The Animals With Strongest Bites

There are animals which have been excluded who could probably make it here but there is a lack of research on their bite, since it is hard and expensive to measure. Here is the list of the animals with the most powerful bites in the animal kingdom. Each animals bite is measured in PSI or pounds per square inch.

1. Dog- 325 PSI


Dogs may be man’s best friend, but they’re not to be messed with when on the attack. Dogs turn their powerful jaws on millions of Americans every year, and a small handful of those on the receiving end of dog bites even die as a result. But with the vast amount of physical variation among breeds, there’s also not a consistent degree of bite strength in the species. In other words, you’ll probably walk away in better shape from a Yorkshire Terrier’s bite than a bite from, say, a snarling Rottweiler. The breed that is considered to have the strongest bite of all dogs is the Mastiff, with some estimates putting its bite at more than 500 psi. German Shepherds, Rottweilers and Pit Bulls also have notably strong bites.

2. Lion – 600 PSI


A shock positioning for the “king of the forest” (though it has never lived in a forest). Lions are the just social animal cat worldwide. They are so cooperative when they search that this may be one of the reasons they have a progressed to have the weakest bite of the genus Pathera or huge cat. An additional factor could be that their hunting routine, suffocating its target by attacking its trachea, lacks the demand of a solid bite. Lions hunt any time however normally quest for large prey during the night. They likewise drink water daily if they can but can go 5 days without.

3. Great White Shark – 625 PSI

Great White Shark

After all, shark attacks stand for many of us as the quintessential deadly animal attack. And even if you don’t have a particular fear of sharks, meeting a Great White while taking a dip in the ocean is the most likely the very last animal encounter you’d ever wish for. Indeed, don’t let this ranking dissuade you from the notion that Great Whites are as deadly as you’ve always thought. But it’s mainly the size and shape of the sharks’ teeth that make them so dangerous. With mouths full of huge razors, they simply don’t need an excess of force in order to tear through you like a knife through warm butter. That’s not to say that 625 psi of chomping power is anything to sneeze at. We’re still talking about the 11th most forceful bite on the planet.

4. Alligator Snapping Turtle – 1000 PSI

Snapping turtle

The alligator snapping turtle is characterized by a large, heavy head, and a long, thick shell with three dorsal ridges of large scales (osteoderms), giving it a primitive appearance reminiscent of some of the plated dinosaurs. They can be immediately distinguished from the common snapping turtle by the three distinct rows of spikes and raised plates on the carapace, whereas the common snapping turtle has a smoother carapace. They are a solid gray, brown, black, or olive-green in color, and often covered with algae. These turtles are uncommon and not really aggressive. They are also small, so we are only talking a finger or two that would really be at risk.

5. Tiger – 1050 PSI


The biggest varieties of the feline member, the tiger is a solitary predator. They can get to 3.3 meters as well as consider approximately 300lbs. They track their victim as well as hunt at night. Like lions, they often bite the throat of their target to cut the circulation of air as well as blood to the animals head. They have a powerful bite, almost twice that of the lion. There are more tigers in captivity than in the untamed. They normally prevent people but attacks on people as well as cattle have actually been reported worldwide.

6. Spotted Hyena – 1100 PSI

Spotted Hyena

Although they look like dogs the hyena is actually much more carefully related to pet cats, coming from the suborder feliformia as opposed to the pet dog suborder caniformia. Hyenas have actually been noted eliminating canines with a solitary bite to the neck. As opposed to common belief, hyenas do hunt, and paradoxically lions usually swipe their meals. Like the lion, they are extremely social and collective animals.

7. Gorilla – 1300 PSI


The gorilla has actually been traditionally viewed as a huge scary beast however over the last few years its photo has actually altered to that of a “mild titan.” They are our closest relatives after the chimpanzee, as well as their numbers are diminishing swiftly, with only 700 mountain gorillas left in the wild. Gorillas can climb trees however are usually found on the ground in neighborhoods of around 30 people led by a dominant older man. Gorillas tend to be gentle creatures and also do not position a risk to human beings.

8. Hippopotamus- 1820 PSI


Only the female hippos attack force has actually been gauged given that the man was considerably as well threatening to examination, however it gauged at a massive 1821 extra pounds per square inch. The word Hippopotamus comes from the Greek “water-horse” due to the hippo’s desire for water.

9. Jaguar- 2000 PSI


The jaguar has the strongest bite force of any sort of cat, and by my findings, the best bite of any type of animal. The actual king of the forest, the jaguar is located from Mexico to Argentina. The jaguar kills by biting the head of its target. Like most other huge felines (other than the lion) the jaguar is a singular killer. The jaguar is renowned to for its capacity to efficiently kill anacondas and caimans. Its bite is so strong it can effortlessly puncture via the covering of pets, like turtles. The jaguar originates from the Amerindian word Yaguar which means “he who kills with one surge.” In spite of being smaller sized compared to its cousins in Africa and also Asia, it is still the largest cat in the Americas.

10. Nile Crocodile- 5000 PSI

Nile Crocodile

Nile Crocodiles have the tendency to have to do with the exact same dimension as Saltwater Crocs and therefore their bite appears to be at the same variety. Both are interchangeable when it comes to the positioning on this checklist and the numbers will certainly differ as a result of the problem in determining the bites of each as well as getting the appropriate sized croc to determine. Nile crocs eat generally fish however like their relatives, they will certainly strike anything dumb enough to cross its path. This includes zebras, birds and even tiny hippos.

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