The List of Indonesian Endangered Animals

Actually, the term of rare animal is not recognized in the world of conservation. Endangered species is the used term as well as it has been used by many conservation institution like IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources) which release and classified the list of IUCN Red List of Threatened Species regularly. The lists become the reference for many government and corporate institution and it’s related to determining the action of taking policy involving with animal conservation. This indicator is also being used as a stage of a species rarity.  Here are the list of Indonesian endangered species of animal.

Javanese Rhinoceros

Javanese Rhinoceros - Photo via Shutterstock

Javanese Rhinoceros – Photo via Shutterstock

Javanese Rhinoceros or Rhinoceros sondaicus is an endemic Javanese animal and they can only discovered in Ujung Kulon National Park in Banten. This rhino only left about 35-45 in the wild. They are hunted for its trunk. Although it’s not clinically proven, people believed that their trunk can cured several disease.


Anoa - Endangered Animal

Anoa – Photo via Shutterstock

The natural habitat from this animal is come from Sulawesi. Their population reduced quickly and it won’t rise each year.  Anoa or Bubalus depressicornis looks similar with a goat. Anoa has sharp horn which can grow up to 30 cm in length.

Javanese Eagle

Javanese Eagle

Javanese Eagle natural habitat is located around the jungle and mountainous areas such as Salak, Slamet and Anjasmara mountains. They are also can be located in Baluran National Park and Meru Betiri National Park. These gallant bird only 250 species in the wild. Deforestation, climate change and illegal hunting is the caused of the reduced population of  Javanese Eagle.

Orang Utan

Orangutan - Photo via Shutterstock

Orangutan – Photo via Shutterstock

This primate can be distinguished from their long red hair in entire of their body. Orang utan or Pongo pygmaeus is the native animal in Borneo. They live in the rainforest and their mainly feed on various kinds of fruits.

Congkok Mongoose

Congkook Mongoose

Congkook Mongoose – Photo via ARKIVE

This mongoose can grow up to 71 cm in length and weighed up to 10 pounds in weight. This agile animal can climb up the trees. Congkok Mongoose or Prionodon linsang can be located in West Sumatera and Aceh mountainous area. Small mammals and insects are their favorite food.


Tarsius - Endangered Animal

Tarsius -Photo via Shutterstock

This animal has been considered as the smallest primate in the world. They only weighed for 80-140 gram in weight and 12-15 cm in length. Singapuar or Tarsius bancanus can be located in Riau, Borneo and South Sumatera islands. This nocturnal animal hunts for small insects. They have a pair of big eyes which can be useful for tracking down their prey.


Belida Fish - Photo via

Belida Fish – Photo via

This freshwater fish can grow up to 87,5 cm in length and weighed 1 kg in weight. This fish is quite big for freshwater creatures. It has a blade-shaped body and they hunt for small fishes and prawns. Belida’s natural habitat can be located in the Javanese and Borneo riverside.

Sumateran Tiger

Sumateran Tiger - Photo via

Sumateran Tiger – Photo via

Ironically, there are only 500 species of this animal in the wild. Deforestation, illegal logging and illegal hunting are the main causes why these beautiful animals become rare. The Sumateran Tiger or Panthera tigris can only be discovered in Sumatera.


Babi Rusa - Endangered Indonesian Animal

Babi Rusa – Photo via

This warthog can be distinguished by strange tusk in their front face. Babirusa or Babyrousa babyrussa can be located in the islands of Sulawesi and Maluku. Babirusa mainly feed on fruits, plants, fungi and leaves.

Paradise Birdwing

Paradise Birdwing Papua Butterfly

Paradise Birdwing Papua Butterfly – Photo via Wikipedia

This magnificent butterfly only located in Papua. They are hunted as the addition of collectors. Just like the other butterflies, the male butterfly is much more beautiful than the females. Paradise birdwing or Ornithoptera Paradisea The length of this butterfly measured in 14-19 cm.


Sunfish - Endangered Animal

Sunfish – Photo by Basri Marzuki via

Mola-Mola or Sunfish is probably the world’s heaviest vertebrate fish. They can weigh up to 2000 kg and 3 m in length. It has round shape body like sun. Divers in Bali usually can get the chance to see this majestic fish. Their populations are reduced caused from illegal hunting.

Orchid Mantis

Orchid Manthis - Endangered Animal

Orchid Manthis – Photo via

At the first time, I didn’t realize that this is an insect; I mean the body looks so similar with an orchid.  They have beautiful body resembling an orchid. Orchid Mantis or Hymenopus Coronatus can be located in Sumatera and Malaysia, but you need to be very careful because this insect is very small and it’s pretty hard to find.

Proboscis Monkey

Proboscis Monkey

Proboscis Monkey – Photo via Shutterstock

Proboscis Monkey lives in the mangrove area and just like the other monkey, their favorite food consists of fruits and leaves. They can be found in Tanjung Puting National Park. Their number of populations is quickly decreased from 6700 in 1977 into only 1000 species in the present.


Komodo - Endangered Animal

Komodo – Photo via Shutterstock

This giant lizard is known as the biggest species of lizard among the others. The average length of komodo can reach up to 3 m and they can be weighed up to 60 kg. Komodo or Komodo dragoensis can be found in Komodo Island. The expert said that this lizard is the living prehistoric animal. Komodo is carnivorous animal. They can eat animal bigger than their body. There are thousands of dangerous bacteria in their mouth. Komodo are also scavenger animal and the will not hesitate to eat the carcasses.

Green Peacock

Green Peacock - Endangered Animal

Green Peacock – Photo via Shutterstock

A male green peacock can grow up to 300 cm if measured along with their feather. The males used their beautiful feather to attract the females. The female green peacocks have smaller body and less attractive feathers.

Honey Bear

Sumateran Honey Bear

Sumateran Honey Bear – Photo via Shutterstock

Their natural habitat is located in the jungle of Sumatera. Their number of population reduced each year. Although they are categorized as bear family, but they eat fruits and honey. They can be distinguished by their black fur and “V” mark between their neck and head.

Jalak Bali

Jalak Bali

Jalak Bali – Photo via Shutterstock

This beautiful bird can be located in Bali Island. They have white feather and blue color around their eyes. They are hunted as pet and no wonder the number of their population is quickly reduced. There are only 1000 of this bird remaining in the wild.

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