The Most Expensive Animals

Most of people are always attracted to money and other valuable things. For the wealthy people, there are many ways to spend their fortunes, for examples, buying a sport car, build a luxurious mansion, even some of them are known for collecting private islands around the world. There is another aspect for the wealthy to spend their money, which is collecting rare animals. Most of them were highly priced and it might be insane they are willing to pay such a price just for collecting animals. But money almost can buy anything right? Here are the most expensive animals around the world just to fulfill your curiousity.

1. Green Monkey

The Green Monkey is not a real type of monkey, but it’s a race horse. The Green Monkey’s first owner was raised this horse at 2 years old. It’s said that this horse descendants were the champion of the Kentucky Derby race horse. This is the reason why the Green Monkey is highly priced especially by the auctioneers. Although it’s destined to be a race horse, but the Green Monkey never won an official race just for once. The Green Monkey is officially retired on February, 12th 2008. This horse worthed at $16.000.000 and we already know the most expensive animal on the first list.

2. Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff



This huge dog is known for the biggest dog breed ever known in the world. This breed have a thick fur which is suitable for harsh climate in their original habitat in Himalaya, Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and India. The males body measurement can go up to 83 cm in height and weighing up to 72 kg. The Tibetan Mastiff is commonly used as a guardian dog, it’s not surprising because they can intimidating their enemy with their physical appearance. They came in various colors such as grey, reddish brown, white and black. If you want to kept this dog as your pet, you need to prepared for approximately $582.000. Well, that is the highest price that you need to pay for buying security.


3. Miss Missy Cow

Miss Missy Cow


In 2009, a white Holstein cow named Miss Missy was being crowned as the grand champion of the Western Fall National Program held by Canada and the United States of America. Her fame is widespread across the country and raisen her price at $1.200.000 and Miss Missy has been named as the most expensive cow ever in the world.

4. White Lion Cub

White Lion Club


The white lion is a unique type lion and Timbavati at South Africa is their natural habitat. According to IUCN, the living white lion is counted as just 300. and it’s worldwide. This type of lion is rarely to be seen in the wild. This lion is not a product of cloning experiment. This animal is a real gift from God to us. Their cubs is priced at $138.000 each cub.

5. Sir Lancelot Encore

Lancelot Encore

In 2008, a Californian couple named Edgar and Nina Otto are on misery because they had to lose their loving dog named Sir Lancelot due to cancer disease. They didn’t want to drown in sadness and decided to take an extreme decision, they want to raise their loving ones back from the death. This couple decide to duplicate their deceased Lancelot’s DNA and clone it resulting a new with an old taste dog named Sir Lancelot Encore. Edgar and Nina Otto had to spend about $155.000 and they are the first couple who undergo a cloning experiment and made it to fulfill their dream, to see their loving pet for once more.

6. Stag Beetle

Stag Beetle


This beetle can be recognised for their bloody red color mandibles and horns. The stag beetle is belongs to the big family of Lucanidae consist of more than 1.200 members.  Male stag beetle is bigger than the females. Their diet consist of rotten fruits and tree sap. Although they have a frightening appearance, they are noted as a calm insects and rare to seen on attacking human. One of the Japanese breeder has succesfully sold this stag beetle for $89.000. An insane price for this unique insects.

7. De Brazza’s Monkey

De Brazza Monkey

De Brazza’s Monkeys, also generally described as swamp monkeys, are discovered in the marshes of Central Africa. These animals got their name from the French explorer, Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza. They are quite tough to find due to their exceptional and innate hiding capacities. They have a life expectancy of regarding 22 years.

8. Hyacinth Macaw

Hyacinth Macaw

Valued at an average of $14,000, the Hyacinth Macaw is not simply the greatest macaw species, however it is also the globe’s biggest flying parrot. It stands highest of all the other species of parrots understood to man. This parrot is native to the eastern as well as main areas of South The u.s.a. Nonetheless, due to their extreme appeal as residence pet dogs, their populace in the crazy has actually taken a hefty blow.

9. Toco Toucan

Toco Toucan

The name Toucan has been stemmed from the Portuguese term ‘Tupi tucana’. This magnificent bird is found in different places, consisting of Central and South America, the Caribbean, and also Southern Mexico. They are exceptionally prominent for their huge and also really vibrant bills. The family currently has forty various varieties.

10. Palm Cockatoo

Palm Cockatoo

The palm cockatoo is understood for its black or smoky grey shade and the visible red place on its head. This parrot is the single participant of the bird’s monotypic species referred to as Probosciger and associate family. It stands 55 to 60 centimeters (22 to 24 inches) high as well as weighs around 910 to 1,200 grams. It was initially explained by Gmelin, a German natural scientist way back in 1788. This special bird, showcasing a huge crest, is additionally among the parrot varieties that have huge costs. The typical cost of a Palm Cockatoo is $16,000.

11. Bengal Cat

Bengal Cat

The Bengal Feline is a varieties of interbred felines that is common for the amazing pet market. A cross breed between a domestic brief haired black feline as well as an Eastern Leopard, the single function of breeding both with each other is to tower over the dimension of the feline, and also produce a demeanour in it much more comparable to a domestic pet cat, while likewise keeping the amazing appearance of the Leopard. Obviously it uses up to five generations of breeding the two with each other to develop the best Bengal feline, so be careful exactly what you spend that 3k on.

12. Pastel Butter Red stripe Round Phyton

An uncommon python searched for mainly for the markings on its back, the python has an unusual genetic make-up that makes a yellow red stripe with a black border, apparently making them plainly different from other snakes. Beyond the exclusivity of owning one as a pet, the snake grows to approximately 5 feet in size, lives for virtually 30 years and also is mostly a passive pet, making it an one-of-a-kind and also good, if not fantastic, exotic pet.

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