12 Simple Remedies for Sleeping Disorder

Sleeping Disorder

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Have you ever felt drowsy during the day? Do you feel that your emotions are unstable? Or do you ever felt that you are easier to feel tired most of the time? If yes, well congratulations! You are not the only one who has the same problem. What could be root or the cause of these issues. One thing in common is from the very first basic matter which is lack of sleep. Sleep is the best way to give your body and mind a break. Most of people would spend their time to sleep at night. Unfortunately, some of the people are not that lucky. People who have sleeping problem tends to be emotionally unstable, harder to concentrate and easier to get tired. Are you one of them? If yes, I will give you the solution in order to get the best sleep experience and get rid of your sleeping disorder through this article.

1. Set Your Schedule

Set your sleeping schedule consistently. Sleeping schedule is as important as the working schedule. If it’s possible, you need to set your napping time at least for 30 minutes. Make sure you that you are ready to sleep in your bedroom after dinner. 21.00 pm is the right time to start sleeping.

2. Reduce Your Coffee

This might be the hardest aspect especially for coffee lovers. A cup of coffee is perfect to start your day, but as we already know that coffee is contained with caffeine, components that can make you awake all night. The solution I can offer is, to slowly reduce your coffee consumption. For example, if you drink coffee three times a day, you can replace with tea or milk or other beverages. So you can drink a coffee in the morning and day, while you can drink a cup of tea or a glass of milk at night.

3. Stay Away From Your Gadget

This is important. Please stay away from your gadget during sleeping time, any kind of gadgets are the same. If you are one of the social media addict, this might be a hell for you but, the current research reported that overly used gadget can led to a sleeping disorder. So, turn off your gadget during the night. If it’s difficult, try to change your gadget from general mode into silent mode.

4. Set Up the Light

Dim light also can help you to get a better quality of sleep. If you can’t sleep in a dark area, you can change the bright light with a yellow bulb.

5. Spinach Consumption

Spinach is a kind of vegetables which contained a lot of magnesium and iron. Both of these components can increase your sleeping quality. Try to eat spinach before you got to sleep. If you feel bored with cooked spinach, you can also make it as a juice.

6. Do not Smoking

Again, this might be the hardest aspect to quit. Smoking is widely known as the cause of cancer and of course, sleeping disorder. An active smoker usually has a dirty nasal respiratory. So, it’s harder to breathe.  For those who are still smoking but hard to quit, cheer up! Nothing is impossible, there’s a lot of people who can quit from this behavior, if they can quit, so do you.

7. Reduce your Alcoholic Drink

Some say that a glass of wine is enough to make you feel relax, but some say that a glass of wine is never enough. A recent research found that alcoholic beverages disturbing the sleeping cycle. Over consumption of wine can damage your brain and nerve system. It’s better to stay away from this drink, or you can make a limitation for yourself.

8. Turn Off your Television

People who have insomnia tend to watch TV and stay awake overnight hoping that they will sleep by themselves. This is a common mistake to most of us. Television produces a light which can suppress the the melatonin, melatonin is a hormone produced for managing someone sleep cycle. Melatonin production will be reduced when we are getting older. Try to replace this habit with listening to a relaxing music or reading your favorite book.

9. Set Up a Comfortable Situation

Avoid high noise produced by traffic, pets or others disturbing noises. Also set up your desired room temperature. If your back is aching and hurt during your morning, then your bed might be the problem. Change your bed into a comfortably one.

10. Control your Dinner

Having an early dinner can lead to a good quality of sleep. Avoid fatty, spicy and acidic foods. It can lead to a digestion problem. Supper is a solution for those who hungry at night. Although it hasn’t clinically proven, but with a proper ingredients, there should be no problem with that.

11. Regular Exercise

Relax, exercise in here doesn’t mean that you have to go to a fitness centre regularly, although it’s also recommended. But it can be understand that not all of us have the time to do it. 30 minutes of exercise is enough to have a good quality of sleep. But ain’t nobody got time for that isn’t it? The solution is, you can separate the exercise time into several sections. For example, 10 minutes in the morning, 10 minutes at noon and the last 10 minutes before you go to sleep.

12. Relaxation

This is the final tips to get a good quality of sleep. The following post will gives you information about how to relax and you can get your sleep time peacefully. The first thing need to do is take a deep breath while you close your eyes. Practice an inhale and exhale in a repetition. Make sure that you going deeper on each single breath. The second thing is, loose up your muscle like a simple stretching from head to toes and the last thing is, lie down yourself on a bed, close your eyes and imagined a peaceful scenery or place and feel the ambience of it.

All of the previous tips must be done consistently. That is the main objective of this article. Most of people are failed on the first attempt but never give up on trying.

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