The Miracolous Benefits of Avocado



Avocado is a member of Lauraceae family. Avocado is originated from Mexico and Central America. Avocado or Persea americana has been planted in many countries especially in the tropic area such as South and Central America. According to the history, this fruit has been introduced by the Aztec tribes to European settlers in the 16 century. It was Martin Fernandez de Enciso, the leader of Spanish troops who invade the Central America. He carried the fruits as the memento of his journey. Avocado has many kinds of benefits not only from the seed, skin and leaves but also the fruits itself. Many researches have been conducted to find the benefits of avocado, especially from the fruit. You don’t need to go to the nearest research center to find the result since I will provide it through this article. And here are the healthy benefits of Avocado.

Boost Nutrition Absorption

In the recent research shows that certain amount of nutrition can be better, faster and efficiently absorbed if consumed along with avocado. A research has been conducted to prove the truth. Two volunteers are given salads, one of them has been added with sliced avocado and the other salad is not. And the result is, salad with sliced avocado is five times better absorbed than the ordinary salad.

Maintain Your Eyes Healthiness

Avocado contains a special carotenoid called lutein. Lutein is naturally produced inside the plant’s chromoplast and chloroplast. Lutein is responsible to maintain the eye healthiness. The result of research has been shows that lutein inside an avocado can lower the risk of eyes disorder, especially for cataract. The amount of lutein inside an avocado is known as the highest among the other fruits.

Prevent the Growth of Cancer

According to the doctors, there is a single cancer cell inside of us which is can be grow anytime depends on the health condition of each individuals. The growth of cancer is also depends on how we live our life, if we are seldom to do exercise, eating junk food and work too hard, the growth of cancer is more likely to grow faster. With the help of several components inside an avocado, the growth of cancer can be prevented and these components will search for another cancer cell and destroy it immediately without giving side effects for other active cells.

Reduce the Cholesterol

Heart failure, xanthomas and familial hypercholesterolemia or FH are the deadly diseases for those who have exceeding rate of cholesterol beyond the number of HDL. The experts are conducting research with 45 high LDL volunteers. They are given with an avocado to consume in a week during their mealtime. And the result is, volunteers who eat an avocado on their daily basis has managed to lower their cholesterol for 17% without decreasing the HDL inside their heart.

Glutathione Source

GSH or Glutathione is considered as the mother of all antioxidants. Our body cells are hoping from this amazing antioxidant. The GSH antioxidant will increase the collagen inside our body, especially for our skin. Sufficient amount of GSH will minimize the wrinkles in our body especially in our face. Every vegetable have several amount of GSH especially in bean sprouts, broccoli, spinach, and cabbage. You can mixed the avocado with those selections of vegetables to get the maximum result from Glutathione such as mixed juice, vegetables salad, egg salad, and avocado juice.

High in Potassium

Potassium is categorized as a mineral used by heart rate nerve system and other physiologies process. Banana has been known for a long time as the source of potassium. But, as the process of science development, banana is replaced with avocado that has double dozes of potassium than banana.  High potassium will help you to reduce your blood pressure, balancing the fluid stability, electrolyte, and nucleic acid inside your body. Potassium can also relieve your post-exercise muscle. Consuming avocado after your body workout is suggested.

Rich in Protein

An average protein inside an avocado is 4 gram. 4 gram of protein is sufficient to supply our daily needs for protein. Avocado can be a better substitute for our favorite foods which is unhealthy. You can eat an avocado to replace egg in your breakfast. According to the Guidelines for Americans, an avocado provides amino acid which has the same role as potassium. Amino acid will help you to maintain your muscles and body.

Good for Pregnant Woman

The flesh of avocado is sweet and tender. This fruit is popular among us especially for pregnant woman. Supplying healthy nutrition since the beginning of pregnancy is the right thing to get a healthy and smart baby. Avocado can be your choice of nutrition. You can consume this fruit during your pregnancy on routine. And you can give this fruit to your toddler. The tender flesh of avocado is surely easy to digest for your baby.

Maintain Your Weight

Are you on a diet? Or do you need a diet program? Still didn’t find the right fruit for your weight losing program? Seek no more! Avocado is your answer. Avocado is free from cholesterol and low in calories. That is why this fruit is suitable for your diet program. Consuming avocado will provides you with 20 mineral, vitamins and fito-nutrient which are supporting your low calories diet program. Combination of egg and avocado is the best substitutes for your breakfast. You will get high quality protein from egg and an avocado will provides you with 8% of your daily needs of fat. Now you already know about the variation of diet program isn’t it?

Prevent Diabetes

The amount of monosaturated fat and calium inside and avocado can increase the insulin an neutralize glucose rate inside your blood.

Boosting Your Immune System

Avocado is the alternative of vitamin C source. A person with sufficient amount of vitamin C will not easily get sick due to the sudden change of climate.

Prevent Stroke

Avocados are also rich in vitamin E. It’s useful to reduce the cholesterol oxidation process. Lower oxidation process means we are avoided from the risk of stroke.





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