Then put them between, instead of a bun, a doughnut. Salty, sweet, and pretty impressive.

8. Cronut


The cronut, which is the love child of doughnut and croissant. Flaky layers of croissant dough are fried and layered with cream for what promises to be a memorable, if not virtuous, treat. Learn to how to make a croissant that’s oh-so delicious and buttery right at home, and then just imagine the taste when you turn it into a doughnut.

9. Bacon Maple Bar

Bacon Maple Bar

A raised yeast doughnut topped with maple frosting and bacon strips.  It is distinct from other donuts because of the prominent bacon and maple syrup–flavored glaze used for toppings and has been discussed in the media as part of the phenomenon sometimes referred to as bacon mania.

10. Old Dirty Bastard

Old Dirty Bastard

A homage to the late member of the Wu Tang Clan or a commentary on how we’d feel after eating one? This doughnut is part of the creations at Voodoo Doughnut in Portland, Oregon. Coming in with chocolate frosting, Oreo crumbles, and peanut butter, the only thing missing is some cream filling.

11. Boss Hog

Boss Hog

The Boss Hog doughnut is pilled high with pulled pork and potato salad, and drizzled with honey BBQ sauce.

12. Chocolate Chip Donut

Chocolate Chip Donut

It’s a known fact that chocolate chip cookie dough makes just about everything better. Doughnuts are included, as evidenced by these doughnuts glazed with a last meal-worthy chocolate chip cookie dough glaze.

13. Ice Cream Donut

Ice Cream Donut

Doughnuts become hot weather-friendly with the addition of a little ice cream. It’s a treat easily made at home by cutting a doughnut in half, inserting a scoop of ice cream, and either eating immediately or keeping in the freezer until a sweet craving hits.

14. Foie Gras

Foie Gras

This is a deluxe donut, filled with foie gras (fatty duck liver), concord grape jam, and then topped with sea salt and powdered sugar.

15. Kolaches


Starting as a Czech wedding dessert traditionally filled with fruit and cream, the Czech pastry has taken hold in various areas, with strong roots in Houston, Texas. In the American reiteration, the traditional recipe still exists. However, a very popular version consists of the dough combined with sausage, cheese, and jalapeño peppers. They look like a “pigs in a blanket” to the untrained eye, but they taste even better.

16. Red Bull Jelly Donut

Red Bull Jelly Donut

In this caffeinated doughnut the recipe’s creator uses Red Bull to forge a jello-like filling and tops it with Nerds and Pop Rocks. While the creator urges against making (let alone trying) the doughnut, we can’t help but be curious about what this pocket of pure energy might taste like.

17. Strawberry Milk Shake Donut

Strawberry Milk Shake Donut

Based in the United Kingdom, Greggs operates as one of the largest chain bakeries in the UK, working as a “grab and go” type of bake shop. This doughnut is topped with strawberry cream icing and white chocolate and stuffed with “mallow strawberry cream icing.” We’re not exactly sure what that its, but its sounds divine.

18. Whiskey Bacon Donut

Whiskey Bacon Donut

Possibly the manliest doughnut ever made, this savory doughnut utilizes a maple whiskey glaze, with a topping of crumbled candied bacon to produce a donut that will likely put a little (more) hair on your chest.

19. The Dead Elvis

The Dead Elvis

It’s not a secret that Elvis loved to pig out, particularly in his later years. Inspired by “the King” and his eating habits, this doughnut combines a number of different classic snacks. It’s a cream-filled doughnut topped with banana and bacon bits, and filled with peanut butter and jelly.

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