The 8 Natural Ingredients for Straighten Your Hair

Every woman, although not all of them wants to be perfect in their appearances. They usually spend a lot of their monthly salary for their monthly body treatments. Hair is one of the most important aspects of body appearance. There are many artificial hair products available at stores. Choosing one of these products to rapidly smoothing your hair can damage your hair. Your hair will be spoiled, dry and torn and the worse thing is it will be the nest of hair fleas. Eeeewhh, you don’t want this to be happening right? Calm down girls, in this article you will get the natural ways to smoothing your hair with the selection of natural ingredients. Although it will take you several times but believe me, the result is permanent. So, are you ready to smoothing up your hair? Check this out.

1. Almond Oil

Almond Oil for Hair Treatment

After you wash your hair, you automatically use many kinds of hair conditioner. Using the usual hair conditioner, will not give you the maximum effect for your hair. So this is the solution. Use almond oil. You can add about 3 or 4 drops of almond oil in your conditioner. Do it every time you wash your hair. For your information, do not dry your hair immediately after you wash your hair with a hair dryer machine. A delicate material of towel is better and you can pat your wet hair with it.

2. Egg and Milk

Milk and Egg for Hair Treatment

You can us both of these hair ingredients to make a hair masker. The instruction is simple and easy to follow first thing to do is, crack an egg inside a bowl and separate it from the egg yolk. Add two cup of sugarless milk. Mix it up slowly still in a bowl. Cover up your hands with plastic gloves and spread the combination of both ingredients in your hair slowly. Leave it for about 15 minutes and cover your hair with a shower cap. You can use this hair masker for more than 30 minutes after washing your hair.

3. Olive Oil

Olive Oil for Hair Treatment

This oil has more than one function. Olive oil is cheap and available to found in bottle packs. If you don’t have this oil, you can immediately get it from the local market or supermarket. Choose the high quality of olive oil and you need to read the product reference first so it can be easier for you to decide. Olive oil can maintain your head scalp. The appliance of this olive oil not only gives you the effect of long and smooth hair but also beautiful as well. Your hair will free from various hair problem. And this is the instruction in using olive oil as your hair smoothing treatment. First thing to do is, prepare a half cup of olive oil and heat it for a couple of minute. Add a half cup of dried rosemary on heated olive oil. After it’s cool, squeeze it. Spread it into your hair and scalps and rub it slowly. And then you can wash your hair and add the conditioner as usual. Let your hair dry by itself or you can pat it slowly.

4. Soya Bean Oil

Soya Bean Oil

This oil has been claimed as the most beneficial oil but it will bring bad effect in your cooking. Therefore, the usage of soya bean oil is not recommended for cooking due its high of omega 3 content which can trigger an inflammation inside your body. You better use this soya bean for your hair and it’s good to straighten your curly hair. The instruction is easy. First thing to do is prepare a soya bean and castor oil in a bowl. Heat it and you can applied it to your scalp from the roots to the tip of your hair. Last thing to do is wash your hair.

5. Vinegar


Vinegar will straighten your hair. You can rub it with several drops of vinegar combined with a glass of pure water. Just like the previous natural hair smothering ingredients, you need to clean up your hair by wash it with shampoo. This treatment will make your hair shinier and smoother.

6. Yoghurt and Egg

Egg and Yoghurt

Yoghurt is mixed with egg to reduce the smell. The instruction is you can rub it with into your hair and scalp and then you can use light content of shampoo. This treatment can offer you to be shinier, softer, and of course smoother. The instruction is the same like making hair masker but you just need an extra ingredient, which is yoghurt.

7. Papaya and Banana

Banana and Papaya

The combination of both fruits can smother your hair. As we already know, that there are already artificial hair products contain with papaya and banana as their base ingredients. If you have insufficient funds, you better make it by yourself to get the best result. The instruction of making this hair masker is easy and you can follow it. First thing to do is to prepare a clean bowl, take the flesh of both fruits and mix it up and squeeze it. Add a tablespoon of honey and rub it in your hair slowly and let it dry by itself. You will get the difference although it’s minor in a couple of minutes. Your hair hair texture will be softer and smoother.

8. Celery


Unlike the previous hair smothering ingredients, this one is a little bit tricky. You have to extracted the celery and keep it all night in a bottle. But if you are really interested with the benefit of this vegetable, you can make it as a celery juice and rub it in your hair. Leave it for a while and wash it. Let it dry by itself as your final treatment for the day. Do you think it’s over? I’m sorry because you need to applied it again in the morning, comb your hair and cover it again for a half day. And the last thing (I mean it, trust me) wash your hair and let it dry by itself.

All of this natural hair treatment is actually simple and I believe it will useful for you. See you on the next chance. Stay healthy everyone.




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