The Faithful Animals

In the animal kingdom, they usually change their mating couple regularly during mating season. The males are looking for the females to mate and reproduce, vice versa. This is not surprising because animals do this based on their instinct. But there are also animals which are faithful with their mating couple. Below, it’s the article about the faithful animals which can inspire us to be a better person to our loved ones.

1. Swan


This animal is the symbol of eternal love and faithful. Although it’s already common, they can get “divorced” in any cases, the reasons are nesting failure, their partner is die or being eaten by predator. If this happen, the swan will search for the new one. But if everything goes smoothly, they will stick to their couple forever and spend their lifetime together. What a romantic couples we have here.

2. Emperor Penguin

Emperor Penguin

This cute penguin is also monogamous animal. They will stick to their partner for a year. The scientist recently discovered that this Emperor Penguin stick to the same couple for 16 years. Now that’s what I call true love.

3. Termite


If we are looking at the previous article, it’s seemed impossible to put this animal on the list. For your information, termites are the most faithful animal. In the certain huge colony of termites there has been discovered that the queen has the longest lifespan, the queen only had one job, to producing eggs as many as possible. The queen of termites only mating once with the king of termites, saving its gamete and the king is died after they are mating. And they are never meet again. What a tragic fate for this royal couple. Although it’s seem tragic, but this couple is responsible and their roles are important to keep the colonies conservation.

4. Wolf


In a modern fairy tale, this animal are always described as sly and evil animal. But in the wild,  they are loyal with their family and their family bonds are strong beyond other animals even for human being. A pack of wolves usually consist of a male, a female and their offspring. It’s the same composition as nuclear family of human being.

5. Sea Eagle

Sea Eagle

You can found this eagle in the coastal area. They can fly miles away but the amazing fact is, they can remember their nest after a long time. In mating season, they will go back to their nest to mate with their couple and it will continue to happen for the rest of their life. There’s an interesting story about this eagle. An Australian photographer wrote about a lonely eagle that he observes a whole day. The eagle looks so sad and lonely, and he realized that this eagle’s couple is dead. However, the sea eagle always return at the same place over and over again although the couple will not return again forever.

6. Beaver


This animal also described as a dedicated animal for their family, they are also considered as faithful animal couples. A couple of beaver will raise their offspring together for two years. And after that, their offspring will go out to find their own couple, build their own dam, and repeat the faithful cycle over and over.

7. French Angelfish

French Angelfish

They lived in Brazil, Bahamas, and western Atlantic. The French Angelfish likes to get along with their couple. They live, travelling and hunting together. They are mating for a lifetime. It’s has been said that if one of the couple is dead, They will not find the new couple and they will choose to live in by themselves.

8. Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle

When a bald eagle has already found their couple, they will keep it for the rest of lifetime. They are sole hunter in migration time, but it will be changed after when the mating season is come. Just like the sea eagle, they will return for their same couple. This might be the secret of a long lasting relationship. It can be separated for a while but they will not forget the romantic moment with their couple. Even so, they will turn from their couple when they are failed for nesting, or one of the couple is dead.

9. Hawksbill Turtle

Hawksbill Turtle

This turtle is the symbol of the most faithful animal. Although female hawksbill turtle has a lot of places to keep the males sperm, but she will choose only one of them.  That’s why this animal is considered as the most faithful animal.

10. Barn Owl

Barn Owl

Once they already found their couple, it would be their first and last couple forever. They will not betray and left their couple. They will raise their offspring together and it’s feel like this already become their natural habit in the wild.

11. Copper Butterflies

Copper Butterflies

This butterfly will mate once for a lifetime. The females will reject the other males.

12. Black Vulture

Black Vulture

This scavenger is also monogamous bird. If they are caught “cheating” from their couple, the suspect will be assaulted by their own couple and other black vultures. This carnivorous bird natural habitat is spread through the American continent.

13. Albatross


This bird is famous for its flying and migration across the ocean abilities. Albatross will return to their nest and mating with their same couple. The strong between male and female albatross were last for years until the rest of their lifetime.

14. Horseshoe Crab


This unique crab lives in mangrove terrain, once they already found their couple; they will stick their body to another. It’s kind of possessive couple isn’t it?

15. Crocodile


Crocodile are most likely monogamous animal. A 10 years of study which conducted by Rockefeller Wildlife Refugee has been discovered that 70% of females are always choose the same couple when the mating season is come. This is a surprising result because the females can found the other males in the wildlife.

16. African Antelope

African Antelope

The African Antelope is categorized as monogamous animal, unlike the other monogamous animal, the male African Antelope didn’t involved in raising their offspring.

17. Dove


Dove or pigeon is the perfect symbol of faithful and loyal animal. It has been used as the wedding symbol. They can be seen on the wedding invitation as a picture or they can be released by the bride.

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